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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 15, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa uOfTifOI fOpi Pantyhose wltt> Lycra * (The two ma/or party candidates for Iowa governor have prepared the following statements for United Press International in an effort to keep readers informed as election day approaches ) favoring big money centers rather than helping the ordinary citizens The governor is directly responsible for the new law doubling interest to 18 percent on revolving credit and increasing the previous 12 percent rate on installment loans to the exorbitant level of 15 percent Any way you figure it, this is money directly out of the pockets of Iowa consumers who can ill affied increased costs in the current difficult times Because Governor Ray listened to the money centers who said the old rates were not enough to make credit available, consumers must now pay the new higher rates Working couples cannot afford to buy necessary appliances when setting up households. Working families cannot afford to send their kids to school this fall in new clothes And retirees an1 forced to use up hard-earned savings on essential needs rather than fulfilling their retirement dreams. Simply stated, the people of this state cannot afford another four years of Bob Ray. The governor supports and I fought a tuition increase at Iowa's state schools Again th** governor listened to someone other than students or parents — in this case he heard from the board of regents — and now it will become even mon* difficult, if not impossible, for families to send their kids to college. As a state and as individual citizens, we cannot afford another four years of this one-sided favoritism leadership. We need new approaches, fresh ideas and thoughtful solutions to the many problems affecting Iowans We have already had too much rhetoric, appointees and newly-created commissions. He may bt* a nice guy, but Governor Bob Ray costs too much. Written for UPI By Robert D. Ray Republican T N THIS CAMPAIGN, thus far, I have * been disappointed that there has been little positive discussion of an area I believe is one of the most important roles of state government. That is in the entire area of education of our people education is a top priority any way you look at it. Financing of education represents the largest single item in the state budget. More than one person out of every four living in Iowa today is a part of what we term the state’s “learning force ’’ Those are the people, young and some not so young, in our elementary and secondary schools, our regents universities, our private colleges and junior colleges, and our area schools Additionally, our educational efforts touch the lives of every other Iowan — parents, employes and all of us who look to education as a determining factor in the quality of life in our state. A high regard for education is a part of our Iowa heritage We as a state take great pride in the quality of our system — and justifiably A recent study by the Midwest Research Institute ranked Iowa’s educational system as the best in the United States, ranking ahead of other states with excellent systems such as California, Oregon, Utah and Wyoming Some of the indicators supporting this rating as the best in the nation include one of the nation's most favorable, student-teacher ratios, 39th lowest, one of the lowest high school dropout rates, 91 percent of our students entering 9th grade completing high school; the record of scoring by iowans who are inducted into the armed services, second best in the nation; and the percentage of high school and college graduates in our population Our leadership in education does not come without financial effort — an effort that Iowans have shown a willingness to make Iowa ranks 16th in the nation in costs expended per pupil. We are above the national average in per capita expenditures for education TARGET Election arena Gubernatorial runners zero in Kqually as significant as the quality of education we recieve for our tax dollars and the amount of tax dollars we invest is the way in which we provide the financial support. Even as enrollments have declined in Iowa, as they are also doing nationally, we must recognize that dollar costs of education will continue to increase, most notably in the salaries of educators, who like others are confronted with the reality of inflation Iowa has moved away from an overwhelming dependence on property taxes for educational financing, shifting increase to the more progressive income taxes Under our new school foundation plan, state revenues are assuming a larger share of educational costs each year. It is a plan that works; it is one that permits realistic and necessary increases while effectively cheeking the spiraling burden on property taxpayers Educational financing will continue to Im* at the forefront of public concern in Iowa in the years ahead Our admimstra ti on recognizes this. And the direction in which we have moved in the past 54 years presents our people with a clear view of the course we will chart in the future. The Cedar Rapids Gazette' Sun , Sept. IS. 1974    9a Reg I 67 New control top pantyhose of 81 nylon 19% Lycra spandex offers more tummy control (great under slacks, clingy fashions) Reinforced panty and toe nude heel 3 proportioned sizes in tan, brown beige or taupe. Reg 1 