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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 11, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazette: FrL. Ort. II. 1974    5blo Rubber Stamp’ Regents Claim Policy Independence Bv John R Munson IOWA (’ITV (IDPA)-When the loua legislature convenes in January, ii will face a two-\eai state hoard of regents funding request that may reflect greater professional staff scrutiny than at any time in history But tx ta rd members and staff are quick to assert that increased budget analysis, by the central board office in Des Moines, has not compromised the regents own policy making role — or the independence of the five regents institutions "There s no rubber stamp of my recommendations.” insists Regents Executive Secretary* R Way ne Richey "And there’s no danger of my becoming and kind of education czar.” he adds An articulate, soft-spoken man. Richey was hired in I9B7 as a specialist in educational financial planning Since then. Richey and his small staff have come to play a growing part in Iowa higher education budgeting, university administrators agree Important Role ‘There s no doubt that the board office plays a very important role in helping the regents make decisions.” said I’niversity of Iowa Vice-president Klwin Jolliffe ‘‘Prior to the time Richey came on. the board office was much less active in budgeting.” Jollifee. I’. of I vice-pres ident for business and finance since 1958. attributed the trend to the ‘‘increased complexity” of the institutions. increased budget size and “the role the regents now expect of the board office." A former regents president agreed “W’hen we hired Richey , we wanted an objective, knowledgeable person to ;iss«*ss institutional requests and provide information on which the hoard could act.” said Stanley Redecker, Boone Redecker served on the Ixia rd from 1981 -73 and was president for the last eight of those years No Personnel "We felt a person with a background in budgeting would be less likely to involve himself in broad educational policy, which is the province of the board,” he added Before Richey arrived, Redecker said, the board office "didn’t have the personnel to make objective analyses of institutional budget requests ” Once, during the I9«0s the regents passed institutional requests on to the legislature unchanged, and at other times made reductions “on a proportional basis," he noted “This was probably a ques turnable way to do it,” Re decker acknowledged Richey came to Iowa after ten years as a Kansas government budget analyst, concentrating on financial planning for that state’s six institutions of higher education “In effect, he sat across the Johnson Gains; Not Enough IOWA CITY —• Iowa City's population is 47.843 and Johnson county’s is 74.HHH and city and county officials are unhappy about it The population of Iowa City needed to reach the 50.-000 level for the city to he eligible for considerable federal funding increases Johnson county needed to reach 75.IKM! for ii to enjoy the same federal funding increases Figures released Thursday are the result of a special census called in hopes that the two governmental jurisdictions could meet qualifications for a standard metropolitan statistical area. The executive director of the Johnson county regional planning commission, Robert Hilgenburg. said the nearly $37,001) spent on the special census will still have some benefit. The census reveals an increase of 2.758 over 1070 census figures for the county, which will mean an increase in state funds at the rate of $200 per year for each additional resident table from where he sits now.” Redecker commented Regents’ budgeting for 1975-77 biennium began more than ten months ago, with prepara lion of departmental budgets within each institution Departments used current operating budgets as a “base.” adding needed increases This step was followed by lengthy deliberations within each institution, negotiation among central admin istra Dons of the various inst itll turns and extensive give-and-take between the institutions and the central board office In July, detailed prelim! nary institutional budgets were submitted to th** board, and late last month the board passed its final budget pro l>osul and appropriations re quests, after two days of board debate Regents' President Mary Louise Petersen. Harlan, ac knowledged the board office "now generates more information and makes more inquiries" than in past years Purely Advisory “We re forced into it by the kind of legislative questions that are asked of us,” she said Regent John Baldridge, Chariton, agreed, asserting that the “board office role is purely advisory, and will continue to be so ” Baldridge added he does not feel the institutions have lost their independence as the budgeting process has grown more (simplex "I feel we have a unique situation in Iowa, with three university presidents and two special school principals redly board “It we’re states responsible to di tto* works beautifully, and the envy of other Reduction of Party Line Subscribers Is Proposed rn rn •av: JVA" v.v. ■x-x-ftXtfXtfX*##: ;.xmx'x*x«x® Sewer Bid Accepted DES MOINES (AP)— The maximum number of rural telephone subscribers on a party line would tx* reduced from eight to four under a rule change proposed by the Iowa commerce commission The number of subscribers on a party line in other areas would tx* limited to two The commission said it issued the order for the proposed rule change on the basis of complaints from telephone subscribers ‘‘It is hoped the proposed rules will serve as a catalyst for an examination of the real needs of the subscribers ...” the order said The commission also recommended changes in service provided to business subscribers In rural areas, the commission suggested that no more than one-or two-party service tx* sold to businesses and that only one-party lines be allowed in cities and towns The commission said it sent copies of the proposed rule changes to all telephone utilities in Iowa, asking for a written review of the suggested changes A date for a public hearing on the matter will be set later, the commission said By Jane LaGrange VINTON— The Vinton city council held a bid letting at Thursday night s meeting for sanitary sewer service to the Hillside subsdivision in southwest Vinton The council accepted the low bid from Barber's Excavating Co . Cedar Rapids for $34.BRO Rule Younkers Is Entitled to $500,000 Claim NEW YORK (AP)—A fed-eral court jury has ruled that Younker Brothers. Inc , is entitled to its full $500 IMM! claim, plus interest, against Goldman, Sachs and Co . a securities investment firm here Younker s, of Des Moines, Iowa, claims it lost $500,000 in the collapse of the Penn Central railroad. Younkers and two other firms had claimed they were misled into buy ing unsecured promissory notes issued by the railroad a few months before it filed for bankruptcy in 1970 A spokesman for Younkers said he believed the Investment house would appeal the decision that was handed down Wednesday Only one other iud was submitted from F A Moser and Assoc , of Waterlix». for $00,940 The engineer's estimate for the project was $38,000 The work is scheduled to begin this fall with a s 00-day completion time Extend Zoning The committee which was Foresters to Meet At Amana Colonies AMANA—The annual meeting of the forest supervisors and extension foresters w ill he held at the Amana colonies Monday through Thursday Foresters from 20 state Northeast forest service regions will attend the meeting hosted by the state forestry section of the Iowa conservation commission Officers Elected POSTVILLE—-The following y ouths were elected as officers of the Teen-age Republicans here at a recent meeting: Joyce Moore, president. Lyle Ewing, vice-president. Debbie Fishback, secretary-treasurer; Rhonda Rathje. reporter. Anne Blumhagen. parliamentarian studying extending the zoning ordinance two miles outside the corporate limits reported the county board of supervisors has no immediate plans for county building The board is planning to wait to see what the legislature does in regard to a land use study during the 1975 sos-sion The council agreed to also wait and not pursue extending the zoning ordinance at this time The council discussed development of city water main construction needs for the next three years, expressing concern on financing the plan Harold Bogert. engineer from Green Engineering < 0 <'(*dar Rapids, is to submit the plans to the city 's fiscal agent, Carleton Bell, for study City Clerk Bill Strong ex-plained the change in policy for the 1975-78 budget All planned allocations must tx* submitted before a March 15 deadline and no additions will tx* allowed after that time SATURDAY ONLY! 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