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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 10, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa ,v.v SSS 'V.V.Vi .VA* .v.yHysterical Hostage Du jct* Mejia. one of two Venezuelan consulate secretaries held host a v?e by terrorists in the consulate in Santo Domingo, became hysteria! upon her release. She is pictured, center. as members of her family escorted her to a nearby house XvXvtvXrXxtxyxXtXxltX&S^x.x.x.v.w.t.x.x.r.x^^vrry'frXvX-x-Xvj?:-:-:’:*:*:-:-:-:-:-:^: .V.V.V.V By Krma Bombeck Ga/eOe Photo bv John Mc IvorSnorkel Fun Boys and Kiris who won their chance through drawings at the Safety Fair last week have been having their moment of glory this week They have been taking turns visiting the Ventral fire station and riding the snorkel. Pictured Wednesday noon after lunch at the fire station are. from left. Fireman Virgil Johnson. JIH Twenty-eighth street NW. Donald Johnson. IO, fifth grade, Garfield school; Mike Glandon. ll. fifth. Van Buren; Lisa Glass, 8, third. W right; ( anne Krickson. 9. third at Wright After their snorkel ride the kids also visited other fire stations in the city. Normal Length Arms Were Not Made for Drive-In Windows It s just my own personal observation, but I don't think God ever meant for man 10 do his banking, order food, or mail a letter from the driver s seat of the car. lf Ile had drive-ins in mind, He would have made our arms seven feet long and put curb feelers on our hips I have noted only two cars that have swung precariously up to the position where they can comfortably do business One was a car from demolition derby and the other was a rental. Neither had anything to lose Drive-in banks intimidate me the most. possibly because I am “on camera” and quite self-conscious about having the tellers gather and exclaim, “Watch this one. Dorothy she s the one who fell apart when her fender was ripped off last week Conservative Consequently, I have become something aoMatcic ol a conservative I pull a good si;; feet from the window and when the drawer slides out. I find that by opening my car door and forcing my head through my shoulder seat licit, pushing on the brake pedal with my right foot and (tending my knee against the gear shift for leverage. I can slide my deposit slip into the drawer providing (a) I discontinue breathing for awhile, and (bi there are no high winds to circulate my deposit in the parking lot The mailboxes are something else I never pull up to one of them that I don t visualize a meeting of the postal department in Washington figuring out how to position the boxes No. no, Chester.'' says the designer, “You have placed the boxes on the driver s side of the car We mustn't pumper them. Put them on the passenger side so the driver will have to put the car in park, straddle tAe stick shift in the console, cup his throat over the window and inst try to sail the letter into this six-inch slot" Unreadable I hen the slot should be inst above tin* pick up times that have become blurred and unreadable?” asked Chester “Higher, Closter, much higher.” smiled his boss N citing an order for five into a clown s mouth Is soiue-lo/fi;: else again especially when you are alone I feel like such a fool shouting until the varicose veins iii my neck surface As my husband obs< rvod. “You don't have to go to drive ins. you know. You can always use your feet “ Better to grow longer arms <Coovrt«hi WH to*i«j EntnrDrt*#v ,n( , SVW WA fit rn UPI TelephotosSafely Out Dominican guerilla leader Radomes Mendez Vargas talked with newsmen in Panama City late Wednesday after Panama had granted him and his six comrades political asylum. The guerillas held seven hostages in the Venezuelan consulate in Santo Domingo for 13 days. Three Is? “Nice Going, Prof Strolling down the midway at the state fair in Dallas Judy Snyder, left, can t seem    A    New    York    cabbie    congratulates    Swedish    scholar    Gunnar    Myrdal.    who    was    au to decide whether Jim Scott or Vie Davis, right, will get to Im? the champion that wins nouncod Wednesday as winner of the 1874 Nobel Prize iii Bionomics Myrdal. who will her a stuffed toy.    IH. m December, currently is a distinguished professor at City College of New York AP Wirephoto UPI Tfiephofo ;

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