97 New Sheer 'N Gentle support panty-hose of 85°o nylon -15% Lycra spandex gives you lightweight support at a low price Reinforced panty and toe. nude heel 4 proportioned sizes in tan, brown, beige or taupe Way with words Metaphoric muddles By Theodore M. Bernstein MIXAPHOR a couple of months ago this column took up the question of mixed metaphors, figures of speech in which two or more implied comparisons have nothing to do with one another The term used by your host to designate such an incongruity was (and is) a mixaphor. Surely one of the greatest of all time was uttered recently by a district attorney in New York Speaking of a jurisdictional dispute, he said, “This is a tempest in a teapot intentionally or unintentionally designed to throw sand in th** eyes of the public Acronymomama Those words made up of the initials of the names of organizations are still flourishing They constitute one of the most peculiar of current fads Hen* are some that did not ap|>ear in more thud half a dozen previous lists iii this space CASE—Citizens    Association f,,r Sound Energy; COPE—Committee on Political Education FACT—First Amor lean Congress of Theater; ll I. A It I -Health, Education and Rehabilitation Therapy, TA PH-Trails Alaska Pipeline System. TOW—Tube-launched. Optically tracked and Wire guided (missile) and © TARGET Target Stores Incorporated Hours: Monday through Saturday 10AM to 10PM, Sunday I 0AM to 6PM 4501 First Avenue S E Across from Lindale Plaza By James F. Schaben Democrat THE FIRST time in modern Iowa *■ history, voters will elect a governor to serve a four-year term. The governorship is a powerful office and for any one person - regardless of his or her qualifications — to seek an unprecedented fourth term causes one to question the motivation Ten years is simply too much tenure and holding such power too long can lead to favoritism, political obligations, biases and non progressive policies I think it is time to get Iowa moving again in line with its real potential Our future has been sold short by six years of the easy-going, ribbon-cutting bureauc-racy-upon-bureaucracy Ray administration and at the cost of neglecting tough problem solving that needs to In* done. As governor, one of my first proposals would call for a constitutional amendment to limit the tenure of future Iowa governors to two four-year terms and I think the people of this state will agre** this move would be in their best interest, The present administration has emptied our pockets over the last six years and the cost of living is already too high Inflation is racing unchecked across the nation and its impact on rank and-file Iowans has been compounded by additional costly burdens of Ray-infla-tion. Too often it is the wage earner living from paych<*ck to paycheck who gets pinched the hardest. Governor Ray has added to this squeeze with his policies qNNNMVini.ii, Animi Opinion Page Views Ideas    Insights Judgments    Comments Isnt it the truth? By Carl Riblet, |» Reg 99 Support knee-highs have non-binding top, run-guard toe nude heel 83% nylon — 17% Lycra" spandex Gentle support at a tiny price' WHOA—Wild Horse Organized Assistance, Inc. A better one for WHOA might In* Why Hang onto Acronyms? Word oddities Tim** was when lf you didn’t hold public office you were an idiot The word idiot comes from the Greek idiotes, meaning a private individual not in any official position and lack mg professional knowledge Such a )x*r-son was an ignorant ordinary man The earlier Greek n>ot was idios, meaning private and peculiar. It s not difficult to s**«* how all that developed into today's meaning of a bark ward, silly simpleton. New York Time* Syndicate Another I ietc State aid for local schools has been doubled We have supported increased funding for our regents universities and our area schools We developed the tuition grant program which has made it possible for thousands of young Iowans to attend private colleges We have now moved into the very important area of providing special education for the thousands of youngsters who need this help We have searched for ways in which to provide assistance for those who attend private schools, re alizmg they offer a healthy diversity in our educational system We have focused on education in our administration and shall continue to do so. I se»* this as a primary responsibility of th** governor Those who will Im* shaping Iowa tomorrow are in our educational system today As we provide them with knowledge, it is our societal responsibility to also offer them encouragement and to provide them with incentives to achieve. Only eight percent intermit I ll take it.” Twenty picnickers were each asked if they believed anything at all heard in th** speeches recited that afternoon by six candidates for public office Nineteen at tin* outing answered “No!’' The 20th. intent on being fairminded, replied “Well, yes, I believe they used their right names ' The good of man must be the end of politics — Aristotle IrtforOccon Pi»%% Syndic cite Sheer support pantyhose tor working women who need extra support to ease leg fatigue 85% nylon 15% Lycra spandex in 4 sizes Beige brown or white shades Extra width, sizes X XX XXX fits 5 2 -5 11”. 140-210 lbs Reg 3 37    .    2.74 Give your legs a lift with our sheer support pantyhose on sale. Sale prices effective through Wednesday September 18 ;

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