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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 11, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Odar Rapids Gazette: Fri., Oct. II, 11174 What You Were Afraid To Know About Inflation Program AP Wirephoto Catwalk During the season of the pumpkins a daring field cat can have the time of his life, walking from one pumpkin to another. Maybe he's got nine lives and doesn t mind taking the chance, or maybe he’s just out for a catwalk. The photo was taken near Cincinnati, Ohio. Shifts Belie Depression By I^ rev Pope UPI Business Writer NEW YORK (UPI) - If moving people around is any indication, it appears many companies are not buying the cloudy picture of a coming depression being spread by some economists. It costs the average company lots of money to move an executive, a technical employe or even a skilled craftsman these days and it’s a fair assumption companies won't spend such money if they think business is going to the dogs. Professional relocation companies and home buying agencies are finding corporations in general are making executive and employe transfers this year at about the same high rate as in 1973. Of course, some transfers MARMADUKE are economy measures A branch office or a plant is closed bec ause of slow business and some of the more valuable employes have to Ik* absorbed by the company’s other operations. But it would appear only about 5 percent of the employes being moved this year are being transferred for that reason. Most transfers are the result of expansion or restructuring moves to lake advantage of higher business volume, according to the Ticor Relocation Management Co., which has offices in New York and on the West Coast Dun & Bradstreet has completed for Ticor a second annual survey of corporate transfer trends. About 750 companies were queried and a somewhat surprising Hfifi or 89 percent answered. Eighty-three percent said they had By Anderson A Looming "You must realize that ifs crammed full of more nutrients than the food on our table!" OPEN OUSE FOR DO-IT-YOURSELFERS Marengo, la. TMS Sat. t San. Only October 12th 113th 1-5:00 p.m. DIREC TIONS TO OPEN HOUSE from Morongo go 7 milos wool on Hwy. 212—Ikon North 3/10 mHo. 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Pit* ti se rush me a catalog of homes ”• SEND FOR FREE IDEA BOOK _ state. Zip MILES HOMES±£ M IU ll Kl la in HI CHH lllili. IHI HW 365-9769 By Dick West WASHINGTON (UPI) -More of everything you were afraid to knew about President Ford’s new economic program Q. What exactly In a surtax and why did Ford propose it instead of increasing present tax rates? A. A surtax, also known as a stack tax, is a tax that is stacked on top of another tax Ford proposed it because stacking taxes consumes less energy than raising them And it is politically safer If a congressman voted to raise taxes outright, hi* might lose the elect ion But if he votes for a surtax, he only gets penalized for piling on. Q. How did the surtax get its name? A. This type of levy was first proposed by Millard Fillmore. It caused taxpayers to exclaim “(lad, Sir!” and therefore was called the gadsir tax, Later, it became known simply as the sir tax, or, in the South, the suh tax. From which came surtax Q. Why does Ford insist on putting economic proposals and energy conservation measures in the same package? A The two are interchangeable. If the economic proposals fail to halt inflation, Ford can claim they were designed to save fuel. And if fuel shortages develop, he can claim his energy conservation program was an anti-inflation device. Q. Is there any other connection between inflation and energy? A Yes, indeed. Roughly 40 percent of our energy production is used to maintain present high levels of inflation. If inflation didn’t take so much energy, we wouldn’t have to pay so much for fuel Q. The President said Americans could save 390,000 barrels of oil a day by “car pooling, taking the bus, riding bikes or just plain walking.” What is ‘“walking?” Dick Watt A The President was referring to a transportation ((incept, still largely in the experimental stage, that involves moving people about on their own feet Tests show this is technologically possible. But like solar energy, it has not been proven commercially feasible. Feet still have many bugs that must be eliminated before they will be suitable for mass transportation The chief drawback is their limits range, which presently is even less than electric cars The average pair of feet will only go three or four blocks between rest stops. Additionally, most sidewalks Were not built for large scale pedestrian traffic <|. How docs the Community Improvement Corps proposed by Ford differ from the WF A projects of the 1930s** A Under the new program, when 8 percent of the workers