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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 4, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Progress Could Make Automobile Almost os Good as Nagging Mom —Worship Services (Continued from Page 3.) fly Dick West WASHINGTON (UPI) Everyone who tools about in motor vehicles is aware of the continuing battle of wits between motorists and auto safety experts. The safety experts are forever coming up with ingenuous new devices — squawking noises, weight sensors, ignition interlocks, etc. — to force motorists to fasten their seat belts. Hut motorists have been equally brilliant in figuring out ways to neutralize this equipment. Thus the seat belt duel has become pretty much of a standoff. I was discussing this situation a few days ago with an auto safety expert named Kidney Lappstrapp. I said, “Isn t it ironic that a country that has the technical know-how to land a man on the moon can’t devise a foolproof seat belt enforcer?” Lappstrapp turned red. "Don’t bet on that,” he said angrily. "We safety experts are on the verge of a breakthrough that will make it impossible to drive a car with the seat belts unbuckled.” Self-Destructs He was reluctant to give any details, but in principle the system will work like this: If anyone turns on the ignition switch of a car without first lashing himself to the seat, the vehicle will self-destruct. Dick West seriously injured in a traltic accident,” I said. New Horizons Progress in this field started me to wondering if the concept of seat belt enforcement couldn’t also be used for other worthwhile social or health purposes. Many motorists, for example, forget to wear their galoshes when they go out in rainy weather. Thus running the risk of catching pneumonia So how about a sensory device on the gas pedal that is triggered by wet shoes? It causes the horn to start beeping, re minding you to go back inside and put on your rubbers. Dr how about a .steering wheel with a metablolism sensor? Should you go out without taking your vitamin pills, the .sensor would cause the steering wheel to lock the moment you touched it Carried to its logical ends, an automobile could tx* the next best thing to a nagging mother. Scout Unit Puts Wet Blanket on Playboy' Patrol ATLANTA (UPI) - The flab-bit patrol or the Punny patrol might have been acceptable. But the Atlanta Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America decided Tuesday that a Playboy patrol was going a little too far. A group of boys in Troop 61 of suburban Smyrna named themselves the Playboy patrol last week rejecting traditional patrol names like the Owl patrol or the Mole patrol as boring A presentation of bunny patches and flags was to have I been made to the troop Thursday from a personal emissary Playboy head Hugh Dam Mole Poses Threat to Farm WINNIPEG. Man. (UPI) - Ajfrom mole, slightly larger than a field Hefner and four shapely bunnies causing sleepless from the local Playboy club. mouse, is nights for Fred Orchard, whose farm is seven miles west of flood-ravaged Carman, Man. His home and his yard are I said. "Isn’t that taking auto dry, protected by a dike holding safety a little too far?” Lappstrapp said the important thing is that it works. "A motorist is going to think twice about neglecting his seat belt if failure to buckle up means getting blown up,” he pointed out. I commended Lappstrapp for having finally solved the problem. "Having your car explode in the driveway certainly cuts down your chances of being But the Atlanta Scout council called a halt to the planned activities Tuesday, saying the presentation, or any further activities involving the Playboy orga-back up to five feet of water. j nization, would not be permit-But a stubborn mole consis- ted. tently burrows into the dike, "Troops are encouraged to deceasing a leak which quickly velop their own names and in-erupts into a jet of water.    