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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - November 29, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa <t Ik Cf tint ftnpitU Indicted Ready for Leftovers Frances, a three-year-old hen turkey, is one bird that didn t have to worry about Thanksgiving. As a matter of fact, she lived to enjoy the leftovers front the holiday repast. Frances is the pet of Owen May, director of the Salinas, Calif., Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. AP Wirephoto Codette Photo by John We Ivor Jokester Repaid on Thanksgiving A joke played by Jim Klinger. 2259 Washington avenue SE, on Mr. and Mrs. Dean Barker some time ago was repaid Thanksgiving morning when signs and a turkey made of chicken wire were found on the front lawn of the Klinger home. Standing in the doorway are Klinger and his two children. Barb, 9, and Jeff, 7. Mrs Barker may have had her fifth graders at Tyler school help with the joke work The Barkers, newcomers to Cedar Kapids, were looking for a home when Klinger led them to a dump via a telephone call. SOP Looks Like ‘Old Auntie' A monkey at the Copenhagen zoo goes through a series of facial contortions for the photographer’s benefit The photographer, who won a photo contest sponsored by the zoo with the character studies, explained that he could not resist the little monkey “because it has a striking resemblance to an old auntie of mine " Automobile Dealers Are Resorting to Drastic Measures To Sell Cars By Art But hwald WASHINGTON — As each day passes by, the automobile dealers are getting more desperate to move their 1975 cars. They’ve tried almost everything under the sun to no avail — well, almost everything. “Attention all cars — attention all cars — go to Overview Terrace — a family is being held hostage by a madman " “Zipkmd, we know you’re in there. Throw your weapon out the window and come out with your hands up and you won t get hurt ” “Not unless the Friedens agree to my terms.’’ “What are your terms?” "They buy a new four-door Buccaneer station wagon with genuine leather seats, power steering, air-conditioning and white- buchwald wall tires. I’ll throw in the radial tires for free “ “Zipkind, that is no way to sell an automobile.’’ Tried Everything AP Wirephoto* "I ve tried everything else, copper. I begged them to come into the showroom. I promised the greatest trade-in of their lives. I offered them financing over 48 months But they just laughed at me. Well, now it’s my turn to laugh They either sign a contract or else ..." “Let me speak to Fnedkm ” “Here he is copper, but I warn you, if he makes one false move ..." “Fnedkin, are you willing to give in to Zipkmd’s demands?” "I’d like to, commissioner, but I don’t have the money. Who can afford a new car these days?" “Zipkmd, here is your wife Esmerelda " Please Come Out “Horace, please come out of the house Even if you sell the Friedkms a car, you can’t keep holding people as hostages every time you want to make a sale." “No dice, E sm ere I da. If I don’t sell any ’75 cars, they'll take my dealership away from me. I have to think of us. I warned Fnedkm something like this would happen if he kept stalling on the new models ” “Zipkmd, we're losing patience with you. You either come out or we’re coming in after you " “All nght, copper, I’m coming out But Fnedkm is going to Ik* sorry. When he goes to buy his next new car he’ll tie paying IMO more than they’re selling for right now," “Got in the cruiser, Zipkmd We’re taking you down to headquarters.” “Hey, copper. What are you doing with a 1973 cruiser? How about a new ’75 Amazon? I’ll throw in a siren and a red light gratis, and you get a two-year warranty on all parts except the engine. I ll give you MOO for this heap, no questions asked ’’ “Sorry, Zipkmd, but there s a freeze on in the department and we can’t buy any new cruisers " “That’s what I thought, copper W’hen it comet to a new car you’re all talk." Coo*right Iff4. Lot Angelet Timet 31 Times Linda Taylor, 47, leaves the Cook county court in Chicago following her arraignment on a 31-count indictment involving her alleged receipt of illegal welfare benefits, medical assistance, food stamps, Social Security and veterans benefits. Authorities said evidence indicates Mrs. Taylor masterminded a scheme in which she used 80 different names, 30 addresses, and 15 phone numbers. She is accused of receiving benefits on behalf of three deceased husbands and 27 children. Mrs. Taylor pleaded innocent to all charges. UPI Telephoto UPI T etepboto Lead Empty Cheering Section to Victory l^ack of a cheering section didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of Mt. Hood college cheerleaders from Gresham, Ore , as they bounced their rah-rahs off the empty stands. Mi. Hood went on to defeat the Seattle Community college Sea Kings in the annual Tip-Off basketball tourney at Bellevue college. Wash ;

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