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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 27, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Explore Whys of Foreign Language Enrollment Drop By Jidy Daub*nmir r Each year, more than half of the Americans who travel abroad are young people While large numbers of young people are anxious for contact with persons of other cultures, fewer of them seem to be studying foreign languages. Foreign language teachers in the Cedar Rapids Ctmmua-tty school district notice a decline in enrollment in their courses which began about three or four years ago. District-wide, some 935 students, or 19 4 percent of high school enrollment, are taking foreign languages French. German and Spanish are offered, with Spanish most popular. At Kennedy. Johann Eschbach, foreign language head, reports 190 students, or about 12.4 percent of all students, are taking foreign languages. “We used to have that many students in Spanish alone," he said. “At one time, we had 20 percent of our students taking a foreign language. We've had quite a drop-off and I'm alarmed by it." Washington reports the highest enrollment, with 451 students, or 28.8 percent of enrollment there, in foreign language classes, according to Gloria Aenlle, department head. That figure still represents a decline At Jefferson. Barb Maitland, foreign language department head, said 290 students or about 17 percent, are taking language classes. “I think we bottomed out at Jefferson a couple of years ago," said Miss Maitland "We have extremely small third year classes this year. The junior high schools are the key to our enrollment here “For example, for two years, no one was teaching French at Taft. Last year, I taught at Taft and we have a big enrollment in second year Report Cord classes this year. The junior high enrollment determines our high school enrollment." Junior high students frequently continue in the same language which they studied in junior high when they come to senior high school, she said "If they have an unsuccessful experience in junior high. they won't try again," she said A major reason for the decline in foreign language stud-y, according to the department heads, is the fact that many colleges no longer require a foreign language for either admission or graduation Miss Maitland said at the same time, the colleges began offering college credit for foreign language study in high school if students pass an examination. “We’re the only department in the high school that can give college credit." said Eschbach "I don’t think the students realize that this would save them money galore It would save up to a semester of college work” Not Flattered By Age Cut BELGRADE    (A Pl-Kraut; Cretnik. 64. was not flattered when the Social Security service ignored 23 years of his life, thus preventing him from obtaining old-age insurance. 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The credit was based entirely on his foreign language study. Mrs Aenlle suggested the removal of the college requirement for foreign languages may have resulted in a better quality of students taking foreign languges The students wha still take the languages are probably doing so because they want to. not because they have to. "We do not want to be thought of as only appealing to the people who are going to college," she said. Washington has sponsored a series of panel discussions of business people who outlined the importance of knowledge of a foreign language for secretaries and other business education students The teachers believe youngsters steer clear of foreign language classes because they entail more work than other classes. "Language learning is one of the hardest subjects in the curriculum." according to German teacher Robert Mueller from Washington "I don’t think language learning is easy Last year. 26 students signed up for a Russian course after school, but when they found out it required some work. only two staved "It takes dedication and self-discipline You've got to work real hard and practice it a lot ” Miss Maitland said students groan when they realize she gives a homework assignment every night, although it is usually only a 15-minute one and sometimes may be only-listening to a record tape "You don’t have to be a genius to speak French Idiots in France can speak the language." she said. “Give me a hard-working student who gets C's in other classes. Judy Daubenmier and he will be an A or B student in French. “The students who do not have success in foreign language study are the ones who have large numbers of absences or the students who do not work consistently" Students taking her class as electives often complain that the course is an elective for them and is not supposed to be hard “There are some things which just must be learned.” said Miss Maitland Mrs. Anne-Marie Murphy, French teacher at Washington, said students “have to became actively involved in foreign language courses. They are not lecture courses where students can hide behind their notes.” Students seem reluctant to get involved in class ‘The problem is television." according to Mrs Ana-Maria Aecbay. another Washington language teacher "Students are used to being entertained while they learn. like Sesame Street The moment it implies work and they have to do something besides sit there and lie fed. they don't want to do it "They want us to put on a show everyday, to always be a clown It s a problem for all teachers, not just foreign language teachers " "No one can be a clown everyday." said Mrs. Aenlle. "Sometimes there is work and you just ean’t play with that A negative attitude on the part of parents also discourages some students, according to Mrs Murphy “lf a student is having trou ble in some of his classes, his parents will suggest that he drop the foreign language so he can concentrate on the other subjects." she said "America as a whole gives less attention to foreign languages In Europe, six years of language study are required They require more languages because you go a few miles, cross the frontier, and they speak a different language." said Mrs. Aenlle. American students, on the other hand, exhibit a cultural arrogance "When we study the culture in toreign language class, the students think ifs funny. I tell them there are same things besides hamburgers and french fries they might enjny if they learned to enjny them.” said Mrs. Aenlle. Mrs Murphy reported having heard students wonder, Doesn t everybody want to be an American ’" Eschbach suggested the change from two semesters a year to three shorter terms may have caused the number of foreign language students to drop. High school students now have more choices, he said, and have trouble scheduling in a foreign language class Since one trimester builds on the previous one, he said, students cannot take Spanish one trimester, drop it the next, and pick it up again during the final trimester Eschbach said he is attempting to individualize his classes to make that possible “I can’t say definitely Ifs the trimester that has caused the decline. But it seems odd that enrollment has dropped off each year we’ve had the trimester system," said Eschbach. 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