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Cedar Rapids Gazette Newspaper Archives May 11 1990, Page 5

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Gazette (Newspaper) - May 11, 1990, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Guilt Gap separates husbands and wives Boston the woman j does t want perfume for Mother s Day. Nor lingerie. Nor jewelry. She is too practical for the Peignoir that graces the newspaper and that lies Between us As we Fly from West to East from work to Home. What she would like for Mother s Day she says is a Bridge. Something sturdy to Span the Gap that has eroded Between herself and her husband the Mother and father of their children. A Bridge for what she has come to Call the guilt Gap. Just 10 years ago the couple had a relationship built on the most up to Date principles of marital engineering. They had schooled together worked together shared housekeeping or non housekeeping together. They were also of the generation that went to birthing classes and used words like parenting instead of mothering. But 10 years and two children later the infrastructure of their partnership showed some Wear and tear. One of the things they prize a kind of rough Equality Between them had shifted in ways she never predicted. The Gap had opened not just Over what they did but what they Felt. When it came time to leave their first baby with a Sitter she was the one who was More anxious. When they went looking for Day care she was the one with More expectations More misgivings. When the teacher in second Grade was incompetent and the kids in a fourth Grade unkind she was one who Felt it. Acutely. And when it seemed the children needed More More attention More time she was the one who gave it. My companion says that in Many ways the differences Between her and her husband Are personal. He regards the children As sturdy. She regards them As fragile. He sees their problems As potholes they will ride around or Bounce Over. She sees them As Early warning signs of a possible collapse. But she also calculates that these personal differences run along gender lines and i agree. The guilt Gap the worry chasm May be narrower than before. But it most often has mothers on one Side and fathers on the other. Mothering and parenting Are not yet not quite the same. Indeed the Parent who reads the children most closely who feels their needs most directly often finds herself faced with dozens of Small choices that add up. Each seemed to present some conflict Between the easy assumed Equality of their Early marriage and the needs of their children. In the Case of my companion one of these choices was the task that took her away from Home and deposited her beside me on this flight. Another was the Job she declined because it meant nights. A third and fourth and fifth were decisions about How to spend time As a couple or a family. None of them was easy. So for this her 10th Mother s Day she would like that Bridge Over the guilt Gap or at least some gravel to cover Over their double Standard of worrying. She wants them on the same track. But which track would she choose i ask my fellow traveler does she worry too much about the children or he too Little does she want to Cross to his Side or get him to Cross to hers she in t certain. But As we talk it seems to. Both of us two veterans of motherhood that in these past decades mothers have gone the furthest in the movement from a double Standard to a single Standard. In households with double standards of cleanliness she says it is easier to Drift to an equal Standard of messiness. In households with his and her standards of what children need i reply it is easier to Drift to a single Standard of letting go. The result we both calculate has been a net loss in housework and a net loss in taking. But there is a difference Between kids and dust balls. You cannot do an occasional full tilt Spring parenting Job and then let it slide. So the question is How parents can become More like mothers. How to raise awareness about what s missing what s needed what s important in children s lives. Teaching guilt that goad to caring May be As hard As training someone to see dirt on the window Sill. But this is what Many mothers want for their Day and for their life. They want men to pick up More than the laundry. To pick up More of the anxiety and stretch it across the Gap that still separates husbands and wives mothers and fathers. We have finally come to that Bridge. Now to Cross it. Ellen Goodman s column appears tuesdays and fridays in the Gazette. Falcon restocking returns to . Airliner dives to avoid . Jets Frankfurt West Germany a a British Airliner nearly collided with two . Air Force jets thursday and two passengers were injured when the plane s Pilot made a nose dive to avoid a crash authorities said. The Dan air British Turboprop was carrying 15 passengers including a child and a Crew of six on a flight from West Berlin to Saa Bruecken near the French Border. Two passengers required Hospital treatment for contusions suffered when they were thrown out of their seats As the plane dived suddenly according to a statement released by the Interior ministry of the state of Rhine land palatinate. A newspaper said the passenger plane missed the two fighters by 50 feet. I 1 Hen printed with soy Ink commitment to the future the Gazette promotes agriculture by printing with soybean Ink. The Gazette often prints on recycled newsprint and encourages readers to drop newspapers for recycling in boxes at City Carton. 4250 sixth St. So. And the Noel Ridge swimming Pool parking lot at 42nd and Council streets be the Cedar rapids Gazette uses 095680 established in 1883 by the Gazette company and published daily and sunday at 500 third Avenue be. Cedar rapids. Iowa 52401. Second class postage paid at Cedar rapids. Iowa. Subscription rates by Carrier $2.85 per week. Motor route delivery $3.35 per week. By mail morning editions and sunday. 