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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 27, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa ""^nFwwjw»wrr' < WMH WrnJF V W I hp Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sib., Oct. 27, 1974 Mrs. Lipsky, Sears See Land Use As Coming Issue 1A By Judy Daahenmtfr Opposing each olher for I hp state legislative seat in the 2Bth representative district are an eight-year veteran of the Iowa legislature and a political newcomer .loan Lipsky, 55, of B55 C ottage Grove avenue SF., a Republican, is seeking her fifth term in the legislature. while Democratic challenger Tom Sears, 39 of 2428 Fifth avenue SF, is running for the first time. In discussing issues which they feel are important this year, Mrs Lipsky drew on her experience in the legislature, while Sears emphasized feedback gathered by listening to citizens during his campaign According to Sears, citizens are expressing a crisis of confidence in government due to Watergate, and are worried about inflation and taxes “I am very concerned about the crisis of confidence Some people have been deeply hurt by recent events. They say, ii von’re a politician, yen’re a crook'. This conceros mc greatly I do not think that charge Is Instifled. of course," said Sears. A history instructor at Kirkwood Community college. Sears said he made up his mind to run for the office following a class during which his students were complaining about corruption in government and the inability of the individual to do anything about it Sears maintained individual involvement can make a difference "I decided to put my shoe-leather where my mouth was, and get involved," he said Mrs Lipsky reported she has been campaigning harder this year because of the voter’s attitude toward politics Notes Apathy "People are kind of turned off by politics this year. There is a big feeling of apathy. I feel if I show I t are about the job and get out and work. people will respond lf it’s that important to me. it will make it more important to them," she said To restore confidence in government. Sears called for improvements in the legisla tive process, such as measures In prevent what he called "abuse of the committee system". Joan  -mr - lipsky JW Tom Sears 26th House District Candidates . . . Election 74 •‘Committee chairmen are able to sit on important hills. to bring up low-prioritv hills first, until there is no time left for high-priority hills," said Sears Mrs. Lipsky, who has been active in legislative reform noted the committee system has been changed recently to become more flexible "It’s impossible for a chairman to sit on a bill that everybody else on the committee wants out," she said. Appointments to committees are made on the basis of ability, rather than seniority, she said ^"The legislature really needs mare and better staffing. Upgrading the staffing weuld give the legislature better informatian en hew meney is being used and what is needed.” said Mrs. Lipsky. Sears also supported the need for additional staffing for the legislators to help them "he more efficient in long-range planning and goal development . "The legislature has been taking care of the immediate crises that cannot he put off any longer," he said. While inflation is being mentioned as an important issue this election year. Mrs Lipsky noted there is little the state can do about what is essentially a national and international problem "We have done our hit in Iowa with our balanced budget. and we all wish the federal government would emulate that.” she said. "The state can still do the same kinds of things that any individual can do. not feed the fires of inflation with unnecessary spending " Sears essentially agreed with Mrs Lipsky s comments, hut suggested something should he done to help the "people and governmental programs that have been hurt bv inflation". Higher Salaries He singled out higher salaries for stale employes, addr tional aid to dependent children benefits, and tuition grants to students in private colleges as programs which should receive additional funding Mrs. Lipsky, as chairman of the human resources committee. said there is "general agreement" that ADF needs revision The amount of aid given to families is based on "old subjective judgments." she said. and should he based on more accurate information of what a true need is. For example, the ADF clothing allowance was established by a state employe who looked through a Sears, Roebuck catalog several years ago and estimated what he thought a family might need On the subject of taxes, the third issue raised by Sears, Mrs Lipsky said, "When we have a large surplus. I do not think raising taxes is the hest way to spend our time. "lf we make any change, it should be making the income tax more progressive. We have raised the bottom level so low income people are not being taxed, and I would favor doing it again." "Everybody talks about making the tax more equitable That s really a euphemism. because what they usually end up doing is raising everybody’s taxes ." Sears argued against putting off tax structure changes any longer. The last major Politico* Politico1 Advertisement I’m Sister Genevieve Birchard, candidate for Linn County Treasurer. Won’t you please review my qualifications and give me your vote November 5th? There is a great need today for qualified well-motivated