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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 4, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa ‘Tall Blond Man’ Is Woody Alienisti Film The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe with Pierre Richard, Mireille Dare, Bernard Blier, Jean Rochefort and Paul Le Person Released by Cinema 5. At the Stage 2 theater. Hollywood rating: PG — Parental guidance suggested. By Douglas Beath Go see “Tho Tall Blond Man vt itll Oho Black Shot'”. Oh. this crazy comedy about a bumbling violinist who becomes unwittingly involved iii a counter-espionage plot isn’t the best movie of the year But it is very funny And it s the kind of film most people will pass up unless someone tells them that they should set' it. So go see it lf, like me. you usually associate French films with intellectual exercises or the kind of unfunny comedy in “The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoise”, forget it. Feeling for Tone “The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe” is more like an American Woody Allen movie. In fact, if you imagine a tall, blond Woody Allen in the title role — Is it possible to imagine a tall, blond Woody Allen? — you’ll get a feeling for the tone of the story. As the film begins, New York narcotics agents are questioning a Frenchman caught smuggling heroin into the U S The suspect insists, and a lie detector confirms, that he is working for a secret agency of the French government. When the story breaks in Paris newspapers, the head of the secret French agency (Jean Rochefort) hurries back from a vacation to investigate. He knows nothing of the heroin smuggling and correctly sur- Every Sat 5:30-9 p.m. BEEFEATERS BUFFET $2.95 per per son Children under IO, $1.95 Roost Round of Beet, Beet Stroganoff, Salads, Relishes, Desserts Grant Wood Kitchen ROOSEVELT MOTOR HOTEL our mrs. rn ^DJACINTJ&UEST^PARKIM^^^^ OPEN SUNDAY NOON TO 10 P.M. ROOSEVELT! MOTOR BOTEL Convenient parking in our ramp DOWNTOWN mist's that it s a plot By his chief assistant (Bernard Blier) to get his job Bugged Apartment Rochefort has also dis covered that Blier has bugged his apartment. Ile tells a trush'd aide, so Blier can hear, that a man with full information on the New York case is arriving at the airport the next day He asks his aide to meet the man and assign two bodyguards to protect the “informer " Rochefort’s actual plan is somewhat different There is no informer The aide is told confidentially to simply go to the airport and pick a man at random, greet him and assign the bodyguards to follow him The idea is that Blier and his agents will be drawn into the open when they follow, bug and, perhaps, try to assassinate the “informer.” Nefarious Plot Pierre Richard literally stumbles into this nefarious plot when he arrives at the airport wearing one black shoe and one tan shoe Some of his orchestra buddies had nailed the mate to each shoe to the floor as a prank While all that sounds pretty involved, it takes only minutes in the movie and just sets the stage for some hilarious meddling in Richard’s already confused life The complications, sight gags and laughs come quickly as a beautiful spy enters Richard’s life and he tries to break off an affair with a friend’s wife It s a funny movie ON THIS DATE in 1949 Israel was admitted to the United Nations Cronkite Called As Witness for Gays’ Defense NUW NORK (UFI) - Walter ( ronkite was called as a defense witness in the trial of Iwo young Gay ;. *i\ ’sts accused of disrupting v de s < BS e\ en tug new s pi >n Dec ll I'he network news anchor man answered a defense subpoena to testify in tin' criminal trespass trial of Mark Segal and Harry La rig ho nil1 iii Manhattan criminal court While ('ronkite was on the witness stand, a brief segment of the Dec. ll news program was shown iii tin' courtroom It showed a person whose face could not be seen run iii front of ( ronkite wa\ mg a cardboard sign saying “Gays Protest UBS Prejudice” At the time, ( ronkite was reporting on security precautions for President Nixon, and in an aside said “perhaps we could use a little of that around here ” Ike Turner Denies Charge Of Phone Fraud INGLEWOOD. Calif (CIM) — Ike Turner, of the soul singing combo of Ike and Tina, pled innocent to a charge of using a “blue box.” a sophisticated electronic device that allows users to cheat the telephone company out of unlimited long distance calls Trial for Turner and three codefendants was scheduled to begin Wednesday They were arrested March 28 at a recording studio The boxes imitate the signal tones of telephone equipment Know lodgeable users can signal their way into long lines, and make untraceable calls throughout tin world MARK IV PICTURES INCORPORATED PRESENTS “A THIEF IN THE NIGHT” and there will be no place to hide1    Starring    PATTY    DUNNING WEEKEND SPECIAL A THIEF IN THE NIGHT recently produced gospel film; depicting what could happen at the rapture of the church when Jesus comes! Sunday night 7:00 P.M., May 5th at THE CHURCH OF THE FOURSQUARE GOSPEL 609 1st Avenue SW, Cedar Rapids. Be sure and see this film, bring a friend. ADMISSION FREE. lee Griffis, Pastor iV.v.v.