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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 5, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Rollicking CRCT Season Start with    J The Odar Rapids (iazrite: Sal., Oft. 5, 1*74 Average ‘Johnny Tough’ Still Leaves Typical Black Family Film Field Wide Open “Jabberwock " with Pamela Gearhart, Bill Konigsmark, Tom Marshall, Steve Arnold Conrad Svoboda and Ron Malven. At the Cedar Community Theater. Rapid$ By Suzanne Kames The Cedar Rapids Common tty Theater opened its 1974-75 season last night with a rollicking family comedy, “Jabberwock”. Based on James Thurber** childhood in "the fictional city of Columbus, Ohio”, the play revolves around the daily life of the Thurber clan The. mother, Mary Agnes, played with a delightful vengeance by Pamela (iearhart, is alternately a slightly befuddled female — she s not convinced that she wants electricity seeping through the walls of her home — and a whimsically wise counselor for Jamie. The rest of the wacky Thurber family is made up of Father (Conrad Svoboda), Jamie (Bill Konigsmark), his two brothers (Tom Marshall and Steve Arnold) and Grandpa (Ron Malven). Kids’ Favorite Grandpa was a particular favorite of kids in the audience. Whether arguing with one of the ever changing “portraits” of Thurber aunts — a comical, verbally active, kaleidoscope provided by Carol Gee — or cussin’ out his checkers partner (Grandpa with his checker-playing hat on or off, depending on whether he’s red or black), his appearance on stage was almost inevitably followed by laughter. Jamie, who is undergoing the bittersweet trauma of adolescence, is gullible enough to be conned by Doc Marlowe (Jim Petersmith), a “travel-in’ medicine man” he meets while on his way to return a police revolver Grandpa had usurped it during a search conducted by police for “ghosts and burglars” in the Thurber home the previous evening. A spectator to the con. Georgianna Littlefield, portrayed by Joyce Kofron, immediately captures Jamie's eye and interest. (ieorgianna's father. General Littlefield, is in charge of the ROTC unit at the college Jamie plans to attend. Eager Trophy Lounge presents Ploying Tonight Saturday “JADE” 319 H Street $.W. Zodiac “NO SAUCE” Ira AU DRINKS NON-ALCOHOLIC” 5185-8th AVE. MARION TURN RT. AT 50TH ST DAILY 6 p.m.-2 a.m. • DANCING NITEIY • OPEN SUNDAY it TONITE it Th* loft rock A bluet “B. /our A SUNDAY A "POCATEE PICKLING CO.” A WEDNESDAY A ^jWjACgARLE^ SUNDAY NOON TO IO P.M. .oossmn MOTOR Bom Convenient park mu in our romp [DOWNTOWN ady from but un to impress the little Perth Amboy, N J sure of his feelings concerning the military, Jamie is uncertain over taking the college plunge Mary Agnes’ sage advice, although unorthodox in its delivery, helps him overcome his doubts. Confident ( ast While Jamie meanders his way through his freshman year, the family purchases a new electric car, World war I is declared and a series of maids parade through the household, staying just long enough to add their eccentricities to that of the Thurbers Everyone in the cast handles their role or roles with confidence, hut several individuals give outstanding performances;    Pamela Gearhart, Bill Konigsmark, Hon Malven, Nick George and particularly Nick Roberts, as Professor Welch, Jamie’s botany professor. Managing Director Don Teacher says of ‘‘Jabberwock”. “It’s rated “E” for everybody'He’s right! Johnny Tough " v/ith Renny Poker. A Grifton Picture released by Jina Productions. At the Paramount theater. Hollywood