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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 23, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa ■ -* #fWWWMBW" Th** Cedar Rapids Gazette: Wed. Ort. 23. 1^71    5^ Bl Engineer's Family Enjoys Homemade Auto Finishing Touches mm UPI Telephoto Putting the finishing touches on his model of the Fisher Body Cooch, )ohn Dryer of Detroit prepares it for display in a senior citizen s art show in Detroit. Dryer, 55, who makes wooden models for Chrysler Engineering, said making the coach has been a lifetime dream. He said he's spent more than 1,500 hours on the project. Al,HI QI FUQI K N NI (AH) — Dick Bassett says he took a basket of surplus military electrical parts and a junk auto body and turned them into a little electric ear that hums along al 4(1 miles an hour for up to 5(1 miles “My wife and daughters drive it continuously,” he said ‘ It s an awful lot cheaper than a nasoline-driven ear “The idea of an electric car isn I anything new, but putting line together and driving it around town sure is “ said Bassett, 4H, an engineer at Sandia Laboratories < urrcnt Brice Bassett said the car costs a little over half a-penny per mile to operate, based on the current price of electricity, He said he has about $1 (IOO invested in the car Nearly three-fourths of the cost is in the IO lead-acid storage batteries, five each in what had been the car's engine and trunk spaces ‘ll s a weird feeling, sitting at a stoplight in the ear When the    accelerator    isnt depressed, there s no sound. No power is consumed You always wonder if you're really .'01 ok to move when you hit the pedal,” Bassett said “My wife has a problem with it while shopping People in parking lots constantly walk in front of the ear, because they can t hear it coming “We also have trouble1 getting service at drive-in bank windows, because tellers depend on an intercom to alert them that a customer is com mg We usually wind up blowing the* horn I he idea of the car he1 said had been in the mind a long time back of his Light and Kim I really decided to do something about it when the energy crisis came The car body had to tie light and boxy, so I bought a 1983, four door foreign compact sedan I began by stripping everything out of the car — motor, radiator heater hoses, the works It weighed about 1.505 pounds to begin with I stripped about 'MMI pounds off of it. Bassett said He acquired a surplus aircraft generator from a California firm — a 28-volt, 300-amp generator that weighed about HO pounds and delivers about 3(5 mechanical horsepower Bassett discarded the car’s clutch assembly and bolted the generator directly to a four speed transmission he rebuilt First (.ear I rigged a flexible coupling, but I was counting on the synchronies!! in the transmis sion to let me shift gears without a clutch It worked out real fine. but we never use first gear It’s such a high gear ratio. it inst spins the wheels or tends to lift the front end of the car.” Controlling the speed proved another problem “That was solved by rigging the accelerator pedal to sequenced micro switches which are used to operate surplus, 400-amp    28-volt relays,” he said “That gives the car three electrical speeds in each gear The pickup is fantastic.” Killian^ . . . for that friendly service 63rd Anniversary Sale Savings . . . Save 26.00 Men’s Suits of 100% Polyester 79.00 REGULARLY 105 00 Savings too fantastic to ignore! Men’s single breasted suits have center vent styling. 100% polyester for wrinkle free comfort. Choice of green, brown or blue. 38-42 short, 37-46 regular, 42-46 long. Downtown Street Moor Only Long sleeve dress shirts at a savings . . . now that’s a bargain! Our own Atkinson Brand of shirts come in a large selection of patterns and solid colors. Fully cut for a comfortable fit. Dacron cotton for easy care. 14Va-1 7. Cedar Rapids Aul* Rat, Downtown Stroot floor and Lindale Plaia Iowa City Moll Shopping Conter on Sis ot Sycamore ;

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