are unemployed they will be given CH’ jobs Under the old program, 94 percent who had WPA jobs only worked 6 percent of the time. Says U. S. Grant’s Cancer Was Treated with Brandy, Coe transferred at least as many employes this year as last One of Ticor’s competitors, Fxecutrans, Inc., of Greenwich, Conn , said its experience this year has followed the trends noted iii the Dun & Bradstreet survey. ‘‘Transfers are dropping seasonally right now,” the Fxecutrans spokesman said, ‘ but no more than at this time last year. For the months when transfers are normally most brisk, the number this year has been almost exactly equal to last year’s.” Ile also said this appeared to indicate most companies don’t expect a real depression. The Dun & Bradstreet survey showed most transfers have been made this year by retail and wholesale merchandising companies, industrial machinery manufacturers, public utility firms and chemical companies — the fewest by mining companies and the rubber industry. However, inflation and tight money have created problems for business in moving people. “It’s tough to sell homes,” said Ticor’s chairman Weston Edwards, “because of the tight mortgage situation. Some companies have to take over a valued employe's home, pay him for it and gamble on selling it later on.” On the other hand, the study showed transferred executives and other workers have had surprisingly good luck buying or renting homes this year in their new locations. Only 15 percent of the transferred persons had difficulty in finding a place to live at the new job site. KM/nqvi* For the Finest in Paints DALLAS (UPI) - Ulysses S. Grunt, the only President to die of cancer, was able fo complete his memoirs before his death through his physician’s use of brandy injections, strong sprays of hot water and cocaine swabbings of his throat, a family descendant said. Leaves Finger In Theft Try PIACENZA, Italy (UPI) -The thief who tried to break into Carlo Franzini’s apartment left more than his fingerprints behind — he left part of a finger. Police said the bandit tried to force the French doors of the dining room while Mrs. Fran-zini was in the kitchen. A plate of glass shattered, severing his right index finger at the first digit, and he ran off leaving it on the window sill. Dr. John Bickmore, Dayton, Ohio, a descendent of Grant’s maternal grandfather, told the annual convention of the?-American Academy of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology that treatment of Grant’s illness was recorded by his physician, Dr. John Douglas. Douglas said that he treated Grant’s throat cancer partially through constant cocaine swabbing. Throat examination was done by strong reflected sunlight on mirrors. The brandy injections, reported as surprisingly effective, were used by Douglas because of a cardiac crisis. Hemorrhaging from the ulcerous throat and tongue were met with a strong spray of hot water ‘‘thrown with force into his throat." As the cancer grew, Grant could not lie down because he THIRD AVENUE AT FIRST STREET S E. DOWNTOWN CEDAR RAP1D8 Open Saturday 9 to 5 Check These Inflation-Fighting Values on Work Saving Appliances Sunbeam MCMASTER MIXER OO *37 America * mo*! popular name in miner*. Mix-fmder dial with I 2 speed*, automatic bowl *peed control, tilt-away motor and mony other hoe feature*. Model MI 5 10-Speed Blender SOO Reg. $29.95 M Mb 10-speed model with cycle blend action that enables you to easily process foods to desired size for entrees, sauces, salads, etc. Sunbeam Steam or Dry IRON SO97 The Sunbeam iron glides on a cushion of steam for easier ironing; is hot in 20 seconds, steams in I Vi minutes. It irons ult fabrics safer, smoother, foster. PRESTO" Jumbo Easy-Clean 15” FRY PAN *24*' New Bord Surface me ans no-stic! cooking, no-scour cleanup. The Control Master maintains uniform heat automatically. Fry pan con be washed completely under water. Cook for a crowd with this high dome adjustable tilt cover 15' fry pon. might have choked To inhibit coughing, he didn’t speak. With the onset of insomnia, Dr. Douglas treated his patient with codeine, morphine, sodium bromide and chloral The last months 01 brants life were filled in a mental frenzy to finish his memoirs. He finally did, and before he died in July, 1885, Grant wrote, “I wanted so many days to work on my book, so the authorship would dearly be mine. It was graciously granted to me.” Dr. Bickmore said Dr. Douglas was firmly convinced Grant’s heavy cigar smoking was a prime factor in causing his cancer “Did you hear wha! happened when Old IVIr. Boston got kissed by a little vermouth?” He turned into the perfect martini. Old Mr. Boston Deluxe Dry Gin and dry vermouth were made for each other. Try this great tasting gin and see what you can stir up. 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