sigma,” said Tom Uffelman, ex- "Four times during the night ecutive director of the council. my men and I had to plug the1 "But they are not encouraged to leaks caused by the mole,” said develop names like the Playboy! Orchard. "I have set traps for patrol. it, but so far I’ve been unable to* “It’s kind of one of those ri-, catch it.    diculous    things that unfortu-l "As long as it is free, it could nately get more publicity than put my home and property something that is done construc-under water.”    I lively.” ave. SW. Paul Pfaltztfraff. S S. 9. Srj v. IO. "Aristarchus”. Sharon - (United)* 831 18th ave. SW. Everett K. Durham. 5.5. 0, Serv. IO. St. James (United) 1430 Ellis blvd. NW Stephen ll. Hoot, 5.5. 8:45. Serv. IO. St. Mark’s (Uni tex!) 4700 Johnson ave. JsJW. Lee Ploy Collins. S.S. 0:45. Serv. IL "Tho Great Sabbath”. St. Paul’* (United) 1340 Third ave, SE. Arnold Herbst, James ll. Riegel, Warren S. We))h SS. 0:30, ll. Communion, 8:30. Serv. 9:30. IL. "To Whom Shall They Go?” ShiiffVille - (United) lit 2. Leonard Showalter. S.S. *0:30 Serv. 10:30. Trinity — (United) 3rd .ave 5th .st SW Ernest W. Larson. S.S 9:30. Serv 10:45. "AYn Union -(United) Ely rd. SW. Leonard Showalter. SS. IO. I Serv. 9.    \ NAZARI.NE First - - 3113 1st ave SW. Hardy J. Powers. S.S. 9;45. I Serv. 10:45. Eve. 7. Wed. 7. Oakland -1515 29lh st. NE. Crawford Howe. S S. 9:45. Serv. 10:45. Eve. 7. Wed. 7:30. Trinity — 1328 K st. SW. James L. Hayes. S S. 9:30. Serv. 10:30. Eve. 7. Wed 7. ORTHODOX St. George— (Sy.) 1202 10th st. SE. Constantine Nasr. S.S. 10:15. Matins IO. Liturgy, 10:30. Sat. Vespers, 7:30 p.m. St. John’s — (E) HOO 7th st. SE. Demetrios Walker. S.S., Matins, IO. Morning Prayers, ll. St. John's—(Gr.) 501 A ave. NE Alexander Anastasiou. S S. 10:30. Orthros 9:30. Liturgy 10:30. PRESBYTERIAN Calvin - Sinrlair — (United) 715 38th st. SE. Earl A. Hueb- ner. S.S. IO. Serv. 9, 11:10. "A Risky Christianity”. Central Park—(United) 1700 R ave. NE. Allen S. Van Cleve. SS. 9.45. Serv. 8:45, IL "Have You Something To Sing About?” Christ Church — (United) 2000 1st Ave. NW. Robert Bouton. S.S. 9. Serv. 10:10. "All in the Family”. First — (United) 310 5th st. SE. John S. Shew, Larry R. Johnson. SS. 9:15, 9:35, IO. Serv. 9:15, ll. "Swords, Serpents and Sparrows”. Vespers, 4 p.m. IIus Memorial — (United) 2808 Schaeffer dr. SW. George B. McDill. S S. 10:30. Serv. 9:30. "Our Father, Who?" Nixon, Durante Make Comeback Talks By Boh Considine NEW YORK—The two most pampered and appreciated travelers last week were President Nixon and Jimmy Durante. The President flew to Jackson, Miss., in the splendor of Air Force One and got the warmest reception he's had since Watergate sprang a leak. Durante flew from Los Angeles to New York in an American Airlines 747 and was treated like a visiting oil potentate at the Waldorf-Astoria. Both made speeches. Each was a kind of comeback. Nixon said: “Very Difficult” "I can see it now—25 years from now ... a President of the United States may be standing in this very place. It will be the year 2000, and he will say of this generation, They did not fail when the going was very difficult and when American leadership was so important in the world.’ ” Durante said: "Inka-Dinka-Doo.” Both speeches won standing ovations, but Duranie’s—spoken in a husky whisper and laced with haunting melody—brought tears to the eyes of many strong men gathered at the Banshees luncheon which is a feature of the annual Publishers convention. You see, Durante suffered a stroke in November of 197*2— ■ about Hie time Nixon won his overwhelming mandate. It affected his left side and speech. He is wheeled about in a rolling chair but, as someone once said of another gallant soul. Jimmy can strut sitting down. His eyes still bat merrily. His cockeyed hat has never recovered from being run over by a Mack truck shortly after World war I. In their separate ways, the two performers deeply moved their audiences and were in turn touched by the response. There must have been occasions re cently when the President doubted if he had a friend in ZODIAC NO-SAUCr INN 5185-lth AVL MARION TURN RT. AT 30th ST. TONITE fcNJOY THE STYLISTIC & FREE SPIRITED FOLK GUITAR OF: “DAVE WILLIAMS” 8 PM-CLOSING the world outside his immediate family and Bebe, but now he stood there in a land where there used to be a bounty paid for Republican hides, transfixed by the applause and friendly support of the state s two Democratic eminences, James Eastland, chairman of the senate judiciary committee and John Stennis, chairman of the armed forces committee. Their presence was a tacit promise that they would be in the President’s corner (with all their senatorial votes) if the house of representatives impeaches and asks the senate to convict. Encouraging Stay Moreover, the President was warmed instead of chilled by a newspaper for a change during his brief but encouraging stay. The Jackson Daily News, with a front page printed in red. white and blue. stated that it had taken a poll which showed 97.7 percent of its readers wanted the President to "hang in there.” It added that TV commentators are so unfair to him that their treatment amounts to a nightly "lynching.” One ran only imagine Nixon's joy as he was rushed to his jet and zipped back to Washington But at the Waldorf, about 2,000 publishers, editors and their; friends saw Durante’s emotions "live.” And it isn t likely that anyone present will forget for a long, long time. It was a kind of miracle, really. In the first place, nobody associated with King Features Syndicate expected Durante to accept the invitation to be the Banshees’ guest of honor and receive the organization’s "Silver Lady” award from the host, Bill Hearst. It was patently too much to ask of an 81-year-old man in a chair, particularly a chair with wheels, a man in need of his good strong nurse, Ron Woods. But Durante 'sent back word through his wife Marjorie that he'd make it, somehow. "Somehow” Forces The ’’somehow” forces formed at American Airlines offices in LA. and New York. Durante was wheeled aboard the 747 at Los Angeles International airport by a team headed by Bill Hippie, Bill Tinsmans and Bud Saunders. American put a company doctor aboard, in case. : At New York. Durante was transferred to the tender loving care of Kay Hansen, the coun try’s best public relations girl, David Frailey, Felix Edwards. Clair Haggan and Dennis Gonzales. The Waldorf had his suite