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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 20, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Carrier pigeons, a postman and various mechanical means of transporting the mails are featured on three commemo-ratives by Surinam to honor the 100th anniversary of that country’s first postage stamps. The 15-cents green and blue shows two carrier pigeons bearing letters to different destinations. The 25-cents pink, blue, gray and black depicts the solhouette Police Say Boy Admits Kidnaping Claim Was Hoax HAUPPAUGE, N Y. (AP) - of a postman delivering a letter to a home. The 30-cents blue, red, green and black illustrates an outline map of Surinam with such means of mail transportation as a plane, truck, ship and train. Each stamp also bears the text “IOO .Jaar Surinaamse Post-zegels” (IOO years of Surinam postage stamps) plus the dates “1873-1973.” First Stamps Surinam’s first postage stamps, issued in 1873 when the country was a colony of the Netherlands, are definitives that are similar in design to those of the mother country of the same period and highlight a profile of Holland’s King William III. ♦ * * The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Wed., Mar. 20, 1974 MA *w>W -    -.......... A 25th anniversary celebration on stamps comes from Dominica to hail the quarter-cen-tury birthday of the University of the West Indies. There are three stamps in the set plus a souvenir sheet. The 12-cents gray and cream shows the UWI Center Building. The 30-cents depicts a gradua- Suffolk county police say that **on ceremony. the report of 15-year-old William Thc chanct'llor is Presenting a Martin’s kidnaping over the diploma to a student. The highest value, $1, features; weekend was actually a hoax the university coat of arms perpetrated by the Long Island boy himself. Chief of Detectives Patrick Mellon said Martin, of Port Jefferson station, admitted to falsely reporting he was kidnaped. An investigation indicated the boy disguised his voice Saturday night when he called his fa- Three Values The souvenir sheet contains all three values on a blue background. Another island paying philatelic tribute to the University of the West Indies is St. Vincent, which has produced four stamps for the occasion. Although these adhesives de thor to announce the kidnaping pict the main university center and warn the elder Martin that located at Kingston, Jamaica, he would be contacted, said the educational center serves all Mellon.    the islands including the British Instead, the boy actually Associated States and Colonies spent the night in an old build- in the Caribbean and the Baha-ing in Port Jefferson, according mas. to Mellon.    Other    colleges    in the universe I Martin was in custody at the ty group are at Barbados and at county police station here. Juve- Trinidad, nile authorities said they plan to submit a petition concerning the incident that could result in the filing of formal youth offender charges. The boy first told police that three men in a car abducted Arthur Joe Wullenwaber,! him Saturday night, blindfolded Cedar Rapids, has filed suit in him and drove him around until ynn district court seeking Sunday morning.    $25,000 for injuries he suffered Young Martin said the “kid- jn a car-motorcycle accident $25,000 Asked As Result of Car-Cycle Crash napers’’ got into an argument and released him at the Billy Blake shopping center on Nesconset highway in Terryville. Aug. 6,1973. Wullenwaber reports driving a motorcycle in the parking lot at the IE Atomic Energy Plant at Police said they became SUS- Palo when he was involved in a picious when no demand for collision with a car driven by ransom was made during the Arthur Warren Pierce, also of Saturday night call.    ; Cedar Rapids. Pierce was a parking stall Former Maverick of Senate To Try Again Cedar Rapids, emerging from at the time. Wullenwaber was negligent charges Pierce by: failing to SALEM, Ore. (UPI) — Wayne keep a proper lookout for other Morse, the man they called “the vehicles; failing to yield the tiger of the senate,” is ready to right-of-way; failing to exercise , 4l    ,    ,    due caution and failing to have make another comeback.    his vchidc under con(ro, At age 73, he filed Monday for as a result of the accident, he the seat he lost to Bob Pack- c|aims to have suffered per-wood, a Republican, six years sonai injuries, including a frac-ago. He also tried two years ago tured right iegi permanent inju-1 but lost in his effort to unseat| ries to his body, loss of future Mark Hatfield, also a Republi-    wages> mental anguish    and    Rica*1    ture medical expenses. Morse said he had decided to Medical expenses to date of try again became of “the many $108.60, lost wages totalling urgings of the p,ot 60 days from $1,500 and $600 damage to the Democrats and Republicans.” motorcycle are specifically list-Morse served in the senate as ed in the suit. a Republican, then went in-    -- dependent before declaring him- 20 YEARS AGO — American self a Democrat.    civilian pilots of a private air- The former 24-ycar veteran of line escaped withering commu-the senate said he has a reason- n i s t anti-aircraft fire and able amount of pledges to sup- dropped supplies to besieged port him financially in his race.    Bien Bien Phu. coot..bun* N V N*w« Sy«d In* VZo ...My dad wants to have a long talk with me... IMI phone you back in a minute!" Big savings storewide: Now it pays to bring your charge. And charge! Penney pets’ sale. 20% off. Reg. $2 to $4. Save now on Penneypets* for little girls. 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