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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 27, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The people's forum Politics, politicians, issues • • . To the Editor: In election after election many Iou income voters have voted for higher prices Too many of them will vote for higher and higher price* on Nov 5 Voting against their own interests is not so much their fault as it is the fault of net work reporters who favor inflationists and give the quiet treatment to the anti* inflationists Except for scarcities, most price increases are caused by the fact that congress overspends and by the inflation of wages and salaries Congressional extravagance and large wage increases cause higher prices that are hard on everyone, but which crucify low-income families. For example, wage and salary increases in the automotive mdustrx have siphoned billions of dollars out of the pockets of Iowa farmers and car owners into the states in which cars, trucks, and their parts are manufactured Yet, a high official of the auto union came into Iowa and asked for votes for his subsidized candidates If we believe in the .Judeo-Christian principles, we act in ways to help, not hurt, the less fortunate It is both good ethics and good economics to vote against the phonies who loudly profess their love of the poor, but who pas off their political debts by penalizing the poor To add insult hi injury the authors of inflation will blame the anti-inflationists for higher and higher prices Ross Young 1052 Daniels street NESenate choice To the Editor I think it is high tune we Iowans take a look at the record I am referring to the race of the United States senate Do we want for the next six years a man in the senate who voted for economy only 0 percent of the time? Or do we want a man who was potent in Iowa's efforts to achieve a treasury surplus’’ The men I am referring to are incumbent I . S. Rep .John Culver and State Sen David Stanley, respectively I feel we Iowans must also consider the fact that in the state legislature. Dave is regarded by both parties as one of the hardest workers in the statehouse In his 12-year legislative career. Dave has compiled1 over a 99-percent voting record, while in ten years. John Culver has missed 14 percent of the votes That is the worst record of anc Iowa congressman Meanwhile, in this session of the Iowa legislature, with hi> campaign and all. Dave has compiled a RHI-percent voting record <689 roll calls). Culver stands at an atrocious 72 percent. Possibly the most astounding aspect in this campaign has been the issue of "pressure group’’ money. Dave haN refused all offers By his own admission, John Culver has accepted 42 donations from various groups. More shocking i" the fact that 34 of those donations are from East Coast donors Who is Rep Culver representing, the Second district of Iowa or the East Coast ’ Finally, Dave is running on an open government” platform He proves his sentiments by his actions in the legislature He wrote and successfully floor-managed the Iowa open meetings law. and the Iowa open records law He was instrumental in opening all legislative committee meetings But Culver failed even to vote on a resolution that would open some meetings We in Iowa need a full-time senator one who will work for Iowans Let s "take the Iowa experience to W Abington “ Mohammad Shemmck 411 Thirtieth street NUU. N. background To the Editor: In response to John Chaffer s letter Get 2 about the United Nations, I would like to give some of the facts about the I N    The    U N. charter was a product of both major arms of the international communist conspiracy The communists have had a keen interest in UNICEF since its inception, which is illustrated by the fact that its verv first chairman was Ludwig Rajehmann a communist from Soviet-controlled Poland Several former army chaplains maintain that UNICEF proceeds were not contributes! to youth in need, but rather that they were taken up bv the comniun nits in the (communist-controlled) countries In short. UNICEF has re|»eat-edly supported the policy of submit or starve There are PW members of the I N Nearly all are anti-American and most are tin jmiI Marxist dictatorship* taking their order* from Moscow — IW mem-liers, each with a vote equal to that of the United States in the General Assembly The John Birch Society is not a socalled "hate-the-U N group It is only trying lo give patriotic Americans the truth about the U N and other communist organizations More and moreOpinion Page2 Ideas Judgments Views Insights Comments Americans are coming out from under the ether of 29 years of U. N. propaganda They are reaching the only possible conclusion that an American can draw when presented the facts That conclusion is that it is time to “Get the United States out of the United Nations and the United Nations out of the United States Fat Foltz 70<l Thirty-fifth street. MarionDifference To the Editor: Contrary to popular belief and to recent articles and editorials I've read, there is a very important difference between the candidates or the Second district seat for U. S. congress It is true that Sen Mike Bloum and Sen Tom Riley have similar voting records in the area of education legislation, but as a teacher I see a very important difference in the stands taken on teacher retirement legislation (IPERS). Bloum s record shows consistent sup port on five key retirement votes to give Iowa teachers a better, more equitable system. Iowa's system. IPERS, is the worst in our nation, save South Dakota Riley, on the other hand, has voted consistently against improvement. This to me is a most significant difference and separates the candidates into two camps Both candidates have expressed concern for people, but only one has demonstrated concern and action. Helen Bitterman Favette