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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 11, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 4 The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Fit, Oft. ll. 1974 Legal Action Possible Campaign Disclosure in Cases Mother Throws Child Four injured in Bank s Doors Locked From 2nd Story Window Highway Mishap DES MOINES (UPI) - The chairman of the state campaign finance disclosure commission said Thursday poUMcal committees which No Amtrak For Des Moines WASHINGTON (AP)-Leg-islation setting Amtrak priority rail routes for major population centers is expected to be weighed by congress before November — but it appears Des Moines will not get the service. Rep. 'William Scherle (R-Iowa) said Thursday that chances are virtually nil that an Amtrak passenger rail line will cut through the Iowa capital rather than through the northern part of the state. The house-senate conference committee report that is expected to be considered before the congressional recess later this month specifially states that a preference route extend between Boise, Idaho and Portland, Ore., next year. Scherle contends Iowa’s major population growth is not in Des Moines, but in Cedar Rapids, Marshalltown, Ames, Boone, Carroll and Council Bluffs. Des Moines does not have Amtrak service now. West Union Council Approves Payments WEST UNION - The West Union city council approved the final payment to Granger Construction Co., West Union, for airport improvement costs totaling $1,976.48 during its council meeting this week. Approval was also given to pay $87,671.70 to Happel and Hahlweg, Waverly, for work on the water line project. In other business, the council approved building permits to the good Samaritan Nursing center for a new wing addition and to H and H Distributing to extend enclosure over the loading dock. fail to file their financial reports by the Oct. 20 deadline face “possible legal action.” Charles G. Rehung said the commission staff has been expanded to handle the influx of October reports which he termed “critical" to the success of Iowa’s campaign finance reform law. “It is the responsibility of this commission to make sure all reports are filed and we will insist upon compliance.’’ Rehling said “This is the first statewide election under the new disclosure law and political committees must file their reports or face possible legal action." Rehling said the commission staff will first chink to see that reports have been filed and then analyze them for mathematical discrepancies. He said the commission will meet Oct. 24 to review delinquent committees and inaccurate reports and decide what action to take against them. Rehling noted a new departmental rule requiring all candidates to submit to the commission on each reporting date a list of all non-statutory committee's working for them He said the new rule will help the public determine how much money is "really being spent to elect candidates Ray: Fewer Leaving State; Must Maintain Balance MUSCATINE (AP)— Iowa has turned around the out-migration that plagued it since owans and people elsewhere “know we have a lot of good things going for us," Ray told a meeting of business VFW Clubhouse Must Be Closed DES MOINES (API- Tho Creston Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) clubhouse must be closed, according to state officials of the organization, because of reported gambling there “The situation appears to have gone out of hand in the last several months." Adjutant Warren K. Allbaugh of Des Moines said Thursday. He said it appeared that the local club operations were “outside the laws and usage of our organization." Allbaugh said the unit would be closed temporarily until a meeting can lie held with members of the Creston club’s staff. Police in Creston said they had received no gambling cmplaints about the club, which has about 990 members. Board Approves 2.5 Mill Levy Election By Doris McCartney MILLERSBURG — Plans for a two-and-nne-half mill bond levy election were endorsed for the Deep River-Millers* burg Community school district this week. Dr. Larry Klein, superintendent, recommended to the board that authority to levy monies would be for a five-year period. He noted the district has a declining enrollment, dropping eight percent rn the last year, but the cost of operating the district has tripled Several Projects If approved extra funds would be used for a number of projects to improve buildings, and might possibly finance major roof repairs at Millersburg or build a covered walkway between two Deep River buildings With a nearly $5 million assessed valuation, the district would be voting for an additional $12,000 for the schoolhouse fund. The board expects the election might be held in December of January. The board discontinued a rule which required chaperones traveling in every car to and from the spring prom, which has resulted in high costs. Permission for seniors to take a three-day trip to Chicago was considered by the board with final decision pending the amount seniors can raise to finance the trip. Ticket Hike It will cost more to attend basketball games in the district, as the board raised ticket prices 25 cents for adults and students with ticket prices now $1.50 and 75 cents. Reinforcement of the south wall of the new Deep River milti-purpose addition will begin this month at a cost of SI ,-130. Board members said the building plans were inadequate to support the heavy use the wall sustains. The district has recently purchased 30 new tires, costing approximately $56 each, from an Iowa City firm. Gas Reductio! Another report to the board stated the installation of a petroleum pump and other equipment on buses have reduced gasoline costs by ,43-cent per gallon . A boiler repair at Millersburg cost $369 and about $431 was paid in continuing expenses of renovating a boys’ shower room After polling area pastors, Dr. Klein told the board he expected to continue to hold Thursday evenings free of school activities, as much as possible. in favor of family church activities which has been an established practice in Iowa county. c I Front Drive 311 HEW Subaru offers 12 mot. warranty with Unlimited Mileage Far details call anytime for a recorded mesaaga. 