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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 7, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa (th*1 (f caitif    pub Smoke billowed from tho famed. 50-year-old Samuel (ioldwyn movie studio in Hollywood Monday. A spokesman said three of five sound stages and an office building were destroyed Two persons were injured. Wildlife Print Unveiled Actor Steve McQueen and his wife. Ali MacGraw (background) were at the scene of tin* studio fire. McQueen, who will star as a fire chief in tin4 movie. “The Towering    Inferno”, reportedly helped    fight the blaze. Several explosions rocked this sound stage at the Samuel (ioldwyn movie studio in Hollywood Monday. Such films as ‘‘Guys and Dolls", “West Side Story" and “The Hest Years of Our Lives" were shot there. Studio Goes lip in Flames It Is Hard Looking Up a Ho rd    W Don t Know the Spelling Secretary of Stale Kissinger, his wife (left) and King Hussein were welcomed at the Homan amphitheater in .Inrush, Jordan. Monday ry, Sharing a Pulitzer prize for local reporting were Arthur Pctacque (left) and Hugh Hough of the Chicago Sun-Times They were among several Pulitzer winners announced Monday By firma limbeck For years, I wrote this column with a 49-cent dictionary with the S and T missing. Realizing that I could never get anywhere in the literary world without the words "sensuous, sex and titillating," three years ago I invested in the 12-pound hernia edition of Webster’s Twentieth Century dictionary. I curse the day. (I would roo, row, or rue the day, but I can’t find it in my dictionary.) As a matter of fact. I can't find anything in my dictionary that I can't spell in the first place. Last week in an effort to give the column class, I wanted to use the French word for nightgown I stood in front of the dictionary and formed the word slowly...pen waah Flipping through the pages the closest I could come was penwiper and pen woman. neither of which were too sexy in bed. Then I rationalized it was a French word, so I looked iii the back section for the most-often used French words. They had never heard of a pen waah # till It n A#*f|ftiffoo I called my friend. Maxine, a high school graduate, who retorted, “He serious. They don't wear those flimsy things anymore I    »ombbch hate nightgowns you have to wear a girdle and slip under Why don't you call it a negligee?" ’Because I can't find that in my dictionary either!" I said Next, I called my husband who answered bruskly, "Hello!” I’m sorry to bother you. but how do you spell pen waah?” Do you mean you called me out of an important business meeting to ask me how to spell a word?" “Yes ” »»/*«# Im ny Very well, you know how badly the French spell in English So whatever you think it is just drop the first letter and add a l l in Uh- middle By the way what’s a pen waah?" “It s a nightgown " I lien that s simple. Just go to a nightgown department iii a store and they’ll tell you how to spell it ” I got III the car. drove to the shopping center and asked the clerk in lingerie, "How (lit you spell pen waah ’" “Let s see," she hesitated “P F N VV A A ll ’ At home I opened the dictionary and figured out there are roughly H.543 words that begin with P When I finally got to word I .IMO I saw it, “Peignoir " II didn t mean what I thought it did. so I substituted pajamas Copies ot this wildlife print. by Robert Dorman . will he offered as a spinal gift to founding members of the Indian Greek Nature Center. At the unveiling Monday were, from left. Curt Abdouch, director; Mrs Tom Koepsell, 2207 Ridgeway drive SE, and Dorman, 2X90 Alburnett road. Marion Winners Oo/eOr Photo bv L A Ward -UPI Telephoto Jack White, Providence Journal Bulletin reporter. won the Pulitzer prize for national reporting for his story on the President's income tux payments ;

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