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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 2, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa v ■v ****    **•    »■ *« tpk*    t*yp&+qr    *4*^.1**^    tPfWf    •    rn    ■<<    ■    ^>*?-#'• "fffi +0Mty< Thr Cedar Rapids ftazrttr. Wed , Oct. 2. 1§74 COPYRIGHT • 1974 By Bagio Stores All Rights Reserved Pr,e.» Af* Di*eount*d E«c*Pl 0" Fair Tr*d*d And government Control)** Item* STORE HOURS: Monday thru Friday 9 A M. to 9 P M Saturday 9 A M to 7 P M Sunday 9 AM to 6 PM IN STORES NORMALLY OPEN SUNDAYS Wr discount everything EXCEPT quofity, courtesy, and service! J#?*' At Eagle, we feel that our savings plan can help you get more for your food dollar. How? By offering you Everyday Low Discount Prices you can depend on. Everyday! The only way to find out where your food dollar buys more is to make a comparison shopping test of your own. Make out your regular, weekly shopping list. A list of the items you normally purchase on a week to week basis. Take your list to Eagle and any other supermarket you choose and note the prices for everything on that list. Add up the totals, and you'll know where you get more for your food dollar. Remember: real savings are measured by what you pay for all you take home, not just by the price of one or two “specials". So compare totals. Eagle Way Savings you can depend on whenever you shop. On whatever you're shopping for. Compare for yourself. Other Way Specials? Gimmicks? Games? Stamps? Someone has to pay for all these “free" things. Guess who? •2821 Ut Ave. SE • Lindale Plaza • Vernon Village •293916th Ave. SW * Till* Cedar Rapids Gazette: Wed., Ort. 2, 1974 jfy Everyday Low Diiscount Prices save you more at Eagle! Everyday Low Price UNCONDITIONALLY BONDED FULL CUT Beef Round Steak, Bone In *117 LB Everyday Low Price UNCONDITIONALLY BONDED TAILLESS Beef Loin T-Bone Steak Compare Eagle! Everyday Low Meat Prices UNCONDITIONALLY BONDED Beef Loin Sirloin Steak $> ^CONDITIONALLY BONDED Boof Round Rump Roast, Bnls. lean a meaty Pork Loin Country Styls Ribs DUBUQUE - BMS Smoked Pork Shoulder Ro!! 5- It) can yDUBUQUE J Canned Ham DUBUQUE - BULK STYLE Extra Lean Pork Links DUBUQUE Beef Franks regular or beef Oscar Mayer Wieners regular or thick Oscar Mayer Sliced Bacon; > i U97* REGULAR OR BEEF Oscar May fir Sliced Bologna 12 OZ PKG esc 1-0* pkg unconditionally e jonded Baal Chuet< Roast, Cantar Out serf p*——_ Pork Shoulder Boston Roost I WEST VIRGINIA Boneless Picnic Pork Shoulder ANY SUE PACKAGE Lean Ground Beef NUONDITIONALIY I ONPED Beef Rib Steak Ni ONDlTIONAt uY t $NDED Beef Chuck (Steak UNCONDITIONALLY BONDED Beef Rib Roast, Large End $'" UNCONDITIONALLY BONDED Beef Chuck Blade Roast 5? UNCONDITIONALLY BONDED Beef Chuck Arm Pot Roast Everyday Low Price UNCONDITIONALLY BONDED Beef for Stew $' Everyday Low Price hdfe&c SWEET SMOKED * Lady Lee Sliced Bacon Mb pkg jryda Low Price y$|    * U S D A GRADE A 214-LB & UP SIZES Frying Chicken, Whole LB Everyday Low Price UNCONDITIONALLY BONDED Fresh Ground Beef 79? Everyday Law Price GOVT INSPECTED ALL CUTS INCLUDED Quarter Sliced Pork Loin LB GOVT INSPECTED LEAN & MEATY Pork Shoulder Blade Steak LB Are you getting the most for your food dollar? Compare! 