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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 11, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 'Shf dtftlnr ftnpirU ©ttjf-Hf Ga/etto Photo bv John Mc IvorJay-Hawks’ Queen Kristie Lester, a 17-year-old Jefferson high school senior, was crowned Jay-Hawk Homecoming queen Friday night between halves of the Jefferson-Dubuque Hempstead Kame at Kingston stadium. Miss Lester is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gary Lester, 243(1 Johnson avenue MV Student council president Hon Hoffman did the crowning. At left is Jed Brown, the queen's escort“Met" Singer Returns to CR. A member of the Metropolitan Opera company of New York graced the Kennedy high school concert choir with her talents Thursday afternoon. Karen Hunt, a graduate of Washington high school and daughter of Mr. and Mrs C. If. Stratemeyer, 2611 Falcon drive NE, sang a selection from the opera "La Boheme.” Mrs. Hunt, a lyric coloratura, stopped in Cedar Rapids on her way to Tucson, where she will play a leading role in an eight-week run of "The Marriage of Figaro”. She recently received her affiliate artist degree from the "Met”. (NMMr* «*>****»■ ****** Gillette Photos bv John Mc Ivor UPI Telephotos “I Could Have Danced All Night/’ Britain's Prince Charles danced until well after midnight during celebration at Suva of the Fiji Islands’ centenary of association wiWi Britain The prince darked the hula with Helen Franklin, a student at South Pacific university, who followed local custom by asking him to dance. Next day the tropical sun seemed to get the ttest of    • Prince ( harles as he appeared to be dozing during the ceremonies Seated beside him was Sir George Cakobau, the governor general Bus To Concert School buses stretched almost as far as the eye could see Thursday in front of Coe college Nearly 2,006 fourth grade students from Cedar Rapids Community schools attended "Symphony Four" in Coe’s Sinclair auditorium. The Cedar Rapids Symphony Orchestra presented its annual concert for the youngsters. The concert is the culmination of ensemble tours to all fourth grade classes in the district, in which groups of five musicians present half-hour programs for the youngsters Gojette Photo by L W Word Where Are Those Conserving Minded People of Last Year? By Art Bucbwald WASHINGTON — Less than a year ago everyone was hard at work vowing to conserve fuel. Americans had pledged themselves to finding new ways of saving energy and making the United States self-sufficient when it came to oil. In the interests of finding out what has been doing in the last 12 mouths, I did a personal “Where Are They Now?” research project This is w hat I found C. Carruthers Ringold. chairman of the board of General Chrysford. the largest manufacturer of automobiles, is still in Detroit pushing the sales of large cars. Profits When he was reminded he promised last fall that General Chrysford would devote its efforts to the production of small cars that would not consume so much gasoline, Rmgold replied, "No one is going to tell us what kind of automobile to make. The profits are in the large cars and that’s what the public wants. When America wants small cars we ll make them If it wasn’t for the environmental nuts, there would be more than enough gasoline for everybody.” Alan K. Lomitil. who was one of the first organizers of car pooling in Fairfax county. Va., is now driving to work alone "Car pooling is a drag." Alan told me. "Who wants to talk to four other guys every morning? I think a man s automobile is his castle and there is no reason he should share it with anybody else.” Mrs. Helen Klinger, the principal of PS 145. said she no longer believed in keeping the thermostat in her school down at HK. "We froze our tushies off last year," she told me. "and we don’t intend to do it again Congress ought to investigate the oil and gas companies and find out when* the heat is really going. Heavens knows the schools aren't getting any of it" Abandoned Gaylord Prather, the advertising account executive for Windfall of New Mexico Gasoline Co., is still turning out copy but the conservation campaign has been abandoned "Since our business is selling gasoline, it s counterproductive to ask people to use* less of it. Sure it didn’t hurt last year to say we were worried about future fuel supplies arid we w^re doing everything to see that America would never have to do without. But I'll tell you one thing, the campaign didn t sell a gallon of gas "If anything, it scared people and they didn t can1 what brand of gasoline they bought. So we said the hell with it — the company has to come first.” Prof Heinrich Appiebaum, who last year predicted that shale oil would solve all our problems for the next 560 years. now has doubts about it. "That stuff is really hard," Appiebaum said "I mean squeezing oil out of a rock is some stupid way of getting fuel. Anyone who thinks we’re going to solve our energy problems with shale oil in the near future is off his rocker. I don’t know why the press takes people like me seriously " (CoevriQht lt/4, Lo* Angelet Time*) ;

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