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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 13, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa (the Cfethtr Rn pieta (fotjrHe UPI Telephoto Standard View Bird’s-eye view of Cable Beach in Nassau is standard with Nassau Beach hotel guests who like to parasail. Guests are hooked into a special harness and towed alongside the beach by a fast-moving speedboat. AP Wirephoto Welcome Their Kin Car Salesmen Know Answers    Wh They %/ Bug Showroom door By Art Buchwald UPI Telephoto No Peeping Muscovites try to take a peep behind a new Kremlin wall in Moscow Without warning or explanation, soldiers erected a fence around Bed Square, barring the famous tourist landmark tit tourists UPI Telephoto How About That? Mttdel Jane Seymour displays a bottle opener of gold, with blue and white diamonds, and worth 250 pounds, in london Shown were winning pieces from "Diamonds Today." Maker of the bottle opener is Russel of london. AP Wirephoto The 120th Syracuse university commencement drew over 10.000    were appropriately greeted.    They lettered their backs with a ‘‘Hello! people, but the last row of graduates in the School of Arts and Science,    Mom and Dad" billboard all advertising-design majors, wanted to make sure Mom and Dad * V / WASHINGTON—It was reported in the press that certain car dealers have been bugging their automobile showrooms so they can hear what people are saying when they’re out of earshot of the salesman. This, of course, makes it easier for the salesman to know what the prospective buyers are thinking. and therefore he can make a better pitch to sell a car. Let’s go into one of these showrooms. The couple has been looking at the cars on the floor alone for about 20 minutes. The salesman comes out of the back office and says: "Well, Fanny, how do you like our new Mark II Panda?” The woman looks startled. “How did you know my name was Fanny?” The salesman gulps. ‘‘Your husband McKinley told me." The husband says, "I never told you her name was Fanny. And how did you know my first name was McKinley?” The salesman says, "Well, honestly, I didn’t know , but I took a wild guess. You look like a Fanny and a McKinley. Now let’s talk about the car. You’re in the market for a hardtop in maroon with brown leather seats.’ Fanny and McKinley look at each other in astonishment.    buchwald ‘'Mind ti ender?" "We are looking for that color,” Fanny says. "You must be a mind reader ” "After you’ve been in this business as long as I have, you get to know that certain people like certain colors. Now we do have a four-door Panda in maroon with bucket seats I’m sorry it doesn't come with a stick shift, McKinley, but you know Fanny doesn't like a stick shift, and I think you should bow to her wishes. " "I know Fanny doesn’t like a stick shift and she knows she doesn't like a stick shift, but how do you know she doesn’t like a stick shift?” The salesman laughs nervously. "By the way she’s carrying her handbag.” "liCt’s get out of here," Fanny says to McKinley “Wan! To Pe ffoneN/” "Wait,” the salesman says "I want to be very honest with you You two don't think you can afford a Panda, what with the orthodontist’s bill for Nicky’s teeth, and your daughter Frieda going off to Oberlin next fall, and Fanny’s mother having to have that operation. Well, let me tell you, with a tradein on your 1%H Ford Mustang, the Panda will still cost you less than $5,000." McKinley asks, "( an I talk to my wife alone'" "Of course," the salesman replies and retires to the back office "This is a real weird place, Fanny Ile knows more about us than our nextdoor neighbors do." "I know," Fanny whispers, "lad s tell him we'll think it over and be back next Tuesday ’’ Tile salesman rushes out of the back office and yells. Could you make it Wednesday? I don’t work on Tuesday, and I d hate to lose the sale ’’ Copyright IV/4, i nt Anuria Tlm«« Singing Message Aspiring actress Veronica Walters delivers a message in song from the* New York office of Garrett Enterprises. The company has been delivering messages since 1972 and started a singing message service last June. Western Union, which offered a singing telegram service for many years, has ended its service except iii New York and California and plans to eliminate it in those states soon Ooiett* Photo by Art ttough Rotary Dignitaries in C.R. Dr Kiyoshi Togasaki, fen mer president of Rotary International, arrived Sunday to speak at the ( edar Rapids Rotary club’s With anniversary observance* Monday noon at the Montrose* hotel. Shown at a reception Sunday are, from left, Charles King, vice-president of tile* Cedar Rapids club; Dr and Mrs Togasaki, both American-born but now living iii Tokyo; Herb Jacobs, Mason City, governor of Rotary district 597, Mrs Jacobs, and (ins Schrader, ( edar Rapids president ;

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