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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 25, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa tthf (Tcclur 'i\npi(U ©njrttc Two Russell Sage college physical therapy majors take along a bony friend as they walk across the Troy. \ V.. campus. Marie Mitch, a junior from Schenectady, left, and Debbie Wood. a junior from Stoneham. Mass., were returning their partner to the gross anatomy laboratory. Washington high school’s homecoming queen, Debbie Andreas. 17. exhibited complete surprise “ iOUv night when the announcement was made between halves of the Washington-Regis game. She is the daughter of dr and Mrs. Martin Lowell Andreas, 21111 Grande avenue SH, and is a senior. Wash won the game, 28-7 UPI T i> ie photo Thirteen Stilted Kids There seems to a Ik* revival of stilt walking on Franklin avenue NR, where 13 boys and girls of ail sizes get together after school and try out various siz***» and styles. Some of the smaller ones just tie strings onto tin cans and hold the cans to their feet as they walk around The bigger kids use the conventional type The three youngsters in foreground are, from left, Matt Hopkins, 5. Rob Plowman, H, and Janelle Hartogh, 5 Others in picture are Kristin Curtis. Mike Hartogh, Jim Hast. Mary Jane Putnam. Steve Hartogh. dreg Frese. Marilyn Stone, Colleen Hartogh, Amber Filip, and laiurie Stratton Any Efforts To Fight Inflation Seem To Step On Somebody ’s Toes By Art Buchu ald Dear Mr President, GcneMe Photo bv Tom MerrvmanDebbie Is Washington Queen Jack Benny ended his stay at Cedars of Lebanon hospital in Iats Angeles in character. He told newsmen “I won’t have a stomach ache until I see the bill.” He became ill in Dallas Saturday before a scheduled performance there OozeOc Photo bv Tom berryman Pm having a bad time. I watched you on television the other night while waiting to see the World Series, and your message really got to me. Ever since I heard you tell us that the best way to fight inflation was not to spend money and not to waste anything. I’ve been trying to follow your advice with very questionable results. For example, the next morning I went down to the supermarket and bought some soup bones. I made the mistake of telling the butcher I wasn't going to buy any steak until the price came down. Worst Year That evening I received a visit from two members of the cattlemen's association who said they had heard about what I said in the supermarket, and they wanted me to know that they were having the worst year in their histroy and if I didn't care about buchwald the food industry in this country, they wouldn't care about me. I explained to them that you had said the only way to fight inflation was to live within my budget — and you know what they did? They shot two steers in the head on my front lawn. It cost me $89.50 to have the carcasses carted away. The next day I had a call from an automobile dealer who told me the new models had just arrived at the showroom and advised me to come down right away. I told him that, because of your plea in Kansas City, I decided to forego the luxury of a 1975 car until the economy was straightened out An hour later three officers of the United Auto Workers union broke into my office and asked me what I thought I was doing I told them the car I owned was perfectly satisfactory, and I really didn t need a new car Well, you should have heard what they said, Mr President. “They accused me of creating unemployment in the most important industry in America and shouted that if everyone thought the way I aid we would have the greatest depression in the history of the country. I tried to calm them down by pointing out that everyone in this country had to bite the bullet — but they were so infuriated, they threw a chair though my window , which cost me $.">« to replace Laid Off Well, I got home that night and had a visit from Richard Kaltenborn who works in a children's clothing store Richard had just been laid off from the store becuase no one was having clothing The reasons he came to set- me is that he was strapped for cash and asked lf I could loan him $400 I had no choice but to loan him the money since we hadn t bought children's clothing ourselves, and I felt responsible for Richard’s unemployment. Of course, we're not    going to go near a    store for < hristmas. as that is really    throwing money    down    the drain Somehow the newspaper I work for found out about it. and I got a call from the advertising department. The man said if we’re not going to buy anything for ( hristmas, they’re not going to get advertising and they won t In* able to pay me for the column 1 11 be very frank with you, Mr. President this could put me in a class with my friend Kaltenborn Hut this is neither here    nor there What    I'm really writing    to you about is. could I    please have my    WIN    flag to flv over my house, because I want everybody to know how easy it is to fight inflation? — Economically yours. A it Copyright IV/4, Los Anoles Times AP WirephotoSome Diet! Whitewash’ In Placerville. Calif., former Et. Gov. Ed Reinecke, a Republican who lost his office in the Watergate scandal, said the pardon of former I’resident Nixon was a “whitewash'’ and he couldn't accept one if of-fered. UPI Telephoto ;

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