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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 23, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Why Rap Press for Truth en Watergate? The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Wed., Oct. 23. IMI ha IG Boh Considine NKW YOUK, October 17 — The woman on my right at dinner seemed quite normal She used knife, fork and spoon and extended a delicate pinky whenever sin* sipped her tea But then she said, “lf the Democrats had broken into Republican headquarters, the newspapers and TY would have laughed it off and we would never have heard of it again." She meant it A tycoon of considerable eminence, holder of many honorary degrees from institutions of learning, said to me. “You fellows in the media have destroyed the reputations of some of the finest and most honest men I ve ever met. They couldn't have done those things you accuse them of Lies, lies, all lies” fie meant it “More Concerned ' Publisher-Ambassador Walter Annenberg. at a farewell luncheon for American newsmen in London, said of the Watergate tragedy. “Sections of the press were more concerned with a display of power rather than resnonsibility” He meant it Their thoughts and words are echoed here and there in the country, and that s constitutionally correct But it al-w ays comes as a jolt when persons of discernment absolve the Watergate conspirators and blame the last free press on earth for letting the people in on their connivings It is as if these diehards would prefer to have had the malignancy in the White House go untreated The press did not order the plumbers to burgle Larry O’Brien's offices or Dr Lewis Fielding’s files. It did not w ire the Oval Room for sound. It did not put the arm on big business to shovel fortunes into CREEP (the Committee to Re-Elect the President). It paid for none of the dirty tricks, engineered, none of the "horrors." didn’t feed a single shredding machine, taint even one FBI or CIA man or bug a soul Told the Truth But. as it must, if it is to surv ive as a valid link between government and people, it told the truth about the most callous and cynical conspiracy in American political history Nothing is gained, it seems to me, by recalling real or imagined malpractices by past Democratic Presidents and their administrations. Watergate pales every scandal in American history by a hundredfold a President forced to resign (after his first vice-president copped a plea and departed), three of his former cabinet members indicted — one now on trial — his two closest aides on trial, his bag man and attorney in prison, other former aides in or out of jail turning witnesses for the government, and a widespread epidemic of disillusionment in the integrity of the government To blame the media for all this (and more to come) is like blaming it for covering World war ll •    *    * Nelson Rockefeller may not win the nod as vice-president but he ll go down in history nevertheless He ll always Im* remembered as the man who made money unpopular *    *    * The obituaries on Ed Sullivan neglected a point in his favor, while stressing his renowned clumsiness on his television show, Ed made it worthwhile for a performer to Im* on his show He paid them in an era when other M < s gave them peanuts or nothing at all Intil Fd came along and demanded of his employers that they pay a performer his worth, it was the practice of M (Vs who had a newspaper column to pay off the performer with a plug In one memorable case in the days of prime time radio, the conductor of the show would rap any film star who failed to ap|M*ar — for free — on her dismal charade. Ed paid and became the biggest fellow in the field Never Recovered Ile was a good-hearted guy who never really recovered IOO e* > ' r Citizen Bums Rapids System ♦phone 3W-8244 i Ten (SEATS) ir Rapids .’WK .‘WOT) here #00-332-5934 It ,r»»« ihe death of his beloved Sylv la Ile seemed to have some sixth sense to detect oldtimers iii show business who were down oil their luck and needed the lift of spotlights and cash Thus his name was revered around the Lambs ( hit) and the friars ( elebrities considered it a great honor to be in troduced from their seats in the audience One night at the Landis bar an old stand up comedian from Boer war days announced. “I ve got some great news for you fellows I’m going to tie on th«* Sullivan show Sunday night ’’ “You mean he's going to in traduce von from the audience'" another old guy asked “No. I’m in the show Itself the veteran said “I’m not famous enough to sit in the audience ’’ * * * It’s not quite true that they’ve changed Ihe name of the Tidal Basin in Washington to the Old Mills Stream We Bob Considine Arizona Court Says Men Need Not Fear Rape won t know until Flection day down in Arkansas PHOENIX (I PI) - The Arizona supreme court has ruled that “for obvious reasons" men do not have to be afraid of being raped by women The court rejected an appeal by Mark Kelly, who was sentenced to IO to IS years in prison for raping a Tucson woman in her home Kelly argued that Arizona’s rape law violates hts constitutional rights on grounds of sex discrimination, because rape charges can be brought only against a man, not a woman The court ruled that there is nothing in the Constitution to “deny a state the power to treat different classes of persons in different ways, as long as the classification is reasonable " Women need to be protected from male rapists, the ruling said, "however, for obvious physiological and sociological reasons, we perceive no need by males for protection against females from rape ’ Want Ad office open 8 5 daily. 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