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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 8, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa ftttpttfo CfotjeH* Beer For Fuel The riders of this 12*seat quadricyele, members of a bowling team in Vreden, West Germany, built the vehicle themselves for transport to and from the local bowling alley. But, the beer it takes to move it is reported to be rather high. UPI TelephotoOil Tanks Burn Firemen fought to control a fire which raged through six oil tanks at an Fxxon refinery near Valencia. ( alif., Monday. The fire was ignited by lightning as the area experienced the first rain of the season. The tanks contained crude oil Loss was estimated at $2<MUMNI Grandfather Was Happy With a Penny, But Not The Generation of Today By Erma Bom beek While sitting at the breakfast table yesterday, a shiny object in the carpet caught my eye “What is that?” I asked my son. He kicked it with his foot “A penny.” he said and kept walking. My daughter came through and I said. “There s a penny in the carpet." and she said, "So who’s the heavy tipner0” When my younger son came by I said. “Hey. reach down and pick up that penny " "That's not my job,” he said, "let the sweeper do it.” "So this is what we have come to." I said, addressing the group. "Are you going to tell us the story of how Granddad lived on a farm and was so pttor they couldn’t afford Christmas and when he reached in his stinking, all he found was a bright, new, shiny penny and    aoMaacic he was' choked up all year’’ Because if you are. I have to go to my lin ker before class." So Poor Ignoring him I continued. "When your grandfather was a little boy and lived on a farm they were so poor they couldn't afford Christmas but they hung their stockings up anyway ” “And when he got up there was a bright, shiny, new. penny, right9” interrupted my daughter "And when he got up Christmas morning." I continued slowly, “his stinking looked empty until he saw something sticking in the toe. Do you have any idea what it was'’” "A bright, shiny, new penny'" they yelled in unison "It was a bright, shiny, new penny,” I said simply, “and it brought tears to his eyes.” "That surprises you?” mumbled my daughter. "I d have birn hysterical ” "Have you all become so crass about money that you no longer believe that a man is never so tall as when he stoops to pick up a penny?" "Where did you read that?” "On a T shirt at the beat h.” I said "But a penny doesnt buy anything anymore.” they wailed Good Luck "A penny is I/111 of a dime," I counseled wisely "A hundred of them will make a whole dollar Why a penny used to take away the tears of a small child, bring you good luck for a year, decorate your loafers, and be the beginning of all your dreams.” My son looked at his watch. "Hey, Mom. if you want to borrow a couple of bucks till the end of the week. why didn t you say so " I was still sitting at the table when my husband walked in and threw down the coin, “A penny for your thoughts " bf* said (C0Pvr*«ht 19/4, f i#'tj £ nt«rpnt«t tnt )Not Clowning Around Motorists in the Denver area did a double take at this scene Ernest Bellman, left. a salesman who was returning home after entertaining children at Colorado General hospital, ran his battery down trying to start his car after running out of gas The good samaritan who stopped to help was a fellow shrine clown. Walter Kosciw AP WirephotoCat Castle Clarence, a Siamese cat. didn t design the home himself, but nevertheless he enjoys the comfort of his "castle" perched above the spiraling, carpeted stairway. The home includes such features as a chain railed porch, scratching istle. flower and a flag pole Clarence apparently believes that a cat's home is his castle. His owner. Barmy Fisher. 241 Fortieth street NE. says Clarence becomes quite upset when someone reaches in the castle The cat situps there and the home s altitude provides excellent protection from a poodle which also lives at the same address Gazette photo by Duane Crock AP WirephotoHauled Away Police took a woman to a itatrol wagon Monday afternoon as they broke up a group of nearly KINI antibusing demonstrators in South Boston Police chased the group and arrested many of them after they stopped a black man and i>eat him UPI Tetophoto t ;

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