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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 23, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Dofa-gofhermg abdsab/e LJ±. Privacy protection shapes upBy Mary Costello WASHINGTON - Ninetwn eighty. four is a decade away, but many Americans seem convinced that George Orwell s scenario in his novel, ‘‘1984”, is already dangerously close to reality Fears of government and private data gathering activities and official and unofficial snooping Into the lives of private citizens have been heightened by Watergate revelations in the last two years. Stripped down to its essentials,” a recir.t American Civil Liberties Union study commented, “Watergate is the quintessential privacy issue." While Watergate-related invasions of privacy — wiretapping and bugging of opjKiner.ts, the use of government files to discredit ‘ enemies," misuse of intelligence agencies and breaking and entering — have received most of the attention, other aspects of the problem are being looked at more carefully today. Scores of books and articles on the subject are being published, private and government commissions are studying ways of protecting individual privacy and congress is considering more than 140 bills on the subject The issue of privacy cuts across political Im*** W th a coalition of liberals and conservatives in and out of government leading the way, congress is expected before adjournment this year to complete work on privacy legislation that for the first lime would place controls on the federal government’s collection end dissemination of personal information about individuals. A four-year study completed last June by the senate judiciary subcommittee on constitutional rights underlined the need for congressional ac tion The subcommittee investigators found 858 data banks with more than 1.2 billion records in 54 federal agencies. These data banks, the study reported, "are by no means all the government files on individuals.” At least 29 of the 858 data hanks were set up to collect derogatory information and weli over half had no statutory authority for their existence. Individuals seldom knew that the agencies had in-Opinion Page Views Ideas    Insights Judgments    Comments formation on then aud, even if they did, rarely had ac ess to their files. Nevertheless, it was "likely" that the information in these files would be "fairly readily” shared with other federal, state and local agencies. A recent survey conducted by the Roper polling organization indicated that more Americans are concerned about private data collecting that touches them directly than they are about government files. Private data collecting includes credit information, centralized medical, insurance and bank records, tests by employers of the physical and mental health and loyalty of employes or prospective employes, and the enormous record-keeping activities of the nation’s schools. The Domestic Council Committee on the Right to Privacy, a White HouseInsights The sum of behavior is to retain a man's own dignity without intruding upon the liberty of others. Francis Bacon agency set up by former President Nixon last winter and headed by President Ford, has taken the* position that its “initial privacy initiates should focus em the federal government.” The committee “believe*s that fe*de*ral example and experience in this complex field should precede federal directives to the non federal governmental and private sectors." Critics of this view contend that state, local and private data-gathering agencies are already too large, too readily accessible to outsiders and too potentially dangerous to wait until after federal controls are implemented. Technological developments will make invasions of privacy far easier in the years to come. Alan F Westin, author of the classic study, “Privacy and Freedom", imagines what could have happened if Watergate had happened in 1980 or 1984. The White House “would have had video display terminals linked to a computer in Camp David that would have really held some ‘enemies files’ — such as 500,000 political opponents to be systematically harried by federal discretionary authority; a disloyalty file of 250,(NM) persons whose radical activities make them suspect; and a special press file of those reporters and commentators whose output was considered biased ” Several remedies have been proposed to protect Americans against existing and potential threats to their privacy. Some call for the establishment of a national privacy hoard to handle public grievances against government agencies or private organizations — a plan opposed by President Ford. Others want a constitutional amendment guaranteeing all Americans the light to personal privacy. Still others believe that legislation or administrative action offering specific remedies for specific infringements would provide the best protection in a technologically advanced and advancing world. It is certain that all these suggestions will he examined much more closely in the decade before 1984 than they have been in the past. EcCtonol Research Reports People s forum Treachery To the Editor; The U. S. Geological Survey reports that, even at current rates of consumation, America possesses a 500-year supply of petroleum and a 300-vear supply of natural gas within its own territory. Geologists also estimate that there are two trillion barrels of high grade oil in the shale rock of Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. This fantastic source of energy is six times larger than all known reserves of crude petroleum on earth Government* interference, however. is preventing exploitation of these abundant natural resources    Two million barrels of oil per day could have been flowing from the Alaskan wilderness by now, lint for incredible interference with the trans-Alaskan pipe line While every effort has been marshaled to convince Americans that the earth is running out cf energy supplies, the truth of the matter is that shortages are due almost exclusively to governmental interference with the petroleum, gas and jntwer industries The National Petroleum Council has estimated that only 45 percent of discoverable oil in the U S. has yet been located. One of the biggest reasons why it hasn’t been located is that no one is