ready for him, a doctor nearby, Baby Blues 8 pk. togo 125 Olympia on Tap and any dish he wanted prepared. Meyer Davis "played” him to his table at the luncheon with the strains of Jimmy’s theme song, "Jnka-Dinka-Doo,” his musical signature since 1918 Every body stood up and clapped as people do for the finish of the Boston marathon. Jimmy had made it. His mission was accomplished. But. hold! After accepting the late Willy Pogany’s Silver Lady statue from Hearst. Jimmy’s good arm moved and his eyes told his wife that he wanted a microphone brought close to him. After a poignantly long time, the "Inka” lyrics started coming from him in the wonderful dese and dom style of old. painfully spaced but unmistakable. It was too much, but then Jimmy went slowly, gamely, into "If You’re Young at Heart”, and just about everybody broke up. URBANA FEED & IMPLEMENT CO. MAIN STRUT—UMANA Presents Reggy Bruce Band • Sat. Night 9-1:30 • Breasted Chicken and Pixza 443-5438 Indian Creek (Reformed) K P. Hall, 1001 Old Marion rd NE. Mark Pfttt. SS. ll. Spiv. IO. Kenwood Talk (United) 327 35th at. NE. L. A. Chamberlain, Murry Halter SyS. 9:30, IL Kmt (United) 1525 Hollywood blvd. NE. Floyd J. Conroy. S.S 9:30. Serv. 10:30. Allan McBurney. Olivet (United) 237 10th st. NW. Francis Roy King SS. 9:30. Serv. 8.30, I J, “Our Father Is the Greatest!” Lyle Ktiehl. Wentmin*ter (United) 1285 3rd ave. SE. Dr. John P. Woods. SS. 9:30. Serv. 8, 9:30, ll. “Happiness- Product of Discipline”. UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST Eden <K and R) 351 8th ave. SW. Glenn D. Hunt. S S. 9:30. Serv. 10:45. First Congregational 361 17th st SE Glenn N. Bender, Robert I.. Myrcn. S.S. IO. Serv. IO. Hope 150 9th ave , Hiawatha. Lyle V. Kurhl. S.S. 9:30. Serv. 10:45. "On Believing in Sycamore Trees”. Francis King. OTHER CHURCHES Baha’i Center—Tues. 8, 1810 Ridgewood terr. SE: Wed. 7:30, 2415 4th ave., Marion; Fri. 8, 2773 C st. SW, Apt. A. Bethany Congregational —1300 f>th st. NW. Mary A. White. S S. 8:45. Serv. IO. “Sermons?” Cedar Hills Community Reformed — 4980 Gordon ave. SW. Leon Aalberta. S.S. 9:45. Serv. ll. "Six Steps to Each Other”. Eve. 7. "On Trial”. Oedar Hills Evangelical Free — West Post rd. and Midway dr. JJW S.S. 9:30. Serv. 10:45. Eve.* 7. Wed eve . 7. Cedar Rapids Bible Chapel— 3412 Oakland rd. NE SS. ll. Serv. JI. Eve. 7. Wed. 7:30 Cedar Rapids Friends Meeting — 9:30 a m. Contact W R. Haworth. 363-6547, Cedar Valley Bible Church — 3636 Cottage Grove ave. SE. Reagan Benedict. Thomas V. Fogie. Dwight L. Taylor. S S. 10:50. Serv. 9:45. Eve. 6. Wed. eve. 7:20 Central Church of Christ — 1500 1st ave NW. Penney F. Nichols. S.S. 10:45. Serv. 9:30. Eve. 6. Wed. 7. Christian and Missionary Alliance — TV622 42nd st. NE. S S. 9:30. Serv 10:45. David Beck-nell. Eve. 7. Wed. eve. 7. Peace Christian Reformed — 6600 C ave. NE. Fail D. Dy-keina. S.S. 9:45. Serv. 10:45. Eve. 6:30.    * Church of the Brethren — 1200 Second .-ave. SE. Dr. Wayne A. Shireman. S S. 9:30. Serv. 10:50. Eve. 6. Ministry of Deliverance Church—1510.2nd st. SW. H. G. Kurth. F. R. Davidson. S.S. 9:45. Serv. 10:4V> Eve. 7. Church of (god Prophecy — 3211 Edgewood jrd SW. Michael Boots. S.S. IO. Serv. ll. Eve. 7:30. Wed. 7:30. Covington—Pk*Jc Miller. S.S. 9:30. Serv. 10:30. Church of God 1— lid Oakland rd. NE A. K. Moslander S.S. 9:45. Serv. 10:45. Eve. 6.' Eastview Churel* of Christ— Christian—601 Old Marion rd. NE. Lawrence W. Merritt. S.S. 9:30. Serv. 10:30. E*-e. 7. Wed.1 eve. 7. Ellis Park Church of God — 726 L ave. NW. John Little.! SS. 9:30. Serv. 10:30. Eve. 6. Wed. eve. 8. First Church of {Christ. Scientist — 1242 2nd ave. SE. S.S., serv 10:30. "Everlasting Punishment”. Wed. eve. 7:30. First Covenant—701 ,25th st. NE. James F. Lange, S.