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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 10, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Terrorism as a ‘social’ tool: guff parallels domestic Seizure by ‘right’ stolei ‘left’ thunder By Jenkin Lloyd Jones : I IF aJdEEI Mend. ■j 'P SOUTH ultrarlghtist is, In fdood, proven guilty of kidnaping liberal Atlanta Constitution editor Reg Murphy, there should ho three national awaits I I Tile first, of course, should go to Millry who, while admittedly scared, kepi his wits about him and made the fewest crawling motions that he felt he could get away with. I The second should go to the FHI which adod smartly on the case even if it did tifrn out to be a ham-handed, foot-in-the-huacket effort at crime in contrast to the smooth ruthlessness of the Symbionese I Jheration Army of Oakland Opinion Page 2 Views Ideas Insights Judgments Comments riot And the third should be an engraved certificate of appreciation (second class) from the American people which fMurphy’s kidnaper could hang up in his •ell and contemplate, hopefully, for very many years. For ho blew the whistle on a conceit of the radical left that terrorism is its exclusive property. Even as Murphy was being spirited I away, I was reading in The Washington Star-News a strange interview with William Kunstler, the radical lawyer. ( Kunstler had been called to San Francisco from St. Paul where he had been defending Dennis Banks, the A.I.M. leader, charged with hostage-taking at Wounded Knee. He was summoned at the request of Randolph Hearst, who reasoned that if any negotiator could be considered simpatico by the kidnapers of Miss Patricia Hearst it would be Kunstler. When Kunstler arrived on the scene he stated: “I’ve expressed no opinion on the act Itself—whether it is good, bad or indifferent.” He did add, however, that “a kidnap geared to food for the poor” could be the “beginning of an epidemic.” As the interviewer put it, the radical left eyes the Hearst case as “an action within the scope of politics, a kidnaping as a kind of tool to pry loose social benefits.” So there you have it. The noble crime. Or politics by gun and snatch. It is doubtful if Mr. Kunstler would allow similar gentle indulgences for the “American Revolutionary Army” which, according to editor Murphy, his captor claimed amounted to 233 members and six colonels. There is serious question whether these figures are solid. It is possible, in fact, that the American Revolutionary Army was the first to achieve sexual equality and that it really consisted of the kid naper and his wife. But if the radical left cannot take a stand on whether the abduction of Patricia Hearst was “good, bad or indifferent” you can count on its outrage* