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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 23, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa ■•a nm ■**    -    >It Ik Ct0c(itr l\tt pieta (fotjeHe Foreign language teachers at Cedar Rapids schools sponsored a picnic Saturday at Bever park for their students. The students provided foreign dishes for the event, and many were in foreign costumes A songfest followed the meal From left. Jim Svoboda, 2f>4 Jacolyn drive NW. and Beth Rotramel, 2H41 Country Club parkway SE, were dressed in Spanish costumes, while Deeta VVidmer, 250 Lincoln Heights drive SE, was dressed in a German costume for the annual event. m. rn rn Fifi Anguish Above, an anxious father checks the condition of his half-drowned child, being carried by a fireman to a rescue center Saturday, two days after hurricane Fifi slammed into the northern coast of Honduras The storm left at least 5,000 dead and drove an estimated 150,000 from their homes. At right, rescuers help young, homeless survivors from a crude boat Sunday near Choloina, Honduras *    UPI    Telephoto Short Snort Mimicking what it might look like if a rat, like many workers, stopped for a short snort at the local pub is Michigan State university psychologist Dr. Glenn Hatton. Hatton says rats, like many people, prefer a cocktail after a hard day and rat drinking patterns seem to mimic those of harried executives." AP Wirephoto The Only Angel Gabriel 1 Could Find to Help Gerry Ford was Lucifer By Art Bucbwald Foreign Theme Gazette photo bv Duane Crock Prof. Hem/ Meng holds one of the peregrine falcons he has raised at his home in New Plat/, N Y. The ornithologist has been working for a decade to save the endangered bird from extinction. Recently, he became the first scientist to release a pair of captive-bred peregrines into the wild. One was found dead in a nearby woods with an unnaturally severed wing. The other remains missing. Dr. Meng believes the bird may have been killed by someone who disliked the birds because of their killer instincts. "The peregrine kills to eat." Dr Meng said ‘Til do it," a deep voice said on the phone Gabriel went white. "I’m sorry. Lucifer. I don't think you’d be right for this mission But I appreciate your volunteering.*’ "I know more about this thing than anyone else," Lucifer said "We’re all aware of that. But there is a certain credibil-ity problem There are some people who think the Watergate thing was your idea " "You’re always putting me down, Gabriel You said you wanted IO angels to swear Mr Ford was right Well I’m offering my services, and I don't even want hazard pay " "Fin sorry, Lucifer The Boss wants you to keep away from Mr Ford Ever since you erased the IU 4 minutes of tape, He thinks it l>est that you stay out of the White House " Lucifer said in disgust. "Boy. ymi makt. one mifitak(, around here and no one lets you forget it." (Copyright 004, lo* Angelet Time*) WASHINGTON — When President Ford pardoned Richard Nixon he said in his speech. "I do believe the buck stops here and that I cannot rely on public opinion polls to tell me what is right. I do believe that right makes might, and that if I am wrong Bi angels swearing I was right would make no dif ference ...” Gabriel came on the Cloud 9 drill field, blew his horn, and all the angels lined up in close order formation al attention "All right," he barked. "I want IO volunteers front and center." No one moved. "What do we have to do?" one of the angels in the back row asked "I want IO angels to go down to Washington, IXC." "You must be crazy, Gabriel. An angel can get killed there." Mission "What’s the mission?" an angel asked "We want Mi of you to go to the White House and swear that Gerry Ford did the right thing when he pardoned former President Nixon," Gabriel replied "Are you out of your blinkin' mind" an angel cried ‘‘"Why would we want to swear to something like that?” Gabriel said, "Mr. Ford needs all the support he can get This pardon thing has him in a box, and if he could get Mi angels to support him it might turn the country around ’’ Someone said, "Gabriel, there s a long-distance call for you." Not Right t < ;

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