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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 14, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa They ’ veGotta Squawk The giant Canada geese resting at Silver Lake near Rochester. Minn., have been squawking lately, despite the free corn they’ve been getting. Up to 20,000 geese use the lake on their migratory route north and south. All they want is a little rest, but lately they’ve been seen hand-wrestling with a grown man who lures them up close with offerings of shelled corn and then dives into their midst, feathers and snow flying. The lake seethes and echoes as thousands of birds take up an angry protest. Research biologist Robert McLandress has just tackled another goose with a special neck band, one of the 18 he is fitting with radio transmitters to track their migratory flight north. Along with the geese, McLandress is likely to come up with some bruises, because the rock-hard wing joints pack a stunning wallop. Md,undress, with researcher Mike YVege, is conducting .a goose study begun by Dr. Dennis Raveling of the University of California at Davis. Some of the geese are giving McLandress a wide berth these days, but the gaggle of geese has not abandoned the lake. After all, a free meal is a free meal, even if the service is lousy. Pigeons Stolen Bird fancier Aki Alsong welcomes one of his pedigreed homing pigeons back to the coop behind his house in Brooklyn. Last weekend 28 pigeons were abducted from the coop. The kidnaper, who police suspect is a teenager, released one of the birds with a ransom note attached to its leg, demanding $50 and ten young pigeons that have not yet developed homing instincts. Alsong said he would go along with the ransom but ob-Peter Rodino, jr. (D-N.J.), chairman of the house    served he has no way of getting judiciary committee, right, confers with Rep. Edward    in t()uch with lht, ^1(inappr Hutchinson of Michigan, the panel’s ranking Republican. Leaders of the committee said Wednesday the tapes the White House has refused to release are necessary to the impeachment inquiry. Two Symbionese Liberation Army members went into court Wednesday with a "most unique and unprecedented request" that they be allowed to appear on nationwide TV to present a plan for the release of Patricia Hearst. In foreground is Joseph Remiro, 27, and iii bdtk is Russell Little, 28, as they were taken from the Martinez, Calif., courthouse Ve SCO Aide Laurence L. Richardson, jr., a former aide to financier Robert Vesco, leaves federal court in New York. Richardson testified at the trial of former Attorney Gen. John Mitchell and former Commerce Secretary Maurice Stans. Richardson said he secretly delivered $200,-000 to Vesco from Stans for President Nixon’s re-election campaign. —UPI Telephoto "Most Unique” It Is Not the Big Things But Little Ones That Cause Problems By Erma Hornbeck My husband and I liked to have died laughing the other day over an article about a couple who were getting a divorce because . . . get this . . . she didn’t spread mayonnaise on his sandwich all the way to the edge of the bread Divorce isn’t funny, but as I said to him, "Isn t it incredible how little things bug a person to the point of a legal separation?” He wiped the tears from his eyes and said, "I just can’t believe something so little could get so big." Then he added, "I mean for years I’ve lived with your warm pickles and it’s no big deal." "What warm pickles, dear?" I said still smiling. "Any pickles,” he said "Any home ec dropout knows pickles are supposed to be served cold, but if you insist on serv ing them right out of the cupboard, it isn’t that important to me." "Then why are you mentioning it?” Sinh a Sport "Because I’m such a sport about it and I wanted you to know " . "Well, aren’t you generous," I said "As long as you forgive me for my warm pickles, I forgive you for putting your underwear into the laundry inside out for the last 20 years.” Is that such a big thing for you to turn them rightside out’” "Not unless your arm is broken, it isn’t " Speaking of broken arms, why is it you never learned how to screw in a simple fuse in the fuse box?" for ttie same reason you never learned to hang up a simple towel on a towel rack ” ••You're no! perfect, you know," he Mid breathing harder "You leave a trail of cold coffee niuns all over this house like Hansel and Crete! leaving crumbs. It s really gross ” ired toy the Hoq "And I suppose it is more gross then feeding the dog at the table’” "You should l)i* so lucky The dog eats out!" "I don't see you starving to death. In fact, a few more pounds and you can start singing as a group " "That’s a pretty crummy thing to say for a woman who eats Danish while I jog a mile every morning " "Running a 23-minute mile isn’t going to earn you any .medals.” The paper fell to the floor and we both looked at it "Imagine! Someone getting a divorce for not spreading the mayonnaise right ” "Yeah,” said my husband wistfully "They should have our problems," (CopVft«Sf IWC    I    nt«r    priftM,    Int    I AP Wirephoto More About Tapes —AP Wirephoto j»«|    ll    •    ||    /•    —AP Wireph< Film Industry Honors Cagney Actor James Cagney has a comment about Nancy Reagan , wife of the California governor, right background, as they and Actor Charlton Heston enter the room in Los Angeles where the film industry honored ( aguey for his 40 year film career. He was given the Life Achievement Award of the Amel sn F ilm Institute \ i ;

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