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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 14, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa (tlu (iffeint Rapid* —UPI Telephoto Victory Party Demonstrators celebrate tin* landslide defeat of a joint Vat lean-('hristian Democrat attempt to repeal Italy’s divorce law Monday in a national referendum. (Tarryinn red flags, the demonstrators sing tin* Italian Communist party anthem in a victory party at Home’s Piazza NavonaBiking for Governorship ( lark Rasmussen, one arm in a sling as a result of a hike spill last week near Ames, stopped briefly in Cedar Rapids Monday afternoon before continuing down the campaign trail. One of three candidates for the Democratic nomination for governor. Rasmussen said the cross-state bike tour has given him the identification he needed"No ("hance Whatever” During a White House conference Monday with UKW Secretary Casper Weinberger, President Nixon told Weln* bergei there was “no chance . . whatever” of him resigning. During the meeting with Nixon to discuss legislative progress on welfare reform Weinberger said he brought up the subject of resignation and advised the President not to step down UPI Telephoto GoieOe Photo bv Tom berryman Goldenest Oldie Vrthur (iruhl. 72. Ratine. Win . who will receive his I tac he lor of arts degree at tin* Itmersily of Wisconsin-Parkside Sunday, is the ' goldenest oldie * in (lie CW system Druid, who runs his own real estate business, said “You re never list old to learn A chock of the IS degree-granting CW campuses reveals he is Uh* oldest bachelor degree candidate on record Ooirtt* Photo bv L A Maxi First in District Adams elementary school has been awarded the Motor Club of Iowa s 11*74 ii J Timmermann Memorial award for tieing selected the highest rated school patrol in Iowa’s second congressional district and second highest rated patrol in the slate With the trophy after its presentation ai Adams Monday ar**, from left, Dan McCarthy Davenport, Motor Club of Iowa safety manager; buns Cattleman. Adams safety patrol su|**rvisor and sixth grade teacher, and Steve Lind. 12. Adams patrol captain. 4212 Twin Pine drive NKThe Diet Club Gives Member a Fa Ovation For Eating a Cookie By Frma Ii* in be ck A panel of nutrition experts discovered recently that mor people go on diets In May than any other month in the year . the reason being they begin to worry about how they'll look I a swimsuit. (Frankly, it s been on my mind since Februar when I rode a bicycle and my legs still rubbed together.) The plain, simple truth is most people can find more reasons for eating than for not eating I found this out when I lists! to go to my diet meetings where we would confess why we had not lost weight. The excuses dieters give for eating are enough to blow your mind One woman would stand up and say. “I had to go off my diet because I am expecting.” r,    .    ,,    BOMBECK expecting what? asked the leader My mother-in-law and if I don’t get something in my stomach every three hours I become nauseated ” Mmrriaqf 0 omtrmrt The next one would say. “I gained weight because it s in my marriage contract.” "How do you figure that?” ask«*d the leader coldly. Well, my husband used to work the first shift, but he got bumped to the second trick which means he works from 3 to ll When hi* comes in a little after midnight, he hates to eat alone and when we got married we promised to love one another through thick and thin, and these are our thick years and there isn t much I can do about it until he goes back on days ” My favorite story was a woman who ate a cookie When asked why sh*' fell off her diet for a cookie, she took a deep breath and with her eyes misting said. “I ate a cookie because I missed the elevator.” We were all intrigued, including the leader who said, “Do you want to tell us about it?** 0 hip pi* A Im** th Well, she began, “it all began when I chipped my tooth on a pie* e of pizza crust and went to town to see my dentist. I parked in a garage near a department store and since I was early I went over to buy a skirt zipper and I ran into an old I*>yfriend who couldn’t stop staring at my chipped tooth and it started to ram and I wasn’t wearing a slip and I remembered I had forgotten (or was it forgotten to remember) to take the chops out of the freezer and I missed two traffic lights thinking attorn it and I was late to my dentist and he said my gums were going and a lot of people my ag*1 went into braces and when I not to th** garage It was 4 o’clock and m> kids were locked out fur the third time this week and they had just opened up this new tuikerv on the street level of the garage and if I missed thi** elevator I knew sucking on my car keys wouldn’t give me the nourishment I needed Th** door slammed in my face and I al** the lousy cookie!” We gave her a fat ovation ;

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