* w;, WORLD 363rt321 NOW! Open at 1:00 PM “THE GREAT GATSBY” ROBERT REDFORD MIA FARROW -AG    NO    KASSIS Winner Of 7 Academy Award* including BEST PICTURE “THE STING” Pool Newman — Robert Redford Color    —PG — el —PG PARAMOUNT . J6JJJ.9 Howl Double Actionl SEAN CONNERY a* JAMES BOND “YOU ONLY LIVI TWICE” —“FROH RUSSIA WUN LOVE” Now! Open at 1:4 5 P.M. After the tun hot vet come “THE BAT PEOPLE” Color     PG_ Murry I indt Sunday! JOHN HOUSEMAN TIMOTHY BOTTOMS “THI PAPER CHASE" Color     po- NOW-UNAL DATS american graffiti -PO- Nowl A Funny, Funny Moviol TNI TALL BLOND MAN WUN ONE BLACK SHOE —PG — Nowl Academy Awa rd Winner for test Foreign Language Film ‘‘DAY FOR NIGHT" —PO — Now I Nle Mfywt JON VOIGHT as is -PO- CONRACK lf -Color ‘Day for Night’ Is Charming Day for Night with Jacqueline Bisset and Jean Pierre Aumont Los Films Du Carrosse Production released by Warner Brothers At the Stage 3 theater Hollywood rating PG — parental guidance suggested Doc Halliday “Day fur Night ” is a rat hor i Ii;.. ming 1111 It' moi \v about films and tin' people who make thum. Francois Truffaut has dedicated it to Dorothy and Lillian (bsh arid in it he pays tribute to some of the filmmakers he admires-Goddard, Cocteau, Wells, Hitchcock. Fellini and others It begins as a French filmmaker (Truffaut) is making a movie. “Meet Pamela’’ in Nice He is faced with a tight produet ton schedule, a leading bub bluet Baker t.laeuueline Bisset), who is recovering from a nervous breakdown, a leading man (.lean-Pier re Aumont) who has taken a boyfriend and a supporting actress (Alexandra Stewart ) who is pregnant and unwed In addition, it soon develops, another of his supporting actresses (Valentina (’ortese) has a drinking problem and keeps trying to make her exits into a glassware closet Also, Truffaut’s young leading man Alphonse (Jean-Pierre Loaud) is in love with a script girl (Dam) who is love with everyone else At a crucial point, she runs off with a British stunt man. Theater Times for Saturday STUDIO THEATER -“Under Milk Wood" — 8. PARAMOUNT — “The Bat People’ — 2:20, 4 IO, ti. 7:5(1, 9 40 IOWA — “The Great Gatsby” - 1:30, 3:55, 7:10. 9 35 WORLD - “The Sting’’ -I 40. 4: IO. 6:50, 9 30; shorts - 3:50. 0:25. 9 TIMES — “Paper Chase” — 1:30, 3:25, 5:20, 7:25, 9:35; shorts - 3: 20, 5 15, 7.15, 9:20 PLAZA — “You Only Live Twice” — 2 . 5:50 . 9:50; “From Russia With Love” — 3:55, 7.55 STAGE I — “American Graffiti” — 2.35. 4:40, 7:45, 9:50 STAGE 2 - “Tall Blond Man With One Black Shoe” — 2:45, 4:35, 7:50. 9:40 STAGE 3 — “Day for Night” - 2:30. 4:40, 7:30. 9:40 STAGE 4 — “Conrack” -2 30. 4:35. 7.30, 9:35 BASTOW N I - "Playmates” - 1:19 119, 919, 7 15. 9:15 EAS IX JWN 2 - “The Exorcist” - 2:15, 4:30, 7:15. 9 30. MARION - Features at ll, I. 3. 5, 7. 9. ll. COLLINS - •Cahill I 8 Marshal" - 8:30; “The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean” — 10:30; “Bad Company’’ — 12:30 TWIXT TOWN - “Executive Action” — 8:20; “The Train Robbers’’ — IO; “Shamus” — ll 40 TWIN WEST - “The Campus Swingers” —    8:35; “Swinging Stewardesses” — IO; “Up the Sandbox" — 11:20. TWIN EAST — “Serpico” — 8:50; “Tales That Witness Madness” — ll 15; “The Hunting Party” — 12:55 rills sends Alphonse, whose main \ in lie is not maturity, off the deep end anil hi' threatens to walk off the set To help him forget Ills troubles, Janet makes love to him He thanks her by phoning her psychiatrist husband, telling all and escaping to the nearest miniature raee-ear track Crying Jag Janet. when sin' finds out about this, goes on a two-hour crying jag and demands two pounds of country fresh butter Admittedly, tilts all sounds more like “The Edge of Night ” than “Day for Night". But even if one-tenth of what Hollywood pulp magazines print is true, the plot is plausible Behind-the-scenes movies about movies have been clanking out of Hollywood for years. But they are nearly always characterized by sadistic moguls, studio power plays and the corrupting influences of alcohol, pills and sex. The movie people in “Day for Night” are volatile but