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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 20, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 4yV    Cedar    Rapids    Gazette:    Wed., Mar. 20, 1974 Predicts No Renewal Of Economic Controls Jewish Leaders Cancel Meeting Due to Security WASHINGTON (AP) — The administration’s attempt to retain partial wage and price controls after April 30 may be dead in the house, according to house banking committee Chairman Wright Patman. “Any hope for passage or even committee action appears to be dim, if not dead,” he told the house Monday. Rep. William Widnall (R N.J.), the ranking Republican on the committee, declined to introduce the administration’s bill. Compromise Bill In the senate, three members of the banking stabilization subcommittee have agreed on a compromise bill that would ex-i tend controls temporarily and establish a mechanism bv which controls may be reimposed only if criteria establishing “serious inflation” are established. For Better Heal til Ringworm Is Common Infection By Dr. S. L. Andelman His hard to imagine, but few people manage to live a normal lifetime without ever becoming infected with one or more types of ringworm. That’s probably because there; are so many types, including athlete's foot, ringworm of the scalp; of the hair or beard; of the body; of the nails, and jockstrap itch. Ringworm is caused by dermatophytes, fungi that draw upon the 6kin for nourishment. Most fungi grow on dead matter, and the dermatophytes feed Dr. S. L. Andelman on the dead cells that are constantly shed from the outer skin. On rare occasions some of these fungi may attack live tissue that has been altered by a1 systemic disease. There are many species of dermatophytes — a fact that is very important to the patient and to the skin specialist, or dermatologist. A remedy that will kill one species may have; no effect on another. Amateur diagnosis and treatment can be very frustrating and even harmful. It’s best to see a doctor. Ringworm can be treated in several ways, depending on the type. Griseofulvin is a useful antibiotic for many types. Orally It is taken orally in tablet form and passes through the body to the skin where it apparently interferes with reproduction of the fungi. This drug is quite effective in treating ringworm of the body and scalp, is somewhat helpful in ringworm of the crotch, but isn’t so effective in cases involving the feet, hands and nails. The drug should be taken only on doctor’s orders since there may be side ! effects. Most ringworm aL*» responds well to topical applications keyed to the specific dermatophyte causing the disease, j These may be applied in powder or cream form. Tolnaftate, one! of the newer drugs of this type, is valuable for conditions that don’t respond to griseofulvin. Other preparations often used contain sulfur, salicylic acid and benzoic acid. Potassium permanganate is used in minute quantities in cold-water soaps; for ringworm of the feet. Keeping the akin clean helps, but too much soap or scrubbing may| cause irritation. Treatment Treatment for ringworm of the scalp includes cropping the hair around the lesions. Hair in the infected areas usually grows back after the fungi are elimin-j ated, but some hair loss may be permanent. Dermatophytids, which are related to ringworm, are skin lesions caused by an allergy or sensitivity to the fungus, although the fungus itself may not J be present in that precise place : For example, a person with ringworm of the feet may develop dermatophytids on the palms or fingers, with an itchy rash or perhaps small blisters. I The remedy is to clear up the foot infection, ♦ * * Dr. Andelman welcomes letters outlining problems he may discuss in future columns. He regrets, however, he cannot per- j sonally answer mail. Write to him in care of The Gazette Senators J. Bennett Johnston (I)-La.), Adlai Stevenson (D-111.), and Joseph Biden (D-Del.) agreed on the com pre mise and set a meeting with the committee to begin close scrutiny of it. introduced a bill to extend the wage and price controls for a year, simply to have a bill before the committee. But he said Monday that lie No legislation is being marked 5008 no sentiment for any cxten-up in the house.    sion of the Economic Stabiliza- As Patman noted in his house lion Act, set to expire April 30. speech Monday, the administra-j He called tho administration Hon hasn’t even found someone p r o po s a I s “highly discrimi-to introduce its bill.    natory and completely unworka- It calls for retention of the b,t’” and sa>d the current Phase Cost of Living Council to mom-,4 had be™ “an abysmal fail-tor existing wage and price ure- ’ agreements and extension of( Rc»p. John Rousselot (R-j mandatory controls over the    i C a I i f. >    followed Patman's health and construction indus-    speecb by    saying    he was    de-1 tries.    lighted at the chairman’s prog-; _ 4    nosis. Rousselot was among the A ear Extension    original critics of wage and Before the committee held price controls, three days of hearings on the    “I hope we have    learned    our issue two weeks ago, Patman    lesson and    will let    the law    ex-! pire as it should,” Rouaselot said. The Johnston-Stevenson-Biden bill has two components. The first is to mandate a prompt, orderly decontrol of wages and prices still under controls when the law is passed. The second facet of their proposal would set up specific criteria to be met before controls can be reimposed. Counterfeit $750,(HK) BANGKOK (UPI) - Thai police seized $750,000 in counterfeit U. S. $20 bills Monday in a town about 40 miles north of Bangkok, authorities said Tuesday. Looking for more storage! space? Sell your don’t needs with a want ad. THE HAGUE (UPI) — Aj “It would be impossible to' World Jewish Congress spokes- guarantee security because a man said Wednesday plans for number of delegates cannot be an international assembly of accommodated in The Hague.’’ Jewish leaders in Holland next Said Isaac Zadoks of the Dutch month were canceled because Israelite church congress, the Dutch could not guarantee; Zadoks said the assemblies security.    jused to attract 300 to 400 per sons but this time there were more than 1,000 applications'. “The conclusion that .security could not be guaranteed was drawn by the JWC leadership on the basis of the available facts,” he said. “One was the unexpected large number of applicants. Larger numbers obviously Increase security risks.” E a r I i e r , JWC President Nahum Goldman announced in New York that the meeting had been moved to Miami, Fla. If you perform a specific service, want ads will help you find users! Dial 398-8234. 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