rating: G —-Suitable for general audiences. By Doc Halliday A movie about a boy from a typical urban black family and the problems he fares with crime and bigotry in the inner city would make an excellent premise for a movie. Even after the appearance of “Johnny Tough ”, the field is still wide open Johnny (Renny Roker) is the 10-year-old son of a successful insurance salesman. His mother is an actress who aspires to “make it big in Hollywood." So much for the typical urban black family. Things Arr Rough Still, things are still rough for Johnny. His parents are constantly at each others throats and his tear br r is, if not a bigot, a seething psychopath who runs his classroom like a prisoner of war camp. On top of that, Johnny and a friend mug a storekeeper and are rebind of the loot by a gang of older toughs. Then, his morals degenerating all over the place, Johnny begins playing hooky and running away from home. All this is interspersed, for reasons that are not readily apparent, with a subplot about Johnny’s girl    friend    who keeps getting into hassles with another girl. Screaming Scenes The point of all this would seem to bi* that parents should not neglect their children and that teachers    should    not mistreat their pupils. W liter -di rec tor Horace Jackson gets his message across but not before the audience has been Sea Lion Smarter Than ‘Salty’ Cast, Writers "Salty, the Sea Lion", with Clint Howard and Nina Foch. A United Artists release. At the Plaza theater. Hollywood rating:    G    — Suitable for general audiences. By Mike Denpree If you’ve watched a lot of G-rated, or “family” films, you know there are about IS different plots, no more, no less. "Salty, the Sea Lion” uses parts of all 15. Early in the film you meet th” young boy who gets overly Theater Time for Saturday COMMUNITY THEATER -“Jabberwock” — 8. PARAMOUNT — “Johnny Tough" - 2 10, 4, 5:50, 7 40* 9:30. IOWA — “Juggernaut’’ — 1:40, 3:45, 5:50 . 7:50 , 9:55 WORLD - “The Models’’ - 2:20, 4, 5:45, 7:35, 9:25; shorts - 2. 3 40. 5 25. 7 15, 905 TIMES - “Black Socks: -2 15, 4, 5.50, 7:35, 9:25; shorts - 2. 3:40 , 5:30 , 7:15, 9:05. EASTOWN Groove Tube’’ 0:05 . 7:30, 8:55 I -- 3:15. “The 4 40. PLAZA -Lion” — 2, 9 20. “Salty, the Sea 3 55, 5:45, 7:30, STAGE I — “(amper John” - 2:35. 4 20. 6:10. 8. 9 45. STAGE 2 — "The Tamarind Seed” - 2:30, 4:50, 7:30 , 9:50. STAGE 3 — “Dr. Zhivago” - 2:30, 8. STAGE 4 — “Mr. Majes-tvk” - 2 30, 4:30. 7:35. 9:35 EASTOWN 2 - “The Great Gatsby” - 2, 4:30. 7 . 9 30. MARION — Features at ll, I, 3. 5, 7,9, ll. FOLLINS — “The Pace That Kills" - 7 45; "The Big Doll House" — 9:30; “The ( aged Men and One Woman” - ll. TWIN WEST - “The Models” - 7:50; “The Room of Chains” — 9:35; “The Runaway" — ll:IO. TWIN EAST - “Oh. Cai: cutta” — 7:50; “The Cheerleaders” — 9:35; “Grimm’s Fairy Tales for Adults” — 11:05 29 YEARS AGO - The navy announced plans for the world's first atomic aircraft carrier. attached to the pet. not realizing that he (the pet) is a wild animal and perhaps not well suited for a companion. That’s one of the plots, and the boy should be pretty familiar with it by now, because ‘ Tim’’ is none other than Clint Howard, who spent his younger years on television harassing a gentle bear named Ben. As this film opens, Tim is walking down a road with a pelican under his arm Really. Animal Knowledge You would think that after the bear and the pelican, Tim would know about wild animals, hut he doesn’t, and his adventures with Salty involve dynamite, sharks, bad weather, incensed