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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 21, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa (tilt dollar HttpitU —UPI TelephotoKidnap Attempt Fails Ian Ball, 26, in pinstriped suit, was led in handcuffs between two plainclothes policemen from the police van enroute to court in london Thursday. Ball appeared in Bow street magistrate’s court charged with the attempted murder of Princess Anne’s personal bodyguard following a shooting attack on her car in the Mall Wednesday night. Six bullets were fired into the royal car carrying Princess Anne and her husband in an at tempt to kidnap her, the British home secretary said Victim Meets Press Eunice Kronholm, left, talks with her husband. Gunter, during a news conference in Min-nea|Milis Wednesday Mrs. Kronholm was kidnaped last Friday and held for $200,000 ransom. The ransom was paid Sunday and Mrs. Kronholm was released Monday. Most of the ransom has since been recovered. —UPI Telephoto UPI Telephoto President Richard Nixon seems to be in pain, according to his expression, as he shake's hands with a friendly (‘rowel at the Houston Space ('enter prior to returning to Washington Press Secretary Hon Ziegler is in background at right —AP Wirephoto A line of policemen search for clues in London’s Mall early Thursday morning after the gun attack on Princess Anne and her husband, ('apt Mark Phillips, Wednesday night. H* I —UPI Telephoto Police and detectives surrounded the royal car after a gunman in the white car, right, fired shots at Princess Anne and ( apt. Mark Phillips in the Mall as they were returning to Buckingham palace Wednesday night. AP WirephotoShoots Back Dusty looks like he’s having a circus as he aims his < anu ra at a camera aimed at him during a promotional appearance in New York for Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus. He’s a “clown ambassador'’ for the circus opening in New York March 2H Kop*r>tft)t I SHi, t tem t rifer    Im    )llhen the Huckleberry Finn Crowd Run Away It Is Serious Business By Erma Hornbeck Teenage runaways are serious business. But the Huckleberry Finn crowd is something else. I had this friend whose preschooler ran away from home so often she rented his room. There was scarcely a morning that Itchy Feet didn’t announce dramatically, “I am leaving home,” and grabbing a couple of essentials (a truck and a shoeltox of baseball cards) he would start for the door. I was there having coffee* one morning when he made his exodus. His mother was super cool “Do you have every* thing?” she asked. He checked his shoebox to make sure Pete Rose* was there. "Yep.” "Will we hear from you?” “Maybe. After I’m settled." “Do you want to know what we're having i for dinner tonight?” she asked. Stubbornly "Nope,” he said shaking his head stubbornly, "We’ll miss you,” she said. "I’ll bet,” he said.    bombbck What do you want me to do with your gerbils?" "(live them to charity.” ' Well then, Jim, I guess this is goodbye,” she said Here’s a bag of snacks to tide you over until you get settled.’ He took the bag and stomped out the door, leaving it ajar "That kid never could close a door,’’ said his mother [louring herself another cup of coffee “Boy, you arc* something,“ I said. “Here’s your ‘baby’ leaving home and you don’t even sweat it ” "He ll Im* home by n<M>n," she said "How do you know that0” I asked “I packed a 1m»x of dried prunes for his snack ” So imnylnullon My kids never had tin* imagination or inclination to run away from home despite the fact I used to pack road maps in their lunches I packed a bag for myself a few times but could never hitch a ride any farther than the shopping center. (Sex perverts used to pass me up ) I calk'd my friend the other day when I read a story about two kids from Wisconsin who left home by train to Join the Indians and were apprehended 1.3(H) miles later in Montana As I told my friend, "Their mother was quoted as saying. ‘They were headed for Wounded Knee when they left but it will be Wounded Butt when they get home’,” I heard my friend sigh, "Jim’s been there." ;

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