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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 18, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa I I I® ¥ Foxy Brown’ Requires Strong Stomach, Stout Ear WH* * Ik t*ii The Odar Rapids Gazette: Sat., May 18, 1971 "Foxy Brown" with Porn Gnor and Peter drown A Bu// Feitshans production released by American International At the Paramount theater Hollywood rating R Under I 7 not admitted unless accent panted by parent or adult guardian By Doc Halliday The lilies flushed nu the screen al the beginning of “Foxy Hmmm” are accompanied by sonic very striking visual effects and some passable music Once the movie itself begins, however, the entire undertaking degenerates into a sleazy combination of black exploitation movie, filmed scenes from men s pulp magazines and imitation Peckinpah v intoner It begins as Foxy (Pain Oner) is waiting for her boyfriend (Terry ( arter) whit is just getting out of the hospi tai Ile is a retiring undercover narcotics agent who is getting a new identity bv means of plastic surgery Sells Information It is supposed to be a secret Out Foxy’s brother (Antonia Fargus). who is in debt to the mob, figures things out and sells the information to Steve Ollas (Peter Brown) and ('atherine Wall (Kathryn Boder), who load the local crime organization They still harbor a grudge against tin* agent and have him killed Foxy swears vengeance and infiltrates the mob s top-level prostitution ring. What follows is an incredible barrage of garish bloodshed, blatant sadomasochism and unneeded scones of mutilation. Foxy worms her wax out of the prostitution ring, lights her way out of a lesbian bar. storms lier way out of the clutches of heroin dealing ab duetors and finally links up witll a black militant vigilante group Inept Acting This all sounds like a breathless pace for a young girl but unfortunately the action scenes can only last so long md when they end one IS forced once again to listen to the dialog The acting is generally inept although Peter-Brown shows signs of competence The camera work can best be described as neo-stag flick Director Jack Hill seems to lose control of things in his action scenes and is faintly reminiscent of a man who tries to drive thumbtacks w itll a sledge hammer All in all, one needs a strong stomach and a stout ear to sit through ‘‘Foxy Brown”. Peppard Saves Newman s Law' from Being Standard Police Film "Newman 's Law", with George Peppard and Roger Robinson A Rte ha re! Irving production released by Univer sal At the Plaza theater Hollywood rating PG Parental guidance suggested By Mike Deuprcc An honest, hard-nosed cop is caught between warring members of organized crime and some shabby big-city poll tics Result lie s framed while trying to nail down a case against a large narcotics operation Sounds Familiar This leads to a lew gun bat ties. plenty of action, con* siderable swearing and a surprise ending that isn’t too surprising lf it sounds familiar, it should, because ‘‘Newman’s Baw” is merely the latest iii a glut of police movies spawned by the success of ‘ Bullitt” and ‘ Tho French Connection”. Those who enjoy this type film will like "Newman’s Baw ”, a slick, fast -univ mg film with solid performances throughout, particularly by George Peppard as Vince Newman and Roger Robinson as his partner Peppard underplays the role of Newman, lending believability to a role that could easily have degenerated into a stereotype supercop. The Halo Bike Idled same can’t be said for $5 Million Price Tag On ‘GWTW NEW VORK (BPI) — “Gone With the Wind”, the I AM film classic that has sold more theater admissions than any other motion picture, will be shown on television for the first time in 1970 NBB TV is paying $5 million — the highest price ever paid for a single program — for a single showing in 197H, BPI has learned The movie has been Theater Times for Saturday PARAMOUNT - "Foxy Brown" — 2 LMI, 4:10, (i. 7:50, 0 JO IOWA - "The Great Gatsby” - I 3(1, 3:55, 7 ID. A 35. WORBD — "The Sting" — 1 50, 4 15. 