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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 13, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa UPI J. Paul Getty III. grandson of the American oil billionaire, posed with his 25-year-old bride, former German model Martme Zacher, after their marriage Thursday in a late evening civil ceremony at Sovi* cille. Italy, (jetty, who was kidnapped and held for five months last year, is 18-years-old. Frightened Hostage Aaron Pinkston. 24, hoi gun on Monica Golden, 57 the doorway of a Joliet, jewelry store that he held this week. Pinkston attempt get away with Mrs Golden hostage after police discov* the robbery. After a 90-mi chase, Pinkston was wounde a shootout with police. I Golden was also wounded. UPI T*l*oSoto UPI TeieohotoTearful Reunion This was one of many tearful reunions Thursday when a train carrying 700 refugees from Lourenco Marques in Mozambique arrived at a railway station in Johannesburg, South Africa. The train was met by hundreds of anxious families and friends. At least 2,000 white settlers have fled to South Africa from the Portuguese east African territory after an attempt to keep Portugal from turning over Mozambique to the Prelimo movement failed Tuesday.Luxury Liner Burns Coast guard cutter Diligence sprayed water onto the burning luxury liner Cunard Ambassador Thursday off Key West, Fla Flames erupted aboard the liner Thursday forcing most of the 290 crewmen to scramble onto life boats lowered into the gulf of Mexico. There were no passengers aboard the ship when the fire broke out None of the crewmen were injuredHow Does One Go About Getting Out Dinner At the    W bite By Art Backwall! MARTHA’S VINEYARD, Mass — I was sitting on the porch of our rented house on Martha’s Vineyard reading “Six Crises” for the seventh time when the call from Washington came. It was my secretary Elite who said in a breathless voice, “The White House just telephoned. President and Mrs. Ford want you to come to a state dinner Friday night.” “Oh. my God,” I said. ‘‘What is it°” my wife said when she saw my face. ‘‘What s wrong?” ‘‘President Ford wants us to come to dinner Friday night ” “Hurry up and get off the phone,” she said “Wait a minute,” I said. “Not so fast. We have to think this one out I told Fille I would call her back " “What is there to think about?" my wife said “We've been invited by the President of the United States for dinner We have to go.” “It's not that simple Don’t you set* what they’re trying to do9 It s the old ‘invite the columnist to the White House trick They’re out to get me " Aerer I nr i ted “How can you say that0” she demanded. “I’ve never been invited to the White House — not by John F Kennedy, not by Lyndon Baines Johnson, not even by Richard Nixon The title of my last book was ‘I Never Danced at the White House’. I’ve made my living standing on the outside, hanging on the oars of the iron fence looking in. Now the Fords are trying to destroy me by asking us to break bread with them ” “You’re being paranoid," my wife said. “Maybe they don’t know many people in Washington, and they’ve heard what a great dancer you are ” “I wish that was all there was to it But I believe someone in the Ford Administration has it in for me Can’t you see what this will do to me? If we go to that dinner, it will be reported in the press Everyone will say I’ve gone in the bag for the President “Well, you can’t just refuse You’d be insulting the office of the presidency," my wife said as she started putting her hair in curlers. tm it Smiling ‘ We could go sailing If we were out in a sailboat and they couldn't find us, we wouldn't Im- insulting anybody.” “But you can’t sail,” she objected “All you need is a good sea. strong canvas and a wind at your back. I read that somewhere ” “I’m not going to risk drowning just because you don’t want to go to dinner at the W hite House ’’ I called back Fille ‘ Fille, tell the White House that you can’t reach us — that we’re somewhere between Nantucket and Cape Hatteras on a boat And one more thing — do you have a dictionary there? blok up starboard, and tell me lf It’s the right side or the left side of a boat ” Cotiyr !«r>l I9/4, LOI Angelet T im*. Only two white students occupied a school bus Thursday in Boston’s South Boston section as thousands of school children refused to enter court-ordered desegregated schools on the first day of classesTrouble Continues In Boston At right, a white youth is surrounded by police on foot and horseback as he is arrested Thursday at South Boston high school during the first day of classes. W idespread student boycotts and sporadic disturbances marked the opening day of classes. Helmeted police Friday provided protection for the black youths as they were transported to the South Boston section of the city. ^014 UPI Teleohotot Black student Valerie Banks is the only student in Raymond Saks' economics class Thursday at the predominately all white South Boston high school. UPI Tti#o«o»o ;

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