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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 28, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 'ftht (Irclur l\n pieta (Sajrt+c Go/o»p Photos bv Duonp CrooMemorial Day. ’74 %/ The Cedar Rapids Veterans council held traditional Memorial day services Monday, starting with a parade from Jones park to Linwood cemetery. Jim Matejka. 251)1 Mt Vernon road SE. is a trombonist with the CFW band. AU veterans organizations and the emerald Knights drum and bugle corps participated Brownies and Junior Cirl Scouts of Cedar Rapids run for position    Maynard, vice-chairman    of the National Americanism council of the in the Memorial day parade Speaker at ceremonies was Leo    American Legion The armed forces have come a long way from the regulation short hair of yesteryear These naval reservists were pictured as thee marched in the Memorial day parade Monday morningUA MU * i/ftto Pho*o bv John AA Injured Albino Sieve Klein, la, son of Mr and Mrs Aria Klein of Hiawatha, found this albino robin (?) in the rose garden near their home. The bird had an injured wing and Steve is caring for it until it is ready to fly again End of A Free Fall I railing smoke to provide visibilitv tor the crowd, this arms parachutist /crocs iii on a far 'et near Lincoln Neb., baseball field. The army's Golden Knights parachute team drew a large audience. Daytime (Aune M ill Send Orangutans Hack to    Foot Flay Bv Luna Hornbeck The Phoenix zoo recently confirmed a suspicion of mine Take two orangutans, install a television set outside their cage, and thev ll tune in “Let s Make a Deal'' over Alistair < 'coke everytime. The TA set wasn’t installed to do a survey iii taste, lf was wheeled in because Bon and Dutchess had been tearing their i age apart from boredom and it was thought watching television might give them something to do \f first, the animals watched everything that moved Then they became more selective. They were restless during Sesame Street, irritable to Jack LaLanne and played with their feet during the mid-mormng news. Then came the card games, the pyramids. the lights and buzzers, half-hidden puzzles. stuttering celebrities and secret doors and the orangutans went bananas. bomneck personality Sales I full thin of SInurn I didn t feel I could fairly assess the emotions of tilt* orangutans until I had watched a full day of game shows myself So, one morning last week. I begall with Password right after breakfast and didn t stir from iii front of the set until To Tell the Truth went off at 7 p m. Bv this time I had undergone a complete looked like change Fveryone looked like Soupy wanted a five-piece dinette set for remembering mv own name I pushed imaginary buzzers and shouted out for no apparent reason \ St it* Ti in Time Saves Nine" dinner was a challenge and I couldn't remember if it was in door No I (tile oven), door No 2. (the freezer) or door No J (tin1 cupboard) \lso I didn t seem to lie able to concentrate on what anyone was saying I'd inst smile and mumble, “I want to come flack tomorrow and try for the car " But the one game I seemed to bo filing up    on    was    the New Iv wed Game ll is basicall.v a game where    a    wife tries    lo answer tile questions (fie wax she thinks lier husband will an-swi i and vice versa. It s a shortcut to World war III Turning to my husband I asked suspiciously, “What would you sax would lie tile most embarrassing moment at our wedding'’" "When our kids showed up Itnliirbilu'M iii blain’ Bn I that like you to be cute when there are two motorbikes riding on an answer'*" okay. if you want a straight answer, when your Mother arrived iii a black veil and a hearse ” Mavfie we d Im*!tor get if all out in the open Neah. well, maybe I should give you more room Ihe door slammed I don I like to overreact, but I think it is on In a matter of '"tore Ben and Duchess ta) go back to paving with 'heir feet (lo start ripping up the cage again, or (o are con testanls on the Newlywed Game ;

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