0:55, 9 30; shorts — I 30. 3 55. « 30, 9:05. TIMES — ‘‘Pinocchio in Outer Space” — I 30. 2 40, 4; “The Twelve Chairs" — 5:30, 7:20, A:20; shorts — 7:05, A. I — "American — 2:35, 4:40, 7 45. Bit Parts: Bob Barker signed to host “Truth or Consequences” for the IHth straight year John Morley will star in Para mount’s “Framed”. Peter I’stinov will star for Disney in "One of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing”. Trophy Lounge presents this Sat. Night “PERRO GORDO" ill ll Strict B f PLAZA — “Newman’s Baw” — 2. 4 05, 5:55, 7:50. A 45. STAGE Graffiti” A: 50 STAGE 2 — “Godspell” — 2 40. 4 40. 7 40. A 40. STAGE 3 — “Big Store” — 2 30. 5:40, 9:40. “Night at the Opera” — 4. 8. STAGE 4 - “The Way We Were” - 2:30. 4 45. 7.30, A 45. EASTOW N I — “The Exor* cist” - 2:J5. 4:30, 7.15. 9:30. ‘The Millionaire’ with Sabah Arabic Movie Sunday 4-6 A 6-8 Ticket* at Door Stage 4 Theatre K-Mart West “Head Stone” don't miss ’em Tonight! Coming: Free Wedding Dance Sat. May 25 with Dick Kotolion Every Sat 5:30-9 p.m. BEEFEATERS BUFFET $2.95 per person Children under IO, $1.95 Rcxnt Round of Beef, Beef Stroganoff, Satori* Relishes, Desserts Grant Wood Kitchen SWISHER ROOSEVELT MOTOR HOTEL CMI was. urn N ADJACENT QUKT PARKING / Hurry) Final Day*! “THE GREAT GATSBY „ob«t »toro«D-Mi» r»*«ow — PG — No Pat*** Bf J, PICTUM or “THE STING PAUL H.WMAH-.O.UT «OrO.O — PG — Color PLAZA 393*0439 —PG — TODAY! OPEN 1=45 GEORGE CCPCARO- Color ,OM* OMN'45 'Yox\r R — Color TIMES $64*0413 NOW) MU BROOKS “12 CHAIRS” with DOM DELUISE —G — Color OPtN today AT I RM SIS PLENTY OF FRIE parking HOW! "NAI 1 now! a wee* J* * Wu,kol Mo, I*' rn G -    • THE KINGS Of KOMIDY MARX BROS. “THE BIG STORE plu* I MICHI »! HI »»«»_ Toyrfh*' and Tarried STREISAND a REDFORD ■ THE WAY m ME WEHE po KAST!IWN 2 - ''Butch ( as-sidy and the Sundance Kid” — I. 3, 5, 7, A. MARION -I I 5, 7 I ll Features at ll. COBBINS — “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” — 8 45, 12 4(1. “The Neptune Factor” — 10:5ft. TWIXT TOWN - “All the Young Wives” — 8;45; “The Secretary” — IO 20. “The Private Duty Nurses” — 11:5ft TWIN WEST - "The Teacher” — 8:50; “The Young Graduates” — IO 45; “Class of ’44” — 12:30; “Barbarella” — TWIN KAST - “Deranged” — 8:50; "Sisters" — 10:30; "The Vampire Fevers" — 12:05. periodically released by MGM since it opened iii Atlanta — the setting of much of the film — in IHI it w as ICH bn it ally renovated iii 1AH7 for large screen projection The standard price paid for networks for two runs of a successful movie is $750,(HIO, though “blockbusters" bring higher prices The highest price previously paid for a feature film was $3 3 million, which A Bf'-TV bid last year for "The Poseidon Adventure". to be shown this fall With a running time of three hours. 40 minutes, “Gone With the Wind” could carry up to 30 minutes of commercials if shown in prime time. Variety, the show business weekly, shows that “The Godfather” and "The Sound of URBANA FEED & IMPLEMENT CO. MAIN STRiET-URBANA Presents Fri. & Sat. Night “CANTUS” 9 to 1:30 • Breasted Chicken and Pizza Music” both grossed more at (fie box office than “Gone Wit ti the Wind", but the higher gross figures for those two are attributed to higher theater admission prices A tonite A The Bank presents “SWEET NOTHIN” director Richard Heffron, who gets his |)Oint across about Newman chiefly by highlighting Poppard’s head with a halo-like effect No thorns or cross, but