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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 20, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa — City Briefs — in Hospital —Mrs. John J. I lctvs, route two, is recuperating at Mercy hospital from .surgery a week ago. Visitors welcome. * * * •Saint Jude’s Spring Dance, Ar mar Ballroom, Saturday, March 23, 1074, 9 to I a m. Do’s and I hurts. Admission $2.00. Adv. * * '* Purse Missing — A purse and $40 owned by Nancy Shakespeare, Fairfax, were reported either lost or stolen Tuesday. * * * Surgery — Curtis King, 1206 Ninth street NW, underwent!taken open heart surgery Wednesday! in the cardiae care center in University hospitals, Iowa City. *    *    * Scanomatie Coin Viewer for collectors, $12.50. Jerome’s. — Adv. * * * Story Hour —■ Weekly story hour for preschoolers will be given Thursday from 10:30 to ll am. at Kenwood branch jjJChadima, High Twelve Dr. Dale Moi gait, anesthesiologist, will speak on “Cancel My Reservation St. Deter, I Decided To Stay”, af noon Friday at the Ambassy club. * * * Cedar Rapids School of Men’s Hair Styling is now honoring the Park and Shop Plan. Adv. *    *    * Car Filtered Charles De Shaw, Biti Fourteenth street SE, reported his locked car was bro-iken into Tuesday while it was parked at Wilson and Co. and a tape player valued at $85 was Spring Action1 Program Headed By C. R. Woman (AP) (iov. 'Punch in Nose' Threat Brings Riley's Apology By Frank Nye DFS MOINES ~ Slate Sen. DES MOINES (AP) (iov.jTom Ri,ey dl-Cedar Kapids) Robert Ray announced On!aP0,08ize<1 to ,h,‘ iowa senate Wednesday the first day of Wednesday for threatening “to spring the dates tor doorman in the nose’ I he I punch a _________________ _____ fourth annual Governor’s Snrlne'r r • t , ,    . I'miifAnm i a i i, K ,or refusing to let Riley leave Environmental Action Program. I,.    .    .    .    .    ;, , , the chamber during a call of the rogram Ray called for statewide* em-phasis on environment, conservation, beautification and gener- was refused and “this annoyance on my part. “Boing of Irish descent, temper rose and I said I going up to the gallery to talk to the Scouts regardless of how he interpreted the rule. caused1 surdly enforced” and that it that be and not with the senate might be unconstitutional since employes at the door.” senate. A call requires the presence, ii clean-up during a four-week of al1 senators and Riley react * *    * Johnny’s Parkway. Corner Ellis and F Ave. NW. Thursday Special:    Choice    of    Salisbury Steak or Fish, served up ’til 8:30 p.m. Menu dining from IO a m. ’til I a m. Carry out orders welcome.—Adv. * *    * Scholastic Honors — Chris 1831 Second avenue brary, 3223 First avenue SE. * + * Amana Radarange for rent at Burcsh East. 366-1519. — Adv. ♦ * * SE, and Mark Chapin, 5314 Holly i avenue NW. have been honored for academic achievement at Valparaiso university, having achieved a 2.5 or better grade period in April and early May. Heading the program will be Bill Riley, Des Moines television personality, and Ami Frenzen, Cedar Rapids realtor. Ray said an effort will be made to involve Iowa school students in the program. cd when Arms It. Senate Sergeant at K. Shawhan, Des I “He told me I could not leave and I made the point that if anyone laid a hand on me, I was going to punch him in the nose. my it limited “freedom and liberty was of movement.” Riley said he would like to think that if Jan Squire of Des Moines, the senate’s only door woman, had been at, the door j under similar circumstances, that, he would have been able to curb his Irish temper. Kennedy said when things like the Riley episode happen, “the fault lies with us and not with the people at the door.” Senator Minnette Doderer (D-fowa City) said she didn’t want Sen. Riley to stand alone and confessed that two or three years ago, before there was a ladies’ restroom in the senate, “This was undue arbitrary re he agreed with S e n. Gene Kennedy (D- she had treated a doorman Dubuque) took the floor to say “equally as rude” in making it tho Cedar Hi fids i 5A Gazette: Wed., Mar. 20. 1971 —Energy— (Continued from Page I.) some Arab governments had not yet notified their foreign concessionaries of the lifting of the oil embargo. In a related development Gulf Oil Co. Wednesday reduced prices for jet fuel, kerosene and no. 2 distillate and residual fuel oils. Bush Forecast ,    ,    *    .    .    „....   some    of    the    known she was going to leave NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Na- M nines, wouldn’t let him leave|,lf l,m aru agogic for it things Riley had said, but that the chamber to go to the near-jtional Chairman George Bush est available women’s restroom predicted Tuesday that Republi ca chamber to go to the sen- Riley went on to say that he rules are rules. ates north balcony to visit with did not agree with Shawhan’s “Those who want to take ex- in the house, some Cedar Rapids Boy Scouts, interpretation of the rule and ('option to them,” Kennedy said,) Shawhan, 70, said he Senate Not Meeting The senate was not actually, meeting at the time, since both jeans will do well in the elections didn’t this fall by attacking an un pin! he felt it was being “ab-“should do so with the powers,feel that he needed an apology, popular congress “We have had tremendous co- democrats and Republicans operation from them in previous vvcr(‘ caucusing in committee! efforts and we have seen how,rooms about thc controversial '•Vt    I    .    VvH,    W    I-    rf    X: Car Entered — Susan Ram- I)0'n* on a ^.0 scale soy, 337 Sixth avenue SW, reported Tuesday that her purse * * * Third Anniversary Celebra containing $85 was taken from;4ion. Cut Roses, $3 per doz her car Saturday at an undetermined address. * * * Five Seasons Toastmasters — John Songster and Larry Erb will be speakers at noon Friday at the Embassy club. * * * Sweetheart Roses, $1.49 per doz. Saturday, March 23 from I to 4. Easter Bunny treats for the children. Goodman’s Plants and Posies, 802 Main St., Center Point.- Adv. ♦ * * Sunrise Optimists — Linn Mail Taken — Eight mail;CountyAttv- William Faehes and order stereo tapes valued at $40 one    assistants, Eugene were reported taken last wcekJKopecky vv^ speak on “Work-froni a mailbox at the residence;’nSs °f tbc lann County Attor-of Patricia K. Finley, 123 First ney’s Office” at 7:30 a.m. Satur- avenue SW. * * size living day at the Roosevelt hotel. * Any size living room sham-! poood for $9.95. Any bedroom j $7.95. Diamond Carpet 366-6226.1 —Adv. * * * Dean’s List — Catherine Ann; Dennison, Hiawatha, has been named to thc dean’s list of Con-' Hearst: Denial Of TV Time Is Disappointment MARTINEZ, Calif. (AP) — Randolph Hearst says he’s dis-cordia Teachers college, River j appointed that two accused (Photo on Picture Page.) Forest,    III.,    for    the    winter murdercrs have been quarter. * * * Opening for experienced hairdresser.    Full    or    part    time. Bob’s Hairstyling,    393-8147. — Adv. *    *    * Free Hairstyling for Work- denied permission to read for television a statement they claim could i help free his kidnaped daughter. Sam Hall. Contra Costa shop, Sunday, Monday^ Call for j county superior court judge, appointment, Cedar Rapids School of Men’s Hairstyling, 4261 appearance 2nd Ave. SE. 362-1488,-Adv. Ill NROTC Award — Jeffrey L. Gem bier, 1472 Parkwood drive SE, received the Naval Reserve ruled Tuesday that a television by alleged Sym-bionese Liberation Army “soldiers” Joseph Remiro and Russell Little could hurt their 'chances for a fair trial. the enthusiasm of the young stimulates interest in environmental protection throughout an entire community,” Ray said. He also urged clubs and civic organizations to join in the environmental action program. It is not possible to order or uniform bill. consumer credit code “I was treated like a school child and, regrettably, I acted like a school child,” Riley told the .senate later on a point of personal privilege. Riley said he was informed decree awareness of our envir- the Scouts were in the balcony j onment or the need for its pres- and “I politely asked the ser-! ervation,” Ray said.    geant at arms for permission to, go up there.” Riley said Shawhan refused; .permission and then asked Sen-! ate Secretary Ralph Brown if it HAIRFIELD (AP) — Robert was okay for Riley to leave the Josten, 32, has been appointed chamber. Riley said Brown executive director of the League pointed out the rules under a of Iowa Municipalities, league'call do not permit a senator to New Director Named By Cities’ League president Robert Rasmussen said Wednesday. Rasmussen said Josten, an Iowa native now practicing law in Washington, D.C., will assume duties July I. He succeeds Bob Hayes, Des Moines, who recently resigned to enter private buisness. Josten