people to be in Government We Sisters have always gone where the need is Today, for instance a nun is in charge of the computer department at The Continental-lllmois National Bank A Trust Company Chicago Why7 only because of her superior performance and educational background For your evaluation EDUCATION I have a Bachelor s Deqree rn Commerce from the University of Iowa and a Masters Deqree in Economics from Marquette University With additional study at Iowa State and the University of Omaha EXPERIENCE 8 years Business Manaqer Mount Mercy Colleqe where I successfully collected and invested funds to keep tuition as low as possible 22 years Teat bing Bu-mess subjects in Colleqe and .secondary Schools In summary my I do is dedicated to the service of people and their nerds I want to serve you as Linn County Treasurer and I will with your vote November bth o iv HUM iC*0 S‘*'e» Ct" *. ev*    Coon    mitt** K*nr>«fh Sidlers TffM.u"'' revision was IO years ago. ho said "Mrs Lipsky has been in the legislature for eight years without addressing herself lo overall lax reform," according to Sears. "Taxes have been increased through inflation, rather than through state action Ten years ago, the average state income was SB,400 Today I Im* average family in comp has been increased lo $12,(MHI due to inflation and the families are maintaining about the same standard of living Tax Comments "Our tax structure places the income tax on working persons and the middle class "The stale surplus was accumulated primarily by this raising of taxes through inflation lf we had kept up with inflation in our appropriations to state programs, we proba-blv would not have that surplus todayhe said Sears suggested using the surjdus to fully fund programs hurt by inflation, rather than using it to start brand new ones Mrs Lipsky cited uncertain tv over this year's agricultural economy in favoring saving the surplus for a rainy day fund. "The had agricultural year we're having is going to have a cumulative effect on Iowa s surplus ll could significantly decrease if predictions of this year's t rop and the plight of the agricultural people are as predicted "The surplus reflects the boom year farmers experienced last year I think it would Im* foolish to rush in and spend the surplus," she said Beth candidates picked the establishment of a land use policy as likely to be a major issue during this session. "Most decisions on land use should be made basically on a county-level basis Others will need planning on a state-level, such as a rational plan for roads and highways We need to meet our transportation needs, yet pre>erve our rich agricultural resources," said Sears "I don't think there's any way to over-emphasize the importance of a land-use policy," agreed Mrs Lipsky "We know time is running out on us in our abilities to make this kind of decision I would very much dislike seeing the federal government set our policy ’’ Transportation Issue Another issue ranked as important by Mrs Lipsky is transportation She supported the department of transportation. and favors taking a look al what can he done to help the railroads Soars criticized the creation of the department of transpor tation "The DOT is an example of not having adequate planning when the hill was passed I basically support tho DOT hut it would have boon a bettor hill if tho legislature had done some of the work left to the DOT such as setting up its guidelines, he said "We didnt really know what it was going to be until after the governor appointed the members " "The state is really in the transportation system now. said Mrs Lipsky. "Our bus system is aimed at thi* school c hildren There are other people who are just as dependent on mass transportation as children — the elderly, poor. handicapped "In Cedar Rapids, we’re actually operating three separate systems, one for the elderly. one for the school children, and the city buses. "It just doesn’t make sense to operate separate systems.' said Mrs Lipsky She also favors restructuring of tho sub-divisions of Ewoldt Is Named Chamber Delegate Harold Ewoldt. general manager of the ( edar Rajuds-Marion area Chamber of Commerce, has been named a state delegate by the president of the American Chamber of Commerce executives In this capacity. Ewoldt will act as a liaison between the national Chamber office and local chapters in Iowa. allicins. 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I do not believe the government can coerce one side to adopt the morality of the other side," he said Forbidding abortions has not worked, he said, and has caused abortions to he performed illegally and unsafely Mrs Lipsky said she opposes abortion. "I do not think we are very dose to voting on a ((institutional amendment, however." she said A A * Sears, a United Methodist minister, is married and has two daughters. He has lived in ( edar Rapids most of his life and is a graduate of Franklin high school. Cornell college. 26th District The 26th representative district Is ctmpBsed •( these Cedar Rapids precincts, with pelting places listed after the precincts: Precincts S. Grant Wood school; I. Jane B«yd Community House; 7, Immaculate Conception school; A. Johnson schad; 9, Polk srhool; 19, Garfield school; It, Arthur school; 12, Franklin junior high, and IS, Washington senior high. 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