we get (fie idea Heffron effectively uses a moving ( amora, especially in a fine action scene- near the end where the good guys and the bad guys arid the in-betweens battle it out in a deserted shopping center If you re looking for an hour and a half of well done, if standard, action fare, or if you’re simply a Peppard fan, you could do worse than “Newman’s Baw”. ((infusing Rating One point is a little confusing, though In advance publicity and advertising, the film is rated PG The film itself, however, proclaims a G rating in the credits Ifs con fusing because, despite the lack of sex or nudity, there s enough violence, profanity and obscenity in the film to justify an II rating If those things bother you. it might be a good idea to check the film out before turning the youngsters loose to go see it OPEN BOO COLLINS ROAD SHOW 8:30 ★NOW thru TUES. * 2 COLOR GIANTS* ★ MONDAY ★ annual May bikini contest SUNDAY FAMILY BUFFET 11:49 to 2 and 5 lo 8 p.m. $2.75 per parson Chitortn under IO, $1 95 Fried Country Chick**, Swis* Steak, Baked Ham, Chow Mem, Vegetable*, choice of Salad* and De**ert Grant Wood Kitchen ROOSEVELT MOTOR HOTEL k«YjKdjacentGue*^ F,RST am-run RE-ISSUE! (PG) COLOR YOU SAW SAMPLES FON TV NOW ENJOY IT ON OUR BIG SCREEN! BUKH & THE KID ARE BACK! Just for the fun of HI COME AS LATI-. AS IO JO ANO St F BOTH COMPLETE SHOWS RAUL NEWMAN ROBERT REDFORD KATHARINE ROSS HOW DOES AN 1B YEAR OLD GIRL BECOME A 19 YEAR OLO WOMAN1 UTE SHOWS FII SAT ll 00pm SHOWS DAILY IU. J 5, 7, & 9 “TWO SISTERS” ONE SO ANXIOUS GROW-UP . . . AND OTHER WHO GREW UP TOO FAST . . . PLUS 2ND BIG HIT “THE STREAKING BAT" Multi MUT TSI - 10th St. THEATRE PHONE 377*1413 STARTS WED., MAY 22ND “ANIMAL LOVERS *» OPEN 8:15 SHOW 8:40 "eke THREE VERY ADULT HITS eCOLOR* They knew what they wanted and how GD to get it! J_I J PROBABLY THE MOST ENTERTAINING WESTERN EVER MADE BUTCH & THE KID ARE BACK! Just for the fun of it! OPEN FRI. 6:30 SHOWS 7:00 9:00 OPtN SAT. SUN. 12:30 I.3,5,7,9 JNS, IP > J ALLTHE YOUNG WIVES I th Irhat the y do tiff duty thath really j filtrate! , E -ria J —BONUS 2ND HIT—, SHOW AT 10:20 A good StCretOJUf knou^ kouf ti) k fakt eau ofi to bo.??. ISecbetaby -BONUS 3RD HIT—( mrwm SHOW 11:50 f. HIT SONG RAINDROPS KEEP FALLING ON MY HEAD PAUL NEWMAN ROBERT REDFORD KATHARINE ROSS. V BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID PG NOW! NO WAITING IN LONG LINES TO SEE IT! A LOT OF PEOPLE HAVE BEEN TELLING US THAT THEY WANT TO SEE “THE EXORCIST” BUT DON’T LIKE WAITING IN LONG LINES. NOW, IMMEDIATE SEATING IS AVAILABLE lith WEEK SHOWS FRIOU 7    9,3o| sit.sum. 2 15.4jo 2(15.9:30 “BUTCH CASSIDY AHD THE SUHDAHCE KID" 'N*. 2-    THE MOST FANTASTIC    Q UNDERSEA ODYSSEY EVEP FILMED ^ PANAVIolON    70th    Century    Fox    presents THE NEPTUNE FACTOR ♦ 6300 SIXTH ST. SW ★ TEL. 363-6300* AT TMI TWIN EAST DRIVE-IN THEATRE ♦OPEN 8:00 SHOW 8:30* R«RATED HORROR SHOWSI ■IM I * I* •*«    Lip ’’    ,/»y *'■ .V-; ■ w .tiff' '£/$' • -f ■■ V- iff    /, • Pretty Sally Mae died a very unnatural death! .. > •- st- >•' I rn V IP    / ' * (■I COLOB nwM THI conn ssroNs or a Ntceopnnt YOU SAW SAMPLES OH TV... NOW SIE IT IN ALL NTS HORROR ON OUR RIG SC REEN! No. 2- A HORROR SHOCK TREATMENT- WHAT THE DEVIL HAS JOINED LIT NO MAN... HAflGOTKIOOtR ii NNP IR SAT i SIAMESE TWINS AT BIRTH-- ^ Now,cut asunder! Sisters ..mmMOVHUW Iii " A- ★ No. 3 4 lTte HORROR IN COLOR “VAMPIRE LOVERS” ® NOW tim TUES. 3 SHOCKS OPEN 8:00 SHOW 8.30 *6300 SIXTH ST. SW*TEL. 363-6300* AT THE TWIN WEST DRIVE-IN THEATRE rrr THI TEACHER ANGEL TOMPKINS COLOR * No. 2 ★ SHOCK! * A REPORT CARD ON THE LOVE GENERATION! “YOUNG GRADUATES1* (PG) COLOR (0) COLOR ANO. 3 A A SENSUAL BALLI* “CLASS OF ’74”oio« ;

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