farmers with guns, police, firemen, dull educators, bank managers, socialites — everything, it seems, except pollution and cannery workers. Needless to say, everything works out okay in the end, and judging from the reaction of the audience it does so in a satisfying manner for the knee-high crowd Actually, the ailing is pretty average, the film is a little grainy and the underwater photography is adequate hut uninspired. Salty, though, is terrific. Salty's Trouble You could say he U smart enough to have written the script; you could even go further, and say he is smart enough not to have written it. All the trouble Salty gets into isn’t really his fault, hut the fault of ignorant people. An example: After trying to The New URBANA FEED & IMPLEMENT CO. Urbana, la. Sat. Night ‘LONG SHOT” formerly "Sun Dance" 9 to 1:30 for Friday A Saturay Marty and The Sundowners “The Best in Country Rock' The FRONTIER 219 14th Ava. S.E. Your roverife Game of Cartist TONIGHT Monte Carlo NIGHT ’FUN and GAMES ‘Music by "The Maddness" Formerly members of Brass Unlimited Saturday, Oct 5 8 P.M. to 2 A.M. EXHIBITION HALL — Hawkeye Downs *5 Admission — Tickets At The Door Proceeds go to BOYS ACRES, Bertram R.R. 3, Cedar Rapids, Iowa A Group Home for homeless and troubled boys. Monte Carlo Night is sponsored by Independent Order of Foresters Celebrating their 100th Anniversary WORLD 363-8311 ll NOWI Their Private Lives THE MODELS” •R w NOW! The Slag Fib** Award Thai » what “BLACK SOCKS” w is all about • JA* TIMES 364-8613 IOWA 364-341 1 V©ii’fl Love Hlml JOHNNY TOUGH' PLAZA 3V3-8439 Greatest Sea Adventure tvert "JUGGERNAUT” re- _ ‘Groat Family SALTY Fun' THI SIA LION OPEN AT 2 P.M. 1^1 Ii l»*J y IWffi F| ALWAYS FREE PARKING A NOWI ^ Rugged Aition CAMPER JOHN Color L ^ Ft final Q Waak ^ CHARLES BRONSON as MR. MAJISTYK -J JULIE ANDREWS OMAR SHARIF THE TAMARIND SEED -PO- Bock to thrill you again DR. ZHIVAGO Color -0- run away, Tim and Salty find themselves un a deserted beach. Obviously, food is a major consideration, so Salty fetches a plump fish and gives it to Tim Tim tosses the fish back into the sea while saying, “I’m starved I’ve got hi find something to eat.” Tim obviously doesn’t think you can eat something unless you find it under a pair of golden arches, so he heads down the beach in search of same. That gets Salty in trouble. Stow Learner And the Schall teacher. . . talk about a slow learner! At one point she is forced to perform an emergency operation on Salty, who is playing hurt in a great deathbed (not really) scene. The teacher lugs Salty to the kitchen, throws him on the kitchen table and starts grabbing for a couple of sharp knives. Judging from the attention span and level of intelligence the teacher displayed earlier in the film, it must have taken a lot of courage on Salty’s part to lie there and take it, wondering all the while if she would forget why she was standing at the table with a knife in her hand. It s easy to imagine Salty saying. “I’ll lie here for a while because ifs in the contract, hut if I smell potatoes frying I’m getting out.” The teacher is there to provide a love interest for Tim’s older brother (Yechh! Mushy stuff ), though, so she can Im* tolerated. So can the film, and if you're among those who complain about the lack of family fart1 in local theaters, get your kids and go sh* Salty make idiots out of the humans. virtually beaten over the head with it. Jackson comes up with some rather entertaining scenes but these are negated by long stretches of numbingly dull footage wherein mother screams at father, father streams at mother, teacher screams at students and students scream at one another. Jackson cannot even inject much life into that most wonderfully entertaining of playground happenings — a fight between two girls Most of the acting is either overdone or underdone, Ro!"