looking for it, because government antipollution controls have made it economically impossible to build refineries. But the record shows that there have been only throe* oil spills from about 14,000 offshore wells. It is my conviction that the removal of governmental controls and restrictions would swiftly solve the problem But let me throw caution completely to the wind and tell you why I think the controls exist Simply stated, we are being stampeded into accepting total government control over our economy. Manufactured shortages can't help hut lead to rationing, to the destruction of private enterprise and to tin* establishment of total government While our federal government is stifling American industry, it is encouraging Hie purchase of natural gas at inflated prices from communist Algeria and planning to finance the development of LETTERS The Gazette s editorial page welcomes readers' opinions, subject to these guidelines: lima 400 wo*d» On* I*Ow pm writer avary 30 day*. All may be cond*o**d and edited without changing moaning Non* publi»h*d anonymous Writer * telephone number (not printed) thou id folio* name, addr*** and readable handwritten argnature to help authenticate Content* dad more with luue* and event* than per- tonolitte* No poetry the oil and gas industries of Soviet Russia and Red China. As our standard of living is driven down, the communist economy is pushed up so that the drive for a one-world government becomes a realistically attainable goal .... It sounds fantastic, hut manufactured shortages and the accompanied build up of communist tyrannies are preparing the way for one-worlders to control everyone and everything. Voters would do better to insure a shortage of those who advocate such treachery Gary Culver roo Thirty-fifth street Marion Leadership To the Editor; The President has spoken “Whip Inflation Now," "Be a bargain hunter." “Save energy,” “WIN." He holds down the pay raises but gives billions to Turkey, Israel, and Egypt and Arab and European countries? Why not take van* of our problems here at home first, and quit giving money and wheat away? It s our tax money he is playing with "Be a bargain hunter ” The government should never talk about such things Readers Digest, the Enquirer and several newspapers have often stated the government has paid as much as 1500 percent over cost for many articles, and some are sitting in warehouses getting dusty while the government continues to buy more. “Save energy." He did not stop night football, baseball, outdoor hockey, skating. golf, softball and gas-guzzling auto races These events take a lot of gas. oil and coal . . One event uses more than the average householder uses in a year and there are thousands of such events. Also the President did not stop himself, cabinet members and congressmen from using gas-guzzling planes, flying around the world and our United States un pleasure junkets Ile* wants us to drive less, but every executive til the federal, state and local government has a government-owned car furnished arid they use it for pleasure too. He wants us to walk I say let the government — city, state and federal __ lead the* way and the* people will then follow Bargain hunting arui saving energy are good ideas but they must Im* practiced by all But "Whip Inflation Now” is a tough problem and cannot be* accomplished overnight. We all must work together and that means government tm> — not just the public* Vernon Mrstik 2729 Southland Street SW Too Rushed To the Editor On Oct. 14, Anamosa police caught a person in the aet of maliciously destroy ing a late model car. He was charged and pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of tampering with a motor vehicle. He was fined $20 and released within 30 minutes. This brand of speedy criminal justice was so fast that the arresting officer didn’t even have a chance to prepare a case and file the right charge. We know the right to a speedy trial is important, but should it he so fast that the facts |x*rt»iining to the case can not even be brought to light? This didn’t even get to the plea-bargaming stage. Is $820 89 worth of damage actually tampering with a motor vehicle or should it Im* called malicious injury to a motor vehicle? A person with this temperament, capable of causing this kind of violent destruction, is certainly capable of venting his frustrations in some other more serious way Wouldn’t the quality of justice in this (ase have been more important than the speed with which the whole thing was incompetently done away with? Lloyd Peterson Anamosa Child abuse To the Editor. Child abuse seems to be very publicly noted today. Social problems, family pressures, personal crises — you name it and we have it. All areas and kinds of people are involved. Abuse is capable of happening among the rich, middle-income and poor, regardless of profession, in any part of town. Usually a person feels trapped with no way out hut anger and frustration And usually any little crisis helps spark the fire Children get it going and are involved We’ve got to learn control How can we control something which is really not known to ourselves? Abuse is not premeditated Every one of us is capable May Im* help has finally arrived. In the Cedar Rapids area a new program against abuse has started It includes crisis intervention and on going help through weekly meetings. Parents Anonymous is a nonauthoritative organization with which a parent with a problem can become involved anonymously without fear of judgment, social hostility, reprisal, rejection, legal or punitive measures It serves parents with all types of abuse problems — physical abuse, physical neglect, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, emotional neglect They are aided in rechanneling their destructive attitude's and actions into constructive and loving behavior, with feelings of “I am a person. a person with a goal, a life." Help has arrived Spread the word; Parents Anonymous is in town, arid ifs working The numbers to call fdr further information are 388 5828 or 388-7037 Wendy Ainesworth 3414 Dunham drive SWCheck Sears Low Priceon Tyco 9-1 nit Diesel Train SetPuts Young Engineers on the Right Track Sear*- Low Price A workhorse rig that even Casey Jones would he proud of! 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