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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 18, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa g I ho Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sat., May IS. 1974 White House To Keep Gift Records Private Guilty Plea on Mint Plans Get-Out-the-Penny Drive Information to Public f    (if    A    Cl    11 Mf ITI    IMM — A Iii 11 WASHINGTON (AP) — ’Hie White House continues to consider its records of foreign gifts to President Nixon and his family a matter for confidentiality and will not open the records to public or press view. Deputy Press Secretary Gerald Warren said Thursday the White House view is that publicizing such gifts might cause embarrassment in diplomatic dealings with other countries. No Request He said the White House has not received any request from the watchdog General Account-\ ing Office for information on, the White House gifts unit files' of thousands of presidential) gifts. Attention has been focused on presidential gifts since disclos-j lire Tuesday by the Washington Post’s Maxine Cheshire that the Nixon family received gifts of three sets of expensive jewels over tho past five years from the Saudi Arabian royal family, and, that those gifts were never made public, though Mrs. Nix-1 on and her daughters wore the jewels at official functions. Tile senate foreign relations committee says its acting chairman, Sen. John Sparkman (D-Ala.) sent a letter April ll — a month before the Washington Post story appeared — asking the GAO to look into the functioning of a 1966 law regulating official gifts. That law specifies that any gift of value given an American official or member of his family by a foreign dignitary or foreign 1 government becomes the property of the U. S. Gifts Unit Early in the Nixon administration, the White House set up a record-keeping gifts unit in the Executive Office building, and Mrs. Cheshire said she was shown a card in the gift record file to verify that at least one set of Arabian jewels was duly recorded. However, no other reporters or photographers have been permitted to view the files. Warren says all of the Saudi Arabian jewelry was recorded when it was received. But he concedes that Mrs. Nixon kept the jewels in her bedroom wall-safe and that she and her daughters occasionally wore them. Warren also doesn't dispute that it was only after Mrs. Cheshire began her inquiry about the jewels that they were turned over to the White House gifts unit. Warren said the gifts always were acknowledged to be U.S. property ani! that the Nixons plan to turn all of their gifts and gift records over to a Nixon library when they leave the White House. egal Donation WASHINGTON (API — The former president of a Pennsylvania dairy cooperative Richard Allison, pled guilty Friday of consenting to an illegal $50.OOO corporate contribution to Pres-; ident Nixon’s 1972 re-election campaign. After his lawyer pled that I Allison had lost his job as head of Lehigh Valley Cooperative, Farmers of Allentown because! of the contribution. U.S. District Judge George Hart suspended a $1,000 fine and placed Allison on a month’s unsupervised proha-! t ion. It was the first time in IO illegal corporate contributions cases that a defendant has got off without paying a fine. IO YEARS AGO - Marching two by two in a silent prayerful procession clergymen and c h u r c Ii laymen, white and I Negro, from 40 states marched on the steps of the Capitol to ( urge quick passage of a strong civil rights bill. WASHINGTON (AP) - The U.S. mint is planning a nationwide get-out-the-penny campaign in an effort to ease a shortage that is daily growing worse. Pennies are in such short supply that some supermarket chains have asked permission to use paper scrip in place of pennies in their stores. The mint has not yet responded to these requests, although it promises an opinion soon on whether use of scrip in such a way would be legal. Mint Director Mary Brooks said the government has started a study of the nation’s coinage, including whether there is need for a two-and-onc-half cent piece to help relieve the pressure on the penny. The shortage is nationwide. 