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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 25, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa IO TV Cedar Rapids Gazette: Fri., Ort. 25, 1971 Air Force Fly-By Void Is Filled By Dick West WASHINGTON (ITI) -Here's a rule I would like to see adopted When people suggest an energy-saving measure, they must also propose a substitute to replace whatever it is we are supposed to give up. Otherwise the overall conservation program is going to create a great many national voids Any country, particularly one as strong as America, can withstand a few national voids But when the national fabric JOIN KILLIAN'S CHRISTMAS BUDGET CLUB. PAY V5 IN JANUARY, Va IN FEBRUARY AND '/a IN MARCH WITH NO FINANCE CHARGES. Killian^ begins to resemble Swiss cheese, we must ask ourselves whether the empty spaces being created aren’t more undesirable than the energy wastage A prime example of calling for cutbacks without proposing alternatives was Sen I’rox-mire’s recent denouncement of air force fly bys. Burning Fuel Proxmire complained the air force was needlessly burning jet fuel by having formations of planes fly by during retirement ceremonies for high brass Then he subsequently reported the air force had acted to limit fly-bys to “very unusual circumstances ” Well, sure, this will save a certain amount of fuel But what about the void it creates in the retirement program .1 Proxmire offered nothing in the way of a suggestion for compensating for the loss of that thrilling moment when the jets swoop out of the wild blue yonder. Ifs like foregoing the presentation of the gold watch with the engraving on the back at the retirement of an insurance executive. If the senator had been obliged to think the matter through, there are a number of suitable substitutes he might have proposed — things that use less energy but retain some of the tradition and excitement of the fly-by One thing the air force might consider is the acquisition of a couple of old circus catapults used in human cannonball acts At the climax of a retirement ceremony., after the troops have passed in review and the general has had the distinguished service medal pinned to his chest, the cannon would in* fired and .John Wayne would zoom past the reviewing stand into a waiting net All the Way Admittedly, the cannon smacks a bit of the field artillery But the commanding figure of John Wayne, hero of so many aerial combat mov les, hurling overhead is air force all the way What general is going to miss a few jets with a spectacle like that in his honor? If Wayne isn’t available, maybe the air force could book Kvel Knievel to cap its retirement ceremonies by jumping hts motorcycle over a row of mothballed B-29s Admittedly, part of the military flavor would be lost. 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