1 I *02 pkg 4 roll pkg 200 ct pkg *9^ EVERYDAY LOW PRICE HEINZ - ALL VAR FRUITS A VEGETABLES Strained Baby Food INSTANT NON-FAT- MAKES 20 QUARTS Lady Lee Dry Milk ENRICHED - ALL PURPOSE Lady La# Flour JIFFY Com Muffin Mix HARVEST DAY - 5 VARIETIES Toaster Jump Ups FAMILY SCOTT Ass’t. Bath Tissue Cj? WHITE OR ASST COLORS I Kleenex Facial 14 Tissue ABSORBENT Gala Paper Towels 9 VARIETIES Royal Gelatin KELLOGG S Sugar Frosted Flakes POST Com Toastias ALL PURPOSE LIQUID Lady La# Bleach FABRIC SOFTENER Lady Lea Fabric Rinse LADY LEE Cut Green Beans CHOCOLA rfc FLAVOR Nsstlss Quik BETTY CFOCKER 6 VARIETIES Hamburgsr Helper harvest day Tomato Soup HARVEST DA Y Chicken Noodle Soup 174 HARVEST DAY Orange Drink I ADY LEE Chunk Light Tuna lady LEE Tomato Catsup KRAFT Vslvasta Chasse giant roll pkg 20-o* pkq IS Of pkg 1 ga' lug 44' 13 80 54 51 64-0* MI 48* 24* *1** 55* 10N-O* 4 can I 16-or can 2-lb can to 8’» o* pkg* I NON DAIRY CREAMER Carnation Coffee Mate DAIRY DEPARTMENT tow MICC LADY LEE -ALL FLAVORS B J lea Cream ?-gal carton < U S D A GRADE AA -WI I T CRf AM IN QUARTERS Lady Lee Butter . REGULAR STIC> 4 Imperial Margarine fRAFT GRATED 4 Parmesan Cheese BORDEN AMERICAN DR ( REDDAN 4 Miracle Melt Cheese • Pi Fl^! MM ANN    ORN 4 Margarine HOUSEHOLD bonus Bundle BY 2 22 OZ GET * 12 OZ FREE -S- Ivory Liquid Ti j.—^ % ii29 COLOR SAE E Hd OxydolMT, ^— PEACH SOET m Thrill dfl Liquid 1 Detergent lr V Si *0 GENTLE MIlD^^B Giant SiitjM DreftK^ DetergentHn I >110 CANNED FOODS VAN CAM P'S Pork A Baar* 16 o* can CAMPBEL ZS Tomato Soup 10 m o* can ^Tomaw , SP Luncheon Meat CHICKEN Of f HF ii A Chunk Light Tuna BAKERY DEPARTMENT HARVESTJ> AV Whit s Bread lARVfc S’ DAI Chuck Wa son Bread \ KING NEEDS tSBESi I AYER C /AKE low pate*    VARI! TIES ISwanedotan Cake Mixes 8 ;AHlfc RES BETTY GROT KER Snack in’ Cake Mila . RUHE ( MOCOl A TI - SEMISWEET 4 Nestled Morsels J'; HARVEST DAY Shorten! ng lib can FROZEN FOODS 16-0* can -lb p*c FLAV-R PAC Froxen Orange Juice with onion bacon JpR CHE ESE FLAVORS Y Ore Ida J Tatar Tots SAUSAGE CHEESE OB HAMBURGER "tut***** Y John’s 3 z&zSr* I Pack Pixxa I mo PuRt ORANGE JUICE I ROM F LOR IDA Snow Crop Orang# Juice MARRI- ■    8    INCH Pumpkin Pie . I VARIETIES 4 Lender’s Bagels y BIRDS f YE J Green Peas . RICH S H wOAvE ) 4 Whits Bread Dough ' A , H RAE 4 Broccoli Spears VEGETABLES i Birds Eye Jubiles WHY PAY MORE tSSBSSk HARVEST low aa *ca    day Saltine Crackers J FOH PANCAKES A WAFFLES Staley Syrup .16 (V Of i 93 AUN I JEMIMA COMPl ETE Pancake Mix pkg » 72* Get more for your food dollar at Eagle! HEALTH & BEAUTY ..... 'n REGUI AR OR UN SCENTED 1f>c OFF I Ban I Roll-on h L w ban a 88 REGULAR OR SPEARMINT jSjtW Y Macleans Aff JC ^Toothpaste ^ J 9* NORMAL DRN OR OILY Breck Shaihpoo 3 88* BRECK REGULAR OB WITH BODY Y Creme Rinse d 7-Of btl 77* Bt Wilt GROOMED /MW A w yBrylcr.em //J 'Jg J Hairdress I 1 luot* 17 V CUTE* 4 Polish Remover 3 Of lit! 41 FOR SNACKIN’ PATES '. PAC* Variety Snacks El AVOR KIST COOKIE Dark & Rich Y Dainties f    FRUIT A NUT A    14 OZ PKG 76c 12-0* pi- HEALTH A BEAUTY No Nonsense Panty Hose Reg ru, 99 Queen $4 I, Sire im -    ■ KNEE HI HOSE 2 PR PKG SI 39 shaving aid Mennen Skin Bracer schick Super CHROME Injector Blades I JERGENS Direct Aid Lotion 88' I JOHNSSON A JOHNSON Baby Powder 14-0* PH 86 REGui AH UNSCENTED OH POWDER Ultra Ban 5000 I REGULAR or mint 4 Close-up Toothpaste * 77c BEVERAGES & JUICES I VARIETIES Harvest Day Diet Pop LTO I 1. '-o* can IO* OCEAN f^PRAY 9 Cranapple I J Drink r -JAI I IKJ >176 ROOT BEER ORANGi OQt A OR STRAWBERRY ^ Shasta J Beverages T 8 j n4 Of btl ! 59* REGULAR OR E i ECT RIC per* Brim Coffee All GRINDS Folger’s Coffee . N TANI 4 Sanka Coffee REGULAR OR ELECTRIC PERK Hills Bros. Coffee *2** J *2>* *24’ s3 3 ib 14 FARM FRESH PRODUCE Oui Price Protection Pone, guarani..* mat* prtca.lob* attar ii*. from W.dn.tda, Oclobar ?nd through Tu.aday Oclob*' A 1*74 r.g.rdl.** of coil incraa.a* The proven way to dependable savings. Compare. ;

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