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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 18, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 1tht (ttfchirBreak Ground .lf. Brenton, vice-president and treasurer of Brenton Banks. Inc., spoke at ground-breaking ceremonies Thursday afternoon which launched construction of a four-story $2 million Brenton Bank and Trust Co. building at the corner of First avenue and Second street SF Behind him is Donald Nebergall, president of the Cedar Rapids bank Below. Mayor Donald t annoy digs in with a back-hot* as other dignitaries look on Man, That’s Really Livin’ With the temperature nudging 70 and the warm sun high in the sky. Henry Jackson of Cedar Rapids took his three-month-old cock-a-poo, “Fluffy,” fishing Thursday afternoon on the east bank of the Cedar. When a man and his dog and his fishpole can go down by the river on a pleasant afternoon, toss out a line and relax in the sun, who cares if the fish are biting? Gazette Photos t>v John Mc Ivor Depends on Who You Ask as to Whose Fault Everything Is By Art Buchu ald WASHINGTON — I listened to the economic summit for two days and it was a great inspiration to see so many learned men from all walks of lift* tell us why the country is in such a mess Although there was some disagreement this is what we now know for sure The Republicans are responsible for inflation because of their tight money policies. high interest rate and giving in to big business at every turn. The Democrats are responsible for inflation becase of their large welfare programs, reckless government spending and catering to the interests of labor In order to cure the upward spiral of prices, we have to make more money addable for business investment. We must make bank loans more difficult for business investment Arthur Burns of the Federal Reserve Board is responsible for the recession we are in. George Meany is responsible for the recession we’re in There is no recession We cannot solve our economic problems until we bring down the cost of fuel, particularly oil and natural gas Raise the Price The only way we can get more fuel is to raise the price of oil and gas to encourage the oil companies We must stop selling agricultural products abroad so we can bring down the price of food at home We must increase our food exports so we can have a more favorable balance of payments Labor has to show more responsibility when asking for wage increases. Penalized BUCHWALD Inlier is being penalized for the mistakes of manage ment ter ter We must have wage and price controls to ward of! disas-Introduction of wage and price controls would Im* a disas- The people who are suffering the most from inflation arc the p*H>r. the sick and the old The people who are suffering the most from inflation are the brokers We cannot lick inflation overnight Inflation must Im* licked overnight Summit conferences are the Inst way to resolve differences in economic philosophies (ailing buck Nixon's economists to tell us how we can win the battle against inflation is like asking tho Italian general staff how to win World war ll (CoOVf»9S» W* LO* Ang«l«» Time*) ,.yV' ,vl ..> Ga retie Photo bv John Mc Ivor UPI Telephoto Cynical Bella Rep. Bella Abzug (D-N.Y.) wore a cynical expression as she sat in the audience and listened tit President Ford explain to the house judiciary subcommittee on criminal justice Thursday why he pardoned former President Richard Nixon She is one of the two members of congress who introduced resolutions of inquiry last month regarding the pardon. UPI Telephoto Ford Faces the House Judiciary Committee President Ford faced the house judiciary subcommittee on criminal justice Thurs-    < im alif ); Robert W. Kaxtcmcier (D-Wis );    William Hungate    (D*Mo    ),    subcommittee day to explain why he pardoned former President Richard M Nixon At the committee    chairman; Henry P Smith 111 (RN Y ).    David Dennis (Rind);    Wiley    May ne (R Iowa), table, from left. Reps. Harold Donohue (1) Mass ). Peter Kodmo (D-N I ). chairman ol    ancj Laurence Hogan (K-Md ) the full committee; Klizabeth lloltzman (D-N Y.); James Mann (DST ». Don Fdward ;

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