£. 9:30. Serv. 10:45. "Marriage Counseling, Paul’s Style—Pail II ”. ipped bv (ha: First Open Bible 4)11 E ave NW. Neal B. Gail. SS. 9:30. Serv. 10:30. Eve. 7:30. First Pentecostal Church — 860 Center Point rd. NE. Jitmes O. McCoy. SS, 930. Serv. 10:30. Tues., Thurs. Eve. 7, Foursquare Gospel — 608 1st ave SW. Lee Griffis. S S. 9:30. Serv. and Communion, 10:45. "Tho Purpose of Lighted Vessels”. Eve. 7. "A Thief in the Nile”. Wed. eve. 7:30. Eli 1:30 pm Grace Brethren - -2905 D ave, NE Gilbert Gilgan. S.S. 9:30. Serv. 10:30 Eve. 7. Wed 7:15 Interdenominational 3rd st (and 5th ave. SW A. J. Stokes. S S 9:45. Serv. 10:45. Eve. 6:30. Islamic Center 2999 Isl ave SW. SS., serv. 11:30, prayer, 12 Friday prayer 12 Meth-Wick Chapel 1224 13th st. NW Donald Artrnan i Serv 9 New Apostolic Church 2.930 Wilson ave. SW. S S. 8:4.1. Serv. ' IO. Eve 5 Wed. eve. 8. New Jerusalem Churrh of God in ( brist 631 9th ave. SE H. Bassett. S.S. 10:30 Serv. 12 I Eve. 8. Peoples Unitarian HOO 3rd ;ave. SE. Walter E Kelhson SS., serv. IO Forum IO, 12 noon Salvation Army - 1 123 3rd st. SE. Eugene Adney. SS 9:45. Serv. ll. Ev*\ 7. Seventh-Day Adventist 42nd st and Edgewood rd. NE. Siegfried Roeske. S.S. 9:30. Serv. ll Seventh Day Chnreh of God (Mendan) 3336 Prairie dr NE W T. McMickin. School I Sat. IO. Serv. 11:30. Temple Judah — 2221 Lindsay lane SE. Serv. 8 p m. Except lit. Fri. of month, serv. 7:30 p.m. Unity Center 1015 2nd ave SE. Mabd K. Swanton. Serv. ll. ‘‘God Only Is Understanding”. f Church Briefs The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sat, May 4.    1974 Television Listings 9 — KCRGTV, Cedar Rapid* I — WMT-TV, Cedar Rapid* 7-KWWl TV, Waterloo 3—KTVO, Ottumwa 4 WHBF TV, Rock bland 6- WOC TV, Davenport ■Pf* 8 VK BT, La Creme lO-mOC TV, R. it he»t»r 12—KUM TV, Iowa City 13 WHO TV, De* Moine* 40— KQ(JB, Dubuque Saturday Night 6:00 9 - Lcovrenre //elk 2~Action New* 7 -New*. a/eother, Sot*. I Lawrence Weik 4- Lawrence Well* 6 f/ovle- "Shenandoah" 3 Lawrence //elk ’0 New*. Weather, Spts. I? - Folk Guitar 11—f yew anes* New* 40— Roller Games 6 30 2-Hollywood Sauares 1 Untamed World 10 Victor / at Sea 12 World of Animal* 13 -Iniide iowa 7:00 9 Movie— * Music Mon" 2 Ail In Family 7- fmerpenr.y 3- Partridge Family 4- All In Family 8 All in Family 10--Emergen CV 12-Dr Who 11— E mer germy 40 Partridge Famity 7:30 2- M*A*VH 3- ABC Suspense Movie- "Cat Creature ' 4 M*A*S*H P M • A "i *H 17 World s Peligions 40— A RC Suspense Movie "Cat Creature ' 8:00 2- Mary tyler Moore 7 - NBC Moyie "You'll Like My Mother" 4 Mary tyler Moore 6 NHC Movie You’ll Like My Mother" 8 Mary Tyler Moore 10- NBC Movie -"You ll Like My Mother 12- Firing Line 11- NBC Moyie You ll Like My Mother" 8:3# J- Bob Newhof t 4— Bob Newhart 8- Bob Newhart 9:00 2—Carol Burnett 3—Owen Marshall 4—Corol Burnett 8 -Corol Burnett 12 —Seven Seas 40—Owen Marshall 10:00 9 Eyewitness New* 2 Action flews 7 News, Weather, Sptv V- ABC News 4 News, Weather. Sot*. 