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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 23, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa THIS WEEK S WEXFORD CRYSTAL SPECIAL WINE OR JUICE RMMMKM •“•flpWKSI : '■ f *» * Just WITH EACH $3 OO GROCERY PURCHASE THIS WEEK S COMPLETER PIECE *• rn h V 2-Quart CRYSTAL ST PITCHER $129 King of Hawaii PINEAPPLE Sliced or Crushed NO. 2 TALL CAN 39 c FULL-STRENGTH HILIX BLEACH c gallon jug 49 PLEASMOR Brand OYSTER CRACKERS C 11-ounce package 33 SPECIAL PRICES GOOD THRU OCT. 29th GOLDEN VALLEY BRAND YELLOW CLING PEACHES Large no. 2 Vt can Strongheart Dog Food WI 5-lb. bag ■HHS 99$ * ■■ ! Im Mar Rapid* at • MI 1st A VMM Witt • Mar Mb Un • 1125 J Strait Saatkvett • 4425 ML Iarwm Hawi Ii. • Cantar NM IM. 142* St IU, ■ • 2*1 kaka Ferry Is* BX •wi wwi ■ vmr npm Cr WCVIWI Wack-Days..........8 A.M. to 11 P.M. Swwtoy*.............* A.M. to 11 P.M. W ’ Pi I 5 PIECE FAMILY-PACK Cut- Up FRYERS 35 c lb. Certified Sirloin Steak WILSON CERTIFIED T-Bone Steak WILSON CERTIFIED Boneless Sirloin Tip Steak WILSON CERTIFIED Boneless FRESHLY-MADE GROUND Rib-Eye Steak ■Nj Hormel’s LITTLE SIZZLERS Beef, Canadian Bacon Pepperoni, Sausage Pork Links 2W 12-Ounce package HORMEL’S Polish Sausage, Smokies, or Smokie Cheezers 12 ounce package lb. 99 c Fresh Frying Chicken Legs or Breasts WILSON CERTIFIED Skinless Franks Krcift Shredded Mozzarella Cheese $449    _____ mm lb- Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese MC    WILSON    CERTIFIED lh.    Sliced    Large Bologna family size each 99 c AI ■ I 2-ox. pkg. lb. 0 4-ox. pkg. WILSON'S Sliced Bacon Ends 3-lb. box 63 43’ $129 45 c In aft of our CEDAR RAPIDS & MARION ME TOO STORES FRESH FROM OUR DELICATESSENS Cole Slaw GREEN GIANT Garden Peas No. 303 Tall Cans mm NEW CROP! Florida Navel ORANGES Fresh, Golden CAROLINA YAMS Sams. 2 lbs. 29 Calmyra White Grapes per lb. c Solid Green Fresh Cabbage per lb. 39 12 SPECIAL a o CAKES baked for any occasion Call our Bakery at CEDAR HILLS or FIRST AVENUE for personal service sr.; ?€ 4* , . * w mm ^Not^asfy 1 Sloppy Joes 39* Reody-to-serve I Western Macaroni J* Tort, Zesty I Fresh Cole Slaw -* 79* * carton I W — 69*1 carton W W Assorted Coffee Cakes Fresh Raised Doughnuts ^99*1 st 59* I Fresh-Baked Iced Layer Cakes $169 •ach UM sh- tim t tiirn • a. at.. . I cans a rnp* Tm,    ?rn HARDIN’S SWEET APPLE CIDER Crisp, Hot, Ready-to-eat Fried Chicken Half-Gallon Jug Bucket of IS pieces SA99 88 Nestle’s Milk Chocolate or Crunch CANDY BARS I Me Too wmm mmm € mn % package of 40 5e bars $149 BUTTER I Campbell’s Nutritious TOMATO SOUP TIDE All-Purpose DETERGENT One- pound print Family Size Package WITH COUPON BILOW Me Too BUTTER Limit: one pound with coupon MeeaeeoPMK pi* mk ■ rmrm$mmwmr-m Tmffrrnnrt KELLOGG’S RICE KRISPIES WITH COUPON BELOW SR*#.’ ’ '■ Ti*- + f '■■■ ■ iSWWIMMWUKBUWIWBUpeupMpi I I ynfc i ---- ^ rn I r niy nj* rn I w "jppupr I n»ii i—amier'i......."t "" mem • ^^dMNRM Expires 10-29-74 lAipapNFSFvaavpfliP! j iTOr mara ara rn VMpRPt air pup pm hr* RIGHT TO LIMIT RESERVED Rhoade’s Frozen White Bread Dough one- pound loaves Kraft Pure rape Jelly I8-ounce Jar 59 ;

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