7 issues. $12.80 for 4 weeks $141.40 for 52 weeks. Other Stales and . Territories. $197.60 for 52 weeks. No mail subscriptions accepted in areas having Gazette Carrier service. The associated press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of All the local news printed in this newspaper As Well As All a news dispatches. Postmaster Send address changes to Cedar rapids Gazette. Inc. . Box 511. Cedar rapids la. 52406. Pacific Northwest & Canadian Rockies bus tour Calgary Stampede Glacier National Park Lake Louise Butchart gardens Yellowstone National Park july 7-22.1990 details have just been released on the Pacific Northwest & Canadian Rockies bus tour via deluxe motor coach which includes the Calgary Stampede giant Springs Lake Louise Banff Yoho National Park Glacier National Park Cascade Range ferry to Victoria and Butchart gardens Vancouver Seattle Missoula Yellowstone National Park. One of the highlights of this tour is the Calgary Stampede. We will attend the world famous Chuck Wagon races and other events. Senior citizens discounts Are Given on this tour. For Complete information Contact Smokey Smith Tours inc., 207 4th Street West Des Moines a 50265. Phone 515-255-9018 or toll free 1-800-234-9018. You can Board this tour in Des Moines Omaha Lincoln a Aurora Kearney & North Platte i i 12 Peregrine Chicks expected this summer by Jim Mayer Gazette outdoor editor Peregrine Falcons will be Back in Cedar rapids this summer. State officials Hope to raise 12 of the endangered Falcons Chicks on top of the telecoms Usa building. That s two More Birds than were stocked last summer. We Hope to get the Birds by late june said Laura Jackson of Boone the department of natural resources Urban biologist who Heads the Peregrine restoration project. Jackson and her Crew will be in Cedar rapids May 21 to erect two hacking boxes in which the Birds will live on top of telecoms s building at second Avenue and fifth Street be. Last year Only one hacking Box was used and Birds were obtained in two batches of five each about a month apart plus an extra Bird from Ohio. One Bird died in the late summer. Nine grew to maturity eight migrated. One stayed but died of injuries on feb. 13. Jackson said the original plan called for releasing 55 Birds in Iowa Over six years. After the Birds reach reproductive age at two to three years they become very territorial. If the Birds return to Cedar rapids to nest As officials Hope the restocking project would have to be moved to another City because the adults would not tolerate the fled Ings. Jackson said she does t expect the Birds Falcon watch raised in 1989 to return until they Are ready to nest. Their latin name Falso Peregrinus Means wanderer Jackson said. There s no pattern to where they might go or be until they Start but they usually return to the area they grew up to nest. That s what officials Are hoping so peregrines can be re established in Interior Iowa. Peregrines once lived along the Cliffs of Palisades Kepler state Park and similar places in Eastern Iowa but have become an endangered species partly because of the upswing in the number of great horned owls an enemy of the peregrines and the use of chemicals including Dot. The last known nesting in this area was More than 20 years ago. Restocking efforts have been entered in cities because biologists have Learned that peregrines use tall buildings and the air currents Between them much As they use Rocky Cliffs and air current in valleys and because there is less danger from great horned owls. The program has been successful in other cities and is under Way in Omaha and Minneapolis As Well As several locations in Wisconsin. Kirkwood Community College staff and students did a Survey in Early april but did t find any peregrines around Cedar rapids. We did another Survey the end of april and did t find any either Jackson said. If there were adult peregrines around the project probably would have had to move to another City. Jackson said the state buys the Birds from a licensed breeder in the Minneapolis area. His Birds Are laying and eggs Are being incubated now she said. The Young Birds will be shipped Here 32 Days after they Hatch when they Are old enough to tear their own food but before they can Fly. They will be fed daily Here until they learn to Fly and to catch prey. They eat mostly Small Birds which they usually catch on the Fly. The project costs $2,000 per Bird Jackson said and funding help is being sought. We Are hoping conservation groups will help pay for two Birds Jackson said. The state budgeted Only for 10 Birds. If we can take two extra Birds a year we can reach the goal of 55 Birds released in five years instead of six saving the Money needed for one year of the program she explained. In recent months she said groups have raised More than $6,000 to help pay for the second Batch of Birds released in 1989. Next thursday at a 10 45 . Assembly and news conference at Washington High school in Cedar rapids Jackson will thank students for Money they raised for last year s project. Washington students raised $1,000 and got a Matching Grant from Iowa electric for another $1,000," Jackson said. Among other recent donors Are the Johnson county Izaak Walton league merchants National Bank and the Iowa wildlife re Habil stators association Jackson said. 10-month school year gets Miller s backing Des Moines a democratic candidate for governor Tom Miller has proposed lengthening the school year to 10 months and putting the new system in place in a matter of a couple of the longer school year could begin voluntarily but quickly should become a requirement said Miller who has been attorney general for 12 years. We have to be More creative in the length of the school year move to a longer school year Miller said in a meeting with associated press reporters and editors. I think there has to be a Good decent Block of time in the summer when kids can be kids and just go and have a great time. That s part of growing up an important part but it does t have to be As Long As it is Iowa students no longer compete Only with children from other states but Are now part of a global Economy and compete with school systems in other countries he said. We can t be Content anymore just to say our act scores Are better than other states Miller said. The key to that would be simply keeping children in school longer he said. Asked How Many months the new school year should Span Miller said i would t say 11, maybe 10." Iowa students attend school for nine months and Many districts offer summer programs. The idea of a longer school year is not new but it would reshape the state s educational system. Rep. Art Ollie a Clinton this year said officials should begin to consider a longer school year and predicted it eventually would be accepted. Tom Miller the main obstacle to a longer school year is Money. Ollie estimated lengthening the school year by a month would Cost $200 million. Others said the Cost would be higher because Many buildings would have to be air conditioned and other improvements would have to be made for use in the summer. It costs $1.7 billion to run Iowa schools for nine months. Adding another month would Cost about $197 million in new operating expenses. Throughout his Campaign Miller has consistently opposed general tax increases. I Don t see us raising income sales or property taxes in a Miller administration Miller said during a Campaign debate wednesday. Ollie s proposal called for the longer school year to be a local option with voter approval required for higher property taxes to finance the longer year. Correction Linn county is paying $28,000 a year to rent the building that houses lifts operations. A Gazette Story thursday gave an  incorrect rent figure. The Gazette will respond to complaints about the accuracy fairness and completeness of reports and headlines in the newspaper. When a report is found to be wrong or misleading a correction or clarification will be published in this space. Phone 398-8313. 200 rings from Pawn to choose from $49-$79 r \ijpjtijpjj4 105 3rd ave be 366-1554 ii is1a/wvj across from if Nuur across from in Tower open Mon. & thurs. Until 8 pm Ripley s believes in . Man s tale stolen and found Saga captures cartoon s fancy by Donna Lee Olson Gazette staff writer a Canadian official of Ripley s believe it or not is ready to believe a bizarre Iowa Story. The tale is about Bob Prenosil 59, of Cedar rapids who went to a Swap meet in March Only to discover a stolen from him almost 30 years earlier. Prenosil s unusual Story first appeared in april 10 editions of the Gazette. Since then the amazing stolen and found Story on the 1937 Ford Tudor has made its Way around the country. It even attracted the notice of the famous Ripley s believe it or not a company obsessed with finding the Odd and unusual to illustrate in its cartoon which is published in 170 newspapers worldwide. At Ripley s Toronto office vice president Edward Meyer said he s just waiting for verification that Prenosil originally owned the that it was stolen in 1961, and that the Iowa owner discovered it himself after three decades. It sounds like hell have the proof Meyer said. As far As i m concerned if he can show that i la be a Happy camper. This Story is a first rate believe it of not Story. Finding the was Meyer said his company also is considering buying the for one of its museums. By the end of this year there will be 15 Ripley museums displaying the obscure artefacts of i credibility. But the May be too Large for one of our museums Meyer said regretfully. The Only other Cedar rap Idian earning the claim of Ripley s Fame according to Meyer s memory is the late Robert Dot Zauer whose balancing acts have gained him seven or eight Ripley cartoon features since 1949. Prenosil is gathering his proof of ownership for Ripley a but he doubts that he d Ever sell them the big that his family loved before and after losing it. I Don t think so he said. It Means too much to me. Everyone s so tickled to have it at Prenosil s ownership proof includes the title that he kept All these years and used in March to show Law officers. Yet despite the Legal evidence Prenosil faced a Legal Maze in his Effort to have his returned by its present owner Michael Lynch of Cedar Falls who initially walked at the idea. But Lynch who was 3 years old when the was stolen changed his mind and allowed the to be returned to Prenosil last week. Besides Ripley a the television news show hard copy also has contacted Prenosil about a possible Story he said. Prenosil has t had time to actually work on refurbishing the old because he s been Busy talking to the Media. Iowa newspapers have called him and some television stations. Now Ripley s and hard copy might want interviews. Gosh it s so time consuming an exhausted Prenosil said. We mom two of Hei favorite things. The Fedr Crystal n Bloo srm Newport s Flowers 2125wiison ave so _363-8128 Oriental dining at its finest h your mom deserves a treat Mon eur s sunday Buffet  Sweet & sour pork  Lemon Chicken  Lake Tung Ting shrimp  mongolian beef  Almond Chicken  Chicken in House sauce  hot braised Meatball  egg Foo Yong pork Fried Rice  salad bar fresh fruit  egg Roll Fried Winton  egg Flower soup hot & sour soup 11 00 am 2 00 pm 5 00 pm 8 00 pm reservations carry outs 362-2488 _ a 313016th ave. So w is

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