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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 25, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa List Food Stamp Rights By Sylvia Porter NKW YORK — A < (intinning flow of mail asking tough questions about food stamps has come to my office sinc e my columns of late* September reporting on who is and who is not eligible for this important Sylvia Porter bene fit program. Obviously I touched an area of vital concern — and understandably, since only 14 million or a mere 33 percent of the estimated 43 million eligible for the- stamps are getting them. A sampling: "Kan I, a college student, get food stamps, even if my parents are not eligible for the program and they claim me as a dependent on their income tax?" A. Yes — although new regulations may change this ‘‘(an people on strike get food stamps'*" A Yes "Do I have have to be a I. S. eiti/en to be eligible?" A. No. "The food stamp office terminated my participation in the program without giving me any noticr. Can they do this?" A The food stamp office is almost always required to give you at least IO days’ notice if it intends to terminate your participation in the program or change your status by. say, hiking the amounts vou must pay for the stamps. You also have the legal right to demand that the food stamp office decide within 30 days of the day you applied whether or not you arc* eligible for stamps You have basic rights under this program of which you must be aware — if you are thinking about applying for food stamps. Here are answers to other questions you sent me: ‘‘Do I have to register for work if I am unemployed and receiving food stamps?" A. Yes. Able-bodied, unemployed family members between the ages of 18 and H5 must register for work and accept a suitable job if one comes along You do not have to register, though, if you already are working 30 or more hours a week. "What about mothers taking carr of small childrea under age 18? Do we have to take jobs*" A. No. Nor must students take jobs, so long as the* students are enrolled in school or a training program at least half time. “I m in a full-time drug treatment and rehabilitation program. How can I take a job?" A. You don t have to register for wink under these circumstances aand this also goes for those in alcohol treatment programs ‘ \ condition for getting a job I was offered was that I do not join the union there Must I accept the job'*" A You may not be forced to take a job under the se circumstances nor may your food stamps benefits Im* legally c ut off if you fail to take* such a job To insure these* rights, though. you must request a ‘fair hearing" within IO days if you arc* told to accept a certain questionable job or give up the stamps You have a right to examine* any documents to Im* used at the* hearing, to bring witnesses, to have a lawyer represent you. to question any witness testifying against you and to a final decision, in writ mg, within WI clappe of the* dale you request the hearing "I was offered a Jab where the empires were in (he mid die af a strike Must I accept lusband refused ta take at (he faad stamp allice should take and we last I stamps " an uiiciiiplovetl able family member does Ile entire family or •Id may bise benefits ,1 job to Im* suitable, it V al least fbi* federal et tit it mini wage* Killi ions WOMEN’S ALL-OCCASION DRESSES NOW LESS MISSES WASHABLE TURTLENECKS REGULARLY 18.00 TO 80.00 • I AND 2 PIECE STYLES • SOME LONG DRESSES • A FEW PANT SUITS • BROKEN SIZES Excellent values for women of all ages! 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