*r himself does an adequate job although hi* is put to shame by the young actor playing Johnny’s best friend It is difficult to judge any of the acting because the sound tract is of such poor quality that much of the dialog is unintelligible. All in all, ‘‘Johnny Tough” is a thoroughly average film. California Nips Leary Parole VACAVILLE, Calif. (UFI) -LSD prophet Timothy Leary has been denied parole by the California adult authority. The authority’s full board voted unanimously to reject Mary's plea for freedom, citing his “long history of advocating drug use.” The former Harvard professor is under a sentence of up to 25 years in California on marijuana and escape charges OPEN 7:00 TWIN EAST DRIVE-IN THEATRE 6300 DTH STREET S.W. “A SHOW ^    7:30 JQ EVERYTHING YOU’VE EVER HEARD ABOUT OH! CALCUTTA! IS TRUE! TONITE! Dixie Flyer Dane© Mor Swisher OPE N I JO SHOWS 3 IS 4 40 A OS 7 IO A JS rn most HILO OVEN •IMO 06 WIK— 1974 s RNST HILARIOUS WILDEST MOVIE IS HERE! ss lf TONN INGAGtMf MT S DAYS ONLY ? OO *. 4 30 7 OO A 9 30 (OWW THC GROT GAT/8Y smile! JERRY /    0    PALO,    IOWA now, don’t that make you Ital great? NOW thru TUES. * No. 2 * BLU COLOR -X- THI CHEERLEADERS COLLINS ROAD THFATFu! % MILE EAST OF CENTER POINT ROAD OWN 7:00 SHOW 0:00 A TRIPLE-SHOCKER SHOW! r V\ («) FIRST-NUN SISSIES BEST GO TO BEDI) THE “MICE” EAT THE “CAT”! AND THE “RATS” GET THE| BREAD — IT S REALLY — CORNER INN Se. The. PACE THAT KILLS ‘CAGED MEN AND . .    11A11..M ONE woman” (tj ||a>MBIG POLL HOUSE First Fun! Exclusive! WHAT REALLY GOES ON BEHNE) ALL THE GUTTER and GLAMOUR? Group I Film*. Lid presents NOW SHOWING! GERARD DAMIANO** mon «r» ny*. ‘Deep Throat’and we'Devil In Miss Jones’ has no serious rival on th© bord -cor© scan© Sex is always p©dOrm©d with tooling in hit Mmt, but MISS Aggie bungs out recd characterization and story values.” ifuc» Willtarmon PlAYiOY A Probing, Sensitive Approach lo the Sex Rim, J* t r* i rn rise* tor>t$Ovir vTk.' ru< angcx*'- “vcr*- ac . I a" Iypt ( " 'CJ TP ' ■    •'’ *    •’« ” *’ > ' a- Damkjno Pioneers New Paths Distinguished Rims of Significance and Sophistication. *r •    : pr>irv '•'jyeef f-> tJecocr'j r r.ov>    **> ar Tut iii-, ennjy the# sex .rv r*r*r-t ■ rfl:.v•f t */.?* 'T>urt / dfe* I ct/*„ 'Out*r<seer A Double-Edged Movie! Aggie’Can Stand on its Own Sans the Sex Sequences”    Sob    Sol-iogg ‘lf Ingmar Bergman were to Make a Truly Explicit Erotic Movie, This Would Be His Masterpiece. : » ■ . . - f f3 p    t    v>    i;    >-■*    tnnrntr    »,'•    •«    t    rn Most Hardened Erotic,¥rt Joyously Life-Affirming Rim Ever Made. So Superior Any Major Studio Would Be Proud - ■ *« #" r : "    • **    ai    G©ki»t#*n “A Beauty! Rich With Intimations Psycho, Images Faulkner. Damiano -* Ingmar Bergman of His Genre."    e w»    humyn MFMOD with.. MIAS ACCIf. j RATED XXXXXX BECAUSE Of IMC SHOCKING MATURI OF TMI CONCLUSION OF THIS FILM MO ONI Mf III BI ADMITTED IM THI I AST IIM RIM UHS OF HS SHOWING1 IN BLAZING COLOR ★ PLUS AT TWIN WEST ★ ! (9) (t) 1 "ROOM OF CHAINS" “THE RUN mr COLOR COLOR 11:00-12:30- 2:00-3:30-5:00 6:30-8:00-9:30-11 .OO LATI SHOW MARION ADULT PHONE wile A TDC 752 377-1482TMtATKt 10th STREET * ;

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