20 YEARS AGO — Vicepresident Nixon said that he believed IO years of government! service “will be long enough” for him. Because demand was exceeding supply, Federal Reserve banks started a month ago to ration pennies to commercial banks. But the big Federal Reserve bank in Chicago still ran completely out of pennies this month. “It all started when we asked for the aluminum legislation,” Miss Brooks said. Earlier this year the mint proposed making pennies out of aluminum because of rising copper prices. That idea has since been dropped but Miss Brooks said many people apparently are hoarding pennies thinking they can sell them at a profit later when the price of the copper content exceeds the value of the penny. She said this is impractical because of the huge quantities of pennies that would be need l'd to make a significant profit. "it’s a phenomenon that, when the American people hear there may be a shortage, they create one,” she said. Treasury sources said hanks may also be partly responsible for the shortage because they were reluctant in the p a s t to handle pennies brought in by the public. The sources said that may have caused people to begin simply putting pennies in drawers. Miss Brooks said there is no real shortage of pennies, they are just not being circulated. “We estimate there are JO billion pennies just languishing away in people’s dressers, pickle jars, coffee cans, luiloved and unwanted and unused, and they should be back iii circulation,” she said. The mint already has don bled penny production this year to 35 million a day. It could produce more, but only at a strain on its equipment, Miss Brooks said. The mint is preparing plans for a nationwide drive to induce Americans to return their pennies to circulation, sources said. Details may be announced next week. WASHINGTON (AB) A bill designed to provide consumers with test results on virtually all products offered for sale has Ih'cii introduced by the chairman of the senate commerce committee. Sen. Warren Magnuson, CD-Wash.), said the bill would direct the Federal Trade commission and the National Bureau of Standards to set product classifications and testing standards. Test results would be available at the point of purchase. drapery will ultimately fall apart if not cleaned properly. Phone Coit Drapery Cleaners for a free estimate, no obligation. PHONE 364-8059 NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT OF ADMINISTRATOR AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS Probate No. P1035-0574 In the District Court of the State of lowa in and for Lion County in the matter of the estate of BETSY JANE FARMER, Daceased To all persoos interested in the estate of Betsy Jane Farmer, Deceased-You are hereby notified that on the 14th day of May, 19/4, the undersigned was appointed administrator of said es-! ta e. Notice is hereby given that all persons indented to said estate are request-1 ed to make immediate payment to the undersigned, and creditors havinq claims against said es ate shall file them with the clerk of the above named district I court, as provided bv law, tfcjlv authenticated. for allowance, and unless so j filed six months from the second pub-1 location of this notice (unless otherwise! allowed or hard) such claims shall there-1 after be forever barred. Dated this 14th day of May, 1974. LESLIE P FARMER. I Administrator of said Estate Cedar Rapids, Iowa ROBERT C, NELSON, Attorney for said Administrator Cedar Rapids, Iowa Date of second publication: 25th day of May, 1974. PUBLIC NOTICE State of Iowa, County of Linn NOTICE OF LOCATION AND DESIGN APPROVAL IN RE: DESIGN OF FAM PROJECTS Aft-SRS I (201) — 81-57 ANO M-9012    (203)—81-57 ATH STREET SE IN CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA. To whom it may concern: Notice is hereby given to all interested persons that the Iowa state highway j commission received project location and j design approval from The federal highway administration on May 8.    1974. This approval provides authorization for the City of Cedar Rapids to initiate the preparation of final plans and "peci-fications. The project is defined as tot- j ‘^LOCATION AND DESCRIPTION The proposed protect begins at 1st j Avenue West and extends in a southerly j direction alona 6th Street SW to 8th Avenue SW The project wilt include: widening the existing system to a 4-lane facility. Drawing-, and fetches as well as a'l other information submitted in sud. pod of the request for approval are: Dubiety available at the office of the city engineer, city hall. Cedar Rapids. Iowa Dated this 15th day of AAay, 1974 JOHN E. ARTHURS. City Clr*rV Publi«hed in The Cedar Rapids Gazette on May 18. 1974. 20 YEARS AGO — Two top Georgia officials hinted at open defiance of the U.S. supreme court decision outlawing segregation in public schools. 30 YEARS AGO — A repatriated American reported that despite heavy Allied bombing, German railroads were not badly hit. Phone 364-0213 for F-A-S-T APPLIANCE SERVICE We Service All Makes +irrtpxrixi± ji J; Vjf ^'Uy ■■ t    I Use the equity in your home for a $5,000 - plus Remodeling Loan. 4 MORRIS PLAN ► ;

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