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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 15, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa mm mmmmmm ti <0V **.' 30 The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Toes., Ort IS, 1174 Women’s Issues Prevalent At Women s Caucus Meeting By Pam Jagerson The Linn County Women’s Political Caucus sponsored a candidates night Monday at Farmers State bank in Marion. Seven of the eight nominees for Linn county offices attended (Donald Gardner. Republican hopeful for Linn county supervisor, was in Ames for Iowa highway commission and department of transportation meetings I Candidates attending were Richard Raymon (R) and Eugene Kopecky (I'M. candidates for county attorney; Sister Genevieve Birchard (R) and James M Hennessey (D). candidates for county treasurer; Martha Stanlev (Hi and Pat Kane (DL candidates for county recorder, and Stan Ginsberg (O' candidate for county supervisor. Outline Goals During a two-minute introduction, the sex en gave brief summaries of their backgrounds and outlined their political goals \ question and anwer period followed Most of the audience’s questions and a good deal of the candidates opening remarks concerned women's issues such as lob discrimination. rape reform and alleged police attitudes toward physical assault Sister Birchard, who called herself “the woman running for Linn county treasurer". said. “I was born the year women got the right to vote and I recall my grandmother debating the pros and cons of that right before she cast her vote in every election That right is no longer an issue, but the proper use of it puts resposibilty on us Her opponent. Hennessey, when challenged about the fact that he has four male deputies and one female deputy commented that “authority in that department is more respected coming from a man " He added, however, that of the 55 individuals under his supervision 50 are women. Mrs Sandy. Republican candidate for recorder, commented that she would like “a happy office’’ and expected to achieve that with a political bipartisanship and an equitable ratio of men and women on the staff Accused of Dragging Feet Her opponent, incumbent Kane, who was accused of dragging his feet on the Affirmative Action program, pointed out that he has an all-woman staff He explained he was not initially in favor of the program because it did not include provisions for discrimination against the elderly and the handicapped Raymon. who said he ’’was so impressed with working with women that he’d like to see a woman in the county attorney ’s office.’’ expressed the opinion that too often the police will not intervene in a case involving physical assault without a weapon "I think it is ridiculous for police not to answer a call from an assaulted woman If it ever happens to me. I intend to investigate and see why the call was not answered " On the same issue. Kopecky admitted that he “really didn’t know the answer to this police problem’’ but he did pledge strict inxes ligation of rapt' cases and enforcement of rape reform. In his opening statement Kopecky said that his goal was "to eliminate crime." Although he didn’t think this was totally possible he concluded that he would earnestly try. The Democratic candidate for county supervisor. Ginsberg who said that 7 of the ll members of his campaign staff were women. told the audience that one of the responsibilities of the office for which he is running is to make every effort to see that qualified women fill vacancies. “Sex is no reason to discriminate.” he stated About 30 people, mostly women, attended Monday s meeting. Fashion Revolution UPI Wirephoto Miss Hutchison To Continue Work MIAMI (IPI) - Barbara Hutchison, one of seven hostages held by leftist guerillas in Santo Domingo for 13 days. is on vacation in Florida where she will spend a week -sunning, shopping and “running around doing nothing." » Trim and relaxed, the 47-year-old embassy office! plans to spend a week with her sister. Mrs Roger Fulling, who lives near Palm Beach She said she wants to continue her work in the Dominican Republic and does not want protection from bodyguards The hostages — originally held for $1 million ransom — were released unharmed last Wednesday by seven gunmen in return for safe passage to Panama Hopkins Clinic Rarely Uses Radical Mastectomy Form BALTIMORE, Md. (AP) — The traditional treatment for breast cancer, a radical breast amputation, is rarely used now at the Johns Hopkins hospital clinic where it originated The radical mastectomy, developed by Dr William Mal-sted at Johns Hopkins in 1891. has been replaced for the most part by less extensive surgery, according to Dr Edward F Lewison Lewison stepped down in 1971 after directing the Hopkins breast clinic here for 25 years In a paper prepared for presentation next week to the lith International Cancer Congress in Florence. Italy. Lew* ison says the trend in American medicine is away from the radical mastectomy. The surgery involves removal of the breast, auxiliary lymph nodes and some chest muscles. It was performed on President Ford's wife. Betty. Sept. 28 lewison said the simpler breast cancer surgery also in volves removal of the breast, but it does not disturb nearbv muscles, is less disfiguring and does not leave the patient s arm in pain and swollen The current head of the Hopkins clinic. Dr R Robinson Baker, agrees that the radical mastectomy no longer merits widespread use A fashion revolution, “The Big Droop”, has over turned the reign of trousers and seized control on the chilly autumn streets of Paris. The woman at left wears a billowing cape while the gal on the right displays a full mid-calf-length skirt with matching jacket and high-heeled boots. Society for Women Features MARY JAGERSON HONORED \T SHOWER Fifteen guests were present at a linen shower given Sunday afternoon at I bi honor Miss Mary I. Jagerson. Oct 28 bride-elect of James R Kopish The shower was given bv Miss Becky Blackwell. 