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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 6, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa '(tlu (ttfclnr ’RupirU Korczak s Dream The scale model of Crazy Morse statue stands in front of the mountain that will become monument. The four-story scaffolding sits against nose area on what will In* the outstretched arm. Below, Korczak Ziolkowski, HH. is at the controls of his 70-ton bulldozer during construction. The massive hole in the side of the mountain will be the space between the horst* and Crazy Horse’s arm and torso. AP Wirephotos! The hammer and chisel of most sculptors would be of little use to Korczak Ziolkowski. Ziolkowski, shown above using his hat to protect himself from the wind. uses jackhammers and bulldozers in his work, but he is a sculptor — on a monumental scale. For 25 years Ziolkowski has been working to turn a SHTfoot mountain into a massive representation of the Sioux Indian chief Crazy Horse. Tht* HH-year-old artist hopes he ll Ik* have time left to finish what will be the world s largest sculpture. “Just give me seven more years,” hi* says Ziolkowski began his labor after hearing the dream of an aging Indian who fought against den. George Custer in the battle of the Little Big Horn. Henry Standing Bear told Ziolkowski he imagined a huge monument to show that “Indians have great heroes, too.” The completed monument w ill be given to the Indians, Ziolkowski says. The sculptor first worked alone w ith a single jack hammer Now eight of his ten children help him His 2H year-old son. Casiriir, says his father sometimes works Kl or 12-hours a day on the mountain "Why do I do it?,” asks Ziolkowski. “What else would I do with my life — sit around, swill beer and play golf? “You’ve got to have a dream, and it has to be bigger than you.” How Do the White Rats Feel About Reiu^ I sec! Iii Science Experiments': Bv Art Bttchwald Hungry Prairie Resident A tourist at the Theodore Roosevelt national park in western North Dakota stops to fe<*d a member of a prairie dog village at Medora. The prairie dogs become quite tame when there is food available. Ae VV tremolo Hustling Hustler Bobby Biggs, 55. America’s lw*st known senior citizen hustler, climbed aboard a mo-torcyle for the first time in his life Thursday, determined to ride it H4ti miles from Las Vegas to Evel Knievel’s Snake river jump site near Twin Falls, Idaho, before 2 p.m. Sunday. Knievel bet Biggs $25.non that he couldn't make the ride on a 175 cc motorcycle before Knievel’s scheduled jump. Poised UPI f Motorcycle daredevil Fwd Knievel poses for photographers aboard his rocket-pow'* ered “sky cycle,” poised on its sharply-inclined launching ramp on the rim of Snake River canyon Knievel plans to ride his vehicle over the gorge Sunday, hoping to land safely on the other side rat. Most experiments tieing conducted these days to set* what effect our environment has on human beings are first conducted on white ruts (Inly after we know what hapfiens to white rats will we take any action to protect the human race. Nobody has liothered to find out how the rats feel about this in man’s ever-questing search for truth. I visited a large government lain raters the other evening around midnight and recorded what the white rats were saying to each other. “Zelda, you look so thin." They’ve had me on cyclamates. I must have lost three ounces in a week What have you been doing?" “I’ve lx*en taking monosodium glutamate. ll s tasty, but it gives me headaches, (lh, Horace, will you stop coughing.” “Ack, ack, ack I can’t help it They've got me smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.” ll off 7 fad .Iii* 'Why do^'t you upj. them up?" “I’d like to. but they won’t let me." . What\ the matter with Whitney? Ile s«*t*ms awfully quiet tonight "    buchwald Ile'* been eating grapes with DDT on them for a week. and I guess it’s finally getting to him.” “I told him to boycott grapes." “They won t give him anything else to eat. so he has no choice " ‘ W here s Als in?” Dido t you hear’’ They transplanted his heart todav into Hazel Hers gave out during the automobile exhaust tests ” "Door Alvin ” Tmn *i nill zee Txcrim en tit “Ile didn’t seem to mind lh* was involved iii the tranquilizer experiments, and when they asked him for his heart, he said lie couldn't care les> " "Sandra. They have her taking the birth control pill silo wants babies in the worst way.” Well, at least she s having some fun, which is more than I can say for what I ii) doing.” I iii working for NASA to sis* the effect of weightlessness I vomit all the time.” But the space program at least has some glamor to it They keep injecting mc with flu germs ” “I guess Sampson has the best job of any of us ” ‘What is he doing’’” ‘‘They put him in front of a color television set all dav long to see how much radiation he absorbs He's the univ white rate I know who gets to watch Uiugh-1n (Cwtmttfftt 19/4, Lot Annulet Tim**) ;

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