are always nice to one another. The few ignoble characters are from outside the film industry. Direction Good Truffaut’s direction is quite good, marked by bright and mobile camera work. It is a film that would lie great fun to watch even in the absence of sound. The acting ranges from competent to excellent although the dialog emerges from its translation — as French always does — sounding a bit awkward All in all, however, “Day for Night” is a comedy which is not so much funny as fun ON THIS DATE in 19H3. the Birmingham. Ala , home of Martin Luther King s brother. A l). King, was bombed. RJ’S LOUNGE    HAVi    FUN W,TH * * fcvv/rwvs    OUR    QAMfSt 1075 - 6th AVI., MARION ^ POOL * TONITI ★    ★    AIR HOCKEY I 5c BEER 8-9 P.M. + TV TABLE TENNIS COCKTAIL HOUR NIGHTLY .....5-6 p.m. Trophy Lounge presents this Fri. & Sat. "KAYNE” ii* ll Street S.W AN INTIMATE AND BIZARRE JOURNEY FOR ADVENTUROUS ADULTS “BLACK LOVE” PLUS 2ND HIT “BLOOMER GIRLS” THE PICTURE THAT ESTABLISHES A NEW SEXUAL MORAL CODE... RATED XXXXX ft ADULT THEATRE SHOWS DAUT AT 11,1,3, 5, 7,9 nil show tm tut lira 752-1 Oth STREET PH. 377-1482 ,"4# BURT RGTIOlK cwncwrot Shamus k SHAMUS is a prol He never misses! PH. 377-1177 EASTOWN 2 K -MART EAST CINTER SHOWS AT 7:30-9:45 SATURDAY cmd SUNDAY 2:15-4:30-7:15-9:30 THESE ARE THE EYES THAT ARE NOT TO BE fOROOTTENI aIIHkL jl^    '*1L.W PETER BIATTYS    Mftfe rn THE EXORCIST ft ■ J, •    w,miAM FRIEDKIN '    9)1 Horror Film 'Bat People Enough To Drive You Batty The Bot People with Stewart Moss, Marianne Mc Andrew and Michael Pataki A Iou Shaw Pi eduction film released by American International At the Paramount theater Hollywood rating: PG — parental guidance suggested By Ann Schrader A film complete with the usual fare of fakey blood, a man turning into a horrible creature and a little violence thrown iii for taste may be what horror film buffs are looking for and perhaps they'll find it in "The Bat People". The slow -paced plot w ith many seemingly useless breaks iii action and the “hokeyness” which can undermine a horror show are present and may take away some of the enjoyment I’he story goes something like this. Enroute to a delayed skiing honeymoon, Dr John Beck (Stewart Moss), an immunologist. and Lathy (Marianne McAndrew), his wife, decide to tour a massive cave as part of the doctor s work Fitful of Lier Well. Dr Beck is bitten by a but while trying to save Cathy from a pitful of lice after they wander off the lieaten trail There are real hats in the film and plenty of them. There are close-ups of bats, their wings, their teeth and everything else batty about them. There are so many close-up shows that the attempts to insert some “scariness" just ends up losing some rn t he mov ie s shock value Dr Beck begins to develop strange habits, of course, aud Cathy finally manages to get him to a doctor, who happens to he a ski hum Rabies shots are administered, hut the reaction is stronger than anyone realizes Slowly the hat conies out iii him anyway Blood Thirst The result A night nurse ('lids up bloody, a teenager caught parking lins her throat ripped out and blood is taken I rom a blood hank to satisfy Ins vampire hat blood thirst Sgt Ward (Michael Pataki) gets wind of Beek and tracks him down Beck realizes what Ward wants to do aud steals an ambulance to get to the hat cave. This is after he has pounded a window display dummy senseless Beck returns to make love to Cathy, but uncontrollably turns into a bat person al just the wrong moment. Ile leaves Cathy unconscious. Ward tracks Beck to the cave where he is mauled by the hat person While Ward is receiving first aid at the station Cathy experiences the same strange tremor that Beek did. However, they both leave the station and drive toward the hat cave Mix this ail up together and ifs enough to drive you “battv." ON THIS DATE in 1973, a bis Angeles judge dismissed all charges against Dr. Daniel Ellsberg and Anthony Russo iii the Pentagon papers trial. 5 7.®.- MHS CORNER INN iOWA TONITI (SAT.) Vi MILE EAST OF CENTER POINT ROAD * 3 (PG) COLOR GIANTSI A '.Xvi I JOHN WAYNE (PG) UNTO) SIXTES MARSHAL PUTMON* . TECHWC010R* £$•${ a M. 2 Hanging Juju* » (PO) COLOR 'N THE LIFE AND TIMES OF III OPEN 7:45 SHOW 8:15 m TONITI (SAT.) TWIN WEST DR IVE-IN THEATRE 6300 ATH ST. SW 3 (R) RATED SHOCKS rStreakers Wifi Never Replace Swingers! | $teuiarde«ftt* («) COLOR BARBRA STREISAND UP THI SAND BOX" FIRST DRIVE I) RATED IN RLOODY COLORI Iotas that Witness Madness No 3 <•) COLOR WESTERN (Sv.^v.v.v.; : :    .yyyw.y;    **WURTIR8 iyiii’^:'‘Vi    PARTY ;

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