828 Second street SM . and co host-esses were Mrs. Richard Foster and Pain and Birky Jagerson Miss Jagerson is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Otto V Blackwell of the Second street address and her fiance is the son of Mr and Mrs Joe Kopish. 339 Twenty-sixth avenue S\V ON THIS DATE in 1984 C omposer Cole Porter died in Santa Monica. Calif . at the age of 72 Shock of Having Quints Is Sinking In: Mrs. Rohrer BALTIMORE (UPI) - Now that her quintuplets are a week old. Mrs. Karen Rohrer savs the shock of having five children at once is “kind of sinking in.” She says she can’t wait to get home and start caring for them herself. Mrs Rohrer. 28. smiling but nervous, held tightly to her husband’s hand Monday as she met newsmen in her first public appearance since the multiple birth. Oct. 8 She said doctors told her she may be released from the hospital Tuesday to return home to Catonsv ille. Md Mrs. Rohrer. who took fertility drugs eight weeks before conception, said doctors who administered t ie drug had told her she could expect twins but she eventually realized there might be more “In the beginning it felt like two." she said. “but later on when they all started kicking at once. there were too many places where I could feel it " Asked about her reaction to the birth of four girls and a boy, Mrs Rohrer replied “I think it s kind of sinking in now I can’t wait to get them home and begin feeding them and caring for them myself and holding them " Doctors said Monday the quints were progressing satisfactorily Dr Ronald Gut-berlet. director of the hospital’s nurseries. said the boy. Russell, was taken off intravenous feeding Monday and Sandra and Jennifer might bi* taken off Tuesday. “The intravenous feeding of sugared water is to make sure the babies get enough water in their bodies. and Russell is now taking enough formula by mouth to meet his water need.” Gut ber let said If the babies keep up their progress, he said. “it may bt* only another couple of weeks before they can go home. But I can’t really predict for each individual baby.” The 33-year-old father. Charles, said he had been too busy since the birth to work his night shift as a supermarket bakery mechanic and ht* would wait until his wife’s return home before he goes back to his job Rohrer said he has received a number of offers of help Bridge The Shufflers Winners of the rubber game played Monday morning at Noelridge Park Christian church were: North-south — Linda Touro and Glatha McCallum. first, and Helen Kueter and Fran Klsea. sec-ond; east-west — Karen I-angenfeld and Mary Ann Boardman, first, and Alice Koenig and Grace Kyman. second Over-all winners were Mrs Touro ann Mrs Met a1* him The next game is scheduled at 9 a iii at the church. Want Ad office open 8-5 daily. Until noon Sat love is . . . knou ing port front starboard u hen he takes you sailing. jiff; PORCO**! kip    pop™*. JmA Bv Abigail Yan Buren DEAR ABBY; I ve been dating this real neat guy who keeps telling me that I don’t have to worry about his getting me pregnant because he was injured while playing football Should I believe him? NANCY DEAR NANCY. No It sounds to me like he's trying to complete a pass. ★ * * DEAR ABBY Concerning the man who was married 25 years and wanted his wife to give him one weekend off from his marriage every month How I wish I were married to him That s exactly what I want I suggested it to my husband once and he hit the ceiling. Everyone but a wife gets a vacation I mean a chance to really get away from the same old routine. Why does marriage have to In* a prison’’ I wish I were younger I'm 5H — too old to start over, or to go it alone Besides. I have no special training, so I guess I II just have to go on as I have even though my husband and I have little in common except our children So in order to bt* supported and keep the high regard of our children (now married) I II continue to allow my husband the intimacies I no longer en joy I honestly think that with all the changes taking place today women will eventually get a break and have the sexual freedom men have. Its too late for me. but not for my daughters. You can’t help me. Abby Nobody can But it would be interesting to know if I’m all alone in my outlook Or are there other women who feel this way0 BORN TOO SOON DEAR BORN. I’m sure you re nut alone. I bear from thousands of women your age who feel trapped in dull, tired marriages, but they ask how to improve those marriages. You didn t ask. so Ell not offer any advice. I ran tell you. though, that the answer is not in the “sexual freedom" vou wish you had. 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