4- IO O'Clock Edition 8 News. Sot* . Weather News, Weother, Sp**. F rymg Pons West Eyewitness New* Newsline HP. 15 3 -New*. Weother, Sots. I(V- Movie - St* lessons From Madame La/onga" ► IO: 30* 9 Movie • Champagne Murders" 2— MoWe "Cornmanehero*" /—Movie— "Our Mon Flint" 3—War FiUn Festival 4—U F O. 6—Movie- - ■ McHgke s Navy” 8 —Movie 12— Theater*in America ti Tonight 40 Movie Angel WHO Pawned Her Heart'* 11:30 4—Outer Limits IO—Prisoner 12:30 9—Wide World of E ntertalnment 2—Evil Touch McBurney To Talk On His New Life Alan McBurney, Toddville contractor, will be a guest speaker at the 10:30 a rn. Sunday worship service at Knox Presbyterian church. McBurney will describe his new life rn Christ, The results of his faith are a completely changed personality, new living habits and interests and a totally different life style. *    #    # A class of 46 youths will be confirmed Sunday at ll a.m. at Si. Paul’s United Methodist church. *    *    * Mr and Mrs. Daniel Knight, former residents of Cedar Rapids, will speak Sunday at I p.m. at the Central Church of Christ. The Knights have spent i the past two years as missionaries in Quito. Ecuador under the Master's Apprentice program of the East Hill Church of Christ and York college. York. Neb. The Knights will return to Ecuador later this year. *    *    * A musical    by    John Peter son, "Jesus Is Coming”, will be presented Sunday at 10:36 a.m. at the Valley View Baptist chmvh *    *    * The Gospel film. “A Thief rn the Night", about Bible prophecy, will be shown Sunday at 7 p m at the Church of the Four square Gospel. *    *    * Slides of the East Iowa Bible camp will be shown Sunday at 7 p.m. at First Covenant c»!iurch. * * * The Circut Hiders, a singing and evangelistic group of 20 st.u dents from Mid-America Na-zarene . college. Olathe, Kan., will hold services Saturday at 7:30 p m and Sunday at 9 45 a rn. at First Church of the Nazarene. *    *    * "The Sound of lj>ve”, a documentary film featuring Dale Evans and Corrie Ten Boom, portraying the life of Maria Von Trapp, will be shown Sunday at 7 p.m. at Hillside Wesleyan church. ♦    *    * Mf. Zion Baptist church will hold a mother-daughter banquet May ll at 6 p rn The Dawson Family will provide the entertainment. *    *    * The Rev. Canon I). A. !/>-ferski will held a special church service to bless the animals at    the    Linn County Humane society, Mt. Vernon road SE, Sunday at 2 p.m. *    *    * First Presbyterian church will hold an organ-choir vesper service Sunday at    4 p.m *    *    * Hus Memorial Presbyterian church will hold a reception of new members at the 9:30 a m. Sunday worship service. *    *    * The senior high RCYF Players will present "On Trial” by Charles Stevens Sunday at 7 pm. at Cedar Hills Community Reformed church. * * * Jim and Sandy Hynek, former missionaries to Zambia. Africa, will speak Sunday at First Christian church, Center Point. They will show slides of their stay at 9 a m. and Hynek will deliver the message at 10:05 a m. There will he a potluck dinner following the service. C.R. Drug Numbers To report a violation*. Michael Dooley 363-0471 lf you nood help: Foundation ll . 363-2174 (4 p m. to midnight) Call Us for 362-8447 Commercial — Industrial Pre* Estimate* BR0ULIK BROS. 3310 A St. $W STARTING MONDAY BLAIR THORN ORGANIST A SINGH! SPECIfl : mm WKL Starring Hobart -j*'^ Pros ton •lid Shirley Joeei The Music Man y “Seventy-six Trombones” leads the way to one] of the biggest, brightest musicals ever \ made with Meredith Willson’s wonderful music \ and the color and smalltown charm of i. River City, Iowa! 7:00 SATURDAY NIGHT rn hi® ;

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