363-8563 men here Thursday night. He cited a low unemployment rate, solid economic, social and govermental policies, and education and personal income benefits. But he cautioned that talk of economic and energy developments must be tempered with balance. “When we consider our quality of life in Iowa. we mean a good life for all our people and the need to balance the rights of individuals with the requisites of an orderly and increasingly complex society." Ray, a Republican campaigning for a fourth term as chief executive, predicted that choices Iowans make through the 1970s will spell success or failure. He said they "will determine whether we . . . will become vulnerable to strife and the disappointment of an un* fulfulled potential or . . . grasp the opportunities presented to us to enjoy a future of discovery and change. ’’ DAVENPORT (AP)-A mother who said she betaine angry with her child threw the 10-month-old baby from a second story window at home, according to Davenport police. The boy was in satisfactory condition at St. Luke's hospital and was tieing held for observation after the incident Thursday. Hospital attendants said the youngster suffered bruises on his left cheek and arm. The mother said she does not have time to care for her son and wants welfare officials to find him a good home, investigators said. Authoritit*s said no charges were filed against the woman, who was not identify but be-lieved to be 19 years old Counseling was arraigned for her with the Scott county department of social service. Holtzman Admits Assault Charge IOWA CITY - Chester A. Holtzman, Iowa City, has pled guilty to a charge of assuault w ith intent to com mitt great bodily injury. Judge Harold Victor sentenced Holtzman to 85 days in the Johnson county jail. The charge stems from a July 16 incident in which Holtzman. an inmate in the county jail, allegedly threatened another inmate, David McMaster, Cedar Rapids, with a with piece of broken mirror glass. Holtzman was also charged with the theft of a pair of Nmts belonging to McMaster. Program of Handel At Clapp Recital IOWA CITY—The music of George Frederick Handel will be presented in a concert Sunday at 8 p.m. iR Clapp recital hall DECORAH —Four persons were injured and property damage totaled $4.95(1 in three traffic accidents in the Decorah area Thrusday evening. The first accident in the series occurred at 7:43 p.m. on the Pole lane road west of an intersection with highway 52 A truck owned by Miller Painting. Edgewood, and driven by Merton l^oren Miller, 44. Edgewood, went out of control, ran into a ditch, and landed on its top. Miller was taken to a Decorah hospital for treatment of head injuries. He was charged with failure to have control of his vehicle. At 10:58 p.m., a car driven by Jay Goodyear 56, Decorah, struck a parked car owned by Merton Iverson. Decorah According to Decorah police, the accident occurred a short distance east of Winnebago street on West Broadway. Goodyear was charged with failure to have control of his vehicle. Two Decorah policemen. Robert A. Ward , 31, and Howard Smith, 52, and another Decorah citizen, Norman E. Ellingson. 58, were taken to a Decorah hospital Thursday night for treatment of injuries suffered in a two-car accident in a Decorah residential area Ward was treated for a back injury. Smith for a hand injury, and Ellingson for head injuries. According to the Winneshiek county sheriff’s office, Ellingson made an improper left turn in front of a Decorah police car driven by Ward. The accident occurred about ll 50 p m Ellingson was charged with making an improper left hand turn. Cite Unsafe Practices 2$ YEARS AGO - The administration reported that 1,743 federal employes on whom it had information relating to subversion quit or were fired between May 28, MJ53 and the previous June 30, 1954 Rugged as the Great Outdoors £ A V** 4 wUMrip * W* A'N a_« !k? * _ I F n    j f    , I '-1    i ■ai    i l l I*    i    !    (, *    a m    * ;    I    I    I    - * 4* it I it* J „ Sport Shirts by ENRO for tall and big men! Big and Ixdd plaids make this Enro sport shirt a real contender for your ‘favorite shirt’ award. 100% acrylic permanent press is machine washable. *20 Also available is the new flannel look in solid colors. Acrylic/rayon for easy care, Choose from a variety of favorite solid colors, JU III Tall sizes M-2X    Big    sizes    IX,    2X,    3X ARMSTRONG TALL & BIG MEN S SHOP—THIRD FLOOR t/uality is reattain y CROMWELL (AP)- The doors of the Cromwell State bank here have been padlocked by state and federal agents for what authorities said were unsafe and unsound business practices. Officials said the bank was ordered closed Thursday because bad investments had depleted the bank’s assets to the point where they could not cover deposits State officials have, since Oct. I, been overseeing operations at the bank Dellah Cannon, 80, Cromwell, is its president The executive vice-president, Jack Davis, Cromwell, resigned just before the bank was closed. Davis said Im* stepped down because he could not come up with enough money when his option to buy the institution came due Na Bad Loans The former executive said the bank had no bad loans or problems State Banking. Superintendent Cecil W Dunn said his examiners inspected the bank’s books, notified directors Thursday that the institution was insolvent and filed a petition in Union county district court In the petition. Dunn said the directors told him the bank’s insolvency could not be cured. A retired banker. I IL Schroeder. was summoned last week to manage the bank, but denied anything was amiss “I honestly don’t know yet what the problem was here.” said Terry May of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (EDIC) Condition Report A flank report of condition issued June 30 listed assets of $3 4 million and liabilities of $3 2 million. Deposits, the report said, totaled $2.3 million; reserves on loans and securities were $30,000, and there was a capital account of $206,666 Mrs Cannon said she suspected something was wrong when bank examiners kept returning. The president said she did not know about Davis’ option to buy the bank Officials said the bank may be liquidated or another bank may buy the assets and liabilities of the Cromwell bank, whose deposits are insured to $20.1810 apiece by EDIC Wellman October Festival Saturday zen’s handwork and hobby-eraft show from 9 to 4:30 p m in the Stockett building, an afternoon concert on Main street bv the Wellman Vol- WELLMAN—October    Fes tival day will be held here Saturday with activities arranged by the Business Women’s club. These include a senior citi- unteer band; and clown entertainers with candy for the children Special shopping attractions will also be offered by Wellman merchants. Save up to 18.00 on All-Weather Coats Kcp. $.>.*>.00 & $60.00 * 42 llanic Fly Front or Smart Belted Styles! * Save now on all-weather and utility coats with dacron/cotton shell and zip-out liners. Choice of two favorite styles The belted trench or basic fly front. Navy, british tan and white. 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