was born in Des Moines, attended high school in Coon Rapids and was graduated from Morningside college. leave. Riley said he then pointed out to Shawhan that he had been permitted to go to the governor’s office Tuesday when there was a call on the senate, accompanied by another senate doorman. “Caused Annoyance” Riley said he suggested that Shawhan assign a doorman to go with him to the balcony, but SH    After    learning    of    the    ruling, Officer loaming Corps academ-    how award of tho Iowa Statp ic star award of the low* State university NROTC unit. Gembler obtained a 3.31 grade point average on a 4.0 scale toj earn the award. COE SUMMER k_7k —Huntley- (Continued from Page don’t see any statement that might possibly bring about the release of our daughter could keep the defendants from getting a fair trial.” The SLA has threatened tot break off all communication with Patricia Hearst's family J unless Little and Remiro appear! on national television. Hall said, “lf I agreed to this; motion I would create an atmo-: sphere that would result in the; foil ow in i? possibility of these men not receiving a fair trial in any part! w*L- °f tb*s statc and possibly the na-lion. Hall then began hearing Then he won a national oratory! contest and a scholarship to the Cornish School of Arts in Seattle! in 1932. He switched to the University of Washington the year and “since my dad was only working two days a we in the depression” he supported himself bv working as a waiter, telegram‘delivery boy, window tfumcnts on a defense motion washer and by selling pints of *ba* *bf>    Little    and Reins blood ‘    lmir° 0,1 rbarfies of attempted In 1934 he Ret a $l(l-a-month murdt'r involving a Concord po-; job with a 100-watt radio sta-l^eman be transferred out of tion. FCBC, in Seattle. In addi-iContra Costa    because    °r: not prejudicial pre-trial publicity. a1- In Oakland, where Little and; ac- Remiro are charged with the! Nov. 6 assassination of Schools! An experience designed to iffer the community sxci ti tig op port u ii ities at only $150 per course! ar-; lion to his salary, he laundry service and was lowed to use sponsorship counts to trade for food. In 1938 he went to CBS in Los Sup! Marcus Foster, Municipal Angeles, as correspondent for 11 Court Judge Stafford Buckley, Western states. In 1951 he! postponed a ruling on the televi-. switched to ABC in Iz)s Angeles, and lour years later moved to NHC in New York. • ion proposal to next Monday. It was unclear what the effect I of a positive ruling by Buckley would be since the consent of both judges is required because Little and Remiro face charges ; in both Contra Costa and Alameda counties. Defense attorneys had said ei- Credif Bill Debate Delayed One Day DES MOINES — Senate leaders decided to postpone action a jam Wednesday until Thins- tiler Little or Remiro wanted to day on a highly-controversial make a five-to-19-minute state-cp flit hill which cts interest I meat before a Ione cameraman rates cai revolving charge ae- and reporter in a courtroom counts and contains many eon j with no questions permitted. sinner protection sections. The decision came after both parties caucused over two hours space after the senate convened at IO a rn. . . ^ The Fine Arts * Business Offerings sis Hockshops * Concentrated Courses $ Degree Work Don’t clutter your storage with no longer used items Sell them with a low cost want ad. Dial 398-8234. RENT A NEW PIANO SRT Per Month No Cartage or Drayage All Rent Will Apply lf You Decide To Buyl TUSI I S .tv.iil.ihb' tit Mill Im itnn« r « •» Im nil t 'Witt I * .it Ham Ih-i Auditorium, University ut im •iHii/rmtiwijrs 116 SI (ONO SI REFT SI for example: business offerings Principles of Accounting I. Mi. Voss/Prmupiesof Accounting ll; Anatomy of Business leadership: Personal I tnance; Principles of Management; Dr. Carrither;./ "otnpaiative t conomic System.; Principles of EtunomUs I: Dr. Vauheswaren/Piindples of I coli-omits ll; Development of the Arnot iran I conomy; Dr. Spellman. see tomorrow night’* paper for concentrated courses Call: 364-1511, ext. 428, and we will mail our bulletin - or from 4:30pm to midnight -364-1511, ext. 382. or write:    Summer    Session Box 91C Coe College Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402COE COLLEGE - Regional Center of excellence' n lial Is a KILMAN HO A I S? 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