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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 15, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa .«««**■ • u WtmmemC;hf (tfchir l\n pieta dturBt A Different Approach This University of Miami student from Turkey, who would only    Beach over the weekend. The student admitted the stunt was an effort identify himself as Bob, had a friend bury him in the sands of Miami    to help him meet some of the bikini-clad Kiris in the background. William Simon. U.S. treasury secretary, laughs as he discovers his scissors won't cut the ribbon at the official opening Monday in Moscow of the U.S.-USSR Economic and Trade Council office. At left is Nikolai Patolichev. Soviet foreign trade minister Fifties Day Peggy Prince, route I, Cedar Rapids, and Cindi Frieden, Fairfax, were clothed in the styles of the Fifties Monday at Prairie high school during “Fifties day.” The day was declared in an effort to promote school spirit for the homecoming Friday. Th« band which will play for the homecoming dance is known for its Fifties music, thus a day honoring the Fifties was declared. Gazette Photo bv Duane CrocV Swingin Teacher It takes more than cool autumn weather to deter Jean Bornstein from swinging with her kindergarten pupils during an activity period at Fast Kawkawlin school at Ba.v City, Mich. UPI Telephoto •AP Wirephoto Death Plunge David Cartwright. 26. apparently struggled to open his parachute seconds before he died in an exhibition at Phoenix. Cartwright and nine other members of a skydiving team jumped from 10,500 feet. The others landed safely. Using a telephoto lens, Phoenix Gazette photographer Ed Gray photographed Cartwright’s plunge and unsuccessful efforts to open the main chute, then the reserve. Try Reversing Things To Get Children to Eat Well-Balanced Meals AP Wirephoto by Erma Bam be ck A grade school principal in the East recently became so upset about the lack of nutrition in the lunches the children were eating that he declared an edict banning junk food from the cafeteria. I have a feeling the kids jammed the edict between two potato chips and two squares of Hershey chocolate and had it for lunch. There is certainly no quarrel with the theory. Children should eat nutritionally balanced meals. But children do not take to ultimatums I’m no authority, mind you. but I would have tried the old “Accentuate-The-Negative-Reverse-The-Positive-And-Ma ke -The-Kid-Think-Your-Idea-Is-His-And-He s-I)riving-You-Crazy” approach. Instead of an edict, the bulletin would have read something like this: Memo to: School Children Re: Nutritional Lunches Illegal Carrot    *0M"C‘ I Carrots are illegal on schmil premises. Children bringing them from home will need a note from a parent giving permission to have them, or they will lie confiscated by the office and held until dismissal time 2. Locker inspection for thermoses containing hot vegetable soup or other nutritious dishes will be held periodically without warning At that time, students are instructed to go to their lockers and stand at attention Do not unlock lockers until a teacher instructs you to do so. Thermoses will bo destroyed by the custodian Fresh Fruit I Because of student demand, we are selling fruit by the door in the cafeteria. This is on a trial basis. If we find this is all students are having for lunch, it will In* discontinued Remember, fruit contains sugar arid Bill Tooth is watching you To avoid congestion at fruit counter, please have correct change. 4 Teachers have reported to the office that raisin boxes and milk cartons have been found on the schisd grounds We know there are students who have been sneaking nutritious foods on the premises and for this reason patrol students have been posted and are instructed to “take names.” 5 Your principal will be patrolling the lunchroom where he wants to see potato chips, candy bars, tortilla chips, soft drinks and ice creJni. Remember, junk foods build soft bones, soft teeth, and make you sleep a lot Trust me. It’ll work (Copyright W/4, Lo* Angel** Tim**) AP Wirephoto Won’t Cut I I ;

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