Another I St You two wont violence, I ll got you some real violence!"Children’s TV To the Editor It is interesting to see that Oct 19-26 has been designated as Open House Week for Children's Television, with an invitation to parents to sit down and watch with thejr children what they are viewing Across the country educators and educational institutions have given this concept their endorsement. Among the leaders is Eda LeShan prominent author and child psychologist Mrs l^Shan says. "Watching television together gives parents an opportunity to find out what their children are thinking and feeling, as well as providing an opportunity for parents to communicate their values to help shape the children's attitudes Mrs LeShan further states. "Telex i sion has added a rich dimension to the lives of our children The responsibility for quality children’s programs rest with parents as well as with the networks What we need for continued improvement in the quality of children's television is a genuine partnership of both groups Open House Week for Children’s Television is a giant step toward that partnership Tying in with this week ’n theme are two programs planned on a local level Election letters cutoff To minimise the chance for last-minute comments or crib cunts without enough time left for fair rebuttal, electron oriented contributions to the People! brum must cease at a unibrm deadline Therefore, Sunday, Nov. 3, will be the last day letters appear here concerning the following Tuesday s election — on candi-dateI, issue! or any of the special questions on the Nov 5 ballot To qualify for consideration in the Nov 3 forum, letters must be delivered to The Gazette's editorial department b/ Thursday, Oct 31. and having the sponsorship of the Par-ents-Teachers-Students Assn (FTSA) of Cedar Rapids. The two programs are scheduled for Monday, Oct. 28. at 7:30 at Harding junior high school and Wednesday, Get. 30, at 7:30 at Taft junior high Each program will discus* the subject, "Children and Television”. The film. ’But First, This Message”, produced by ACT (Action for Children’s Television) will be shown, followed by a panel discussion opened for audience participation . . . These two programs are free and open to the public for a sharing of views and ideas Darlene J S< Ii rim per 308 Fortieth street NEEthics To the Editor The candidate for congress from Dubuque, Michael Blouin, has been distributing handbills from door to door which contain false information about his opponent. Tom Riley, and about himself as well For example, the first paragraph claims Senator Riley bottled up a Blouin bill on “open meetings " The fact of the matter is that Blouin'* bill died in a committee which Senator Riley has never been a member of Another example is a Blouin claim that he authored or sponsored a number of major bills into law None of the laws he lists were sponsored or authored by him A good example is the bingo bill That bill is Senate File 108 and the sponsor and author was Clifton Lamborn of Maquoketa Because of Watergate, the voters are looking for candidates who can be trusted Disseminating information of this kind raises serious questions of ethics Truman A. Wilkin MaquoketaScary risk To the Editor Once again I find it necessary to voice my complete disgust — still another radiation leak This time at the Quad Cities area nuclear power generating station where on Get 18 radioactive iodine was "vented” into the atmosphere. Right on top of the news release. of course, were utility spokesmen telling how it posed absolutely no danger regardless of the fact that the quantity of the material leaked was considerably above federal standards How many of these "nonhazardous leaks are going to take place before a large devastating one occurs? And if these frequent incidents pose no danger. Why are they time and time again hushed up only to be made known to the public days later.’ I. for one. am sick of listening to the rhetoric of the AEC telling us how clean and safe nuclear fission energy is supposed to be I'm not a statistics or probabilities expert, but I don't have to be to know that we read about one of these "accidents ' or station shutdowns several times in the course of a month When the AEC decides to play the numbers game we see hold headlines in news papers and magazines that tell us the odds are umpteen trillion to one against there being a dangerous accident. Isn t that curious * When are we in large numbers going to take up and realize that nuclear fission is not an energy panacea but instead a very frightening risk' Frank Parnno lilt Second avenue SEDeceived' To the Editor I would like to comment on UNICEF''* plea for dollars to feed starving children UNICEF, like all communist programs, does just enough good to tool the American people Americans have been deliberately deceived about the United Nations The communist jM-rmeation of UNICEF helps to explain the manx strange ways this "charitable” organization -pends "its" money As the McGraw Edison Company's committee tor public affairs pointed out in December of 1961 "The CNU EF    appropriated    $59 million between 1947 and 1958 to communist countries    The assist ance does not go to the needy but is administered through governments And a- any student of history can tell you, food and medicine are used by the communists as political weapons Witness the planned use of I NRRA supplies in the late 40s in Poland as described by Ambassador Arthur Bli-s Lane in his lunik. * I Saw Poland Betrayed” I urge all parents to not let their children trick or treat for CNR EF and not to give to any who do Carol L, Johnson 7(91 Thirtv fifth street Marion The Cedar Rapids Gazette: San., Oct. 27, 1974    9A * Only 14 starts a RichMates wardrobe ‘Slacks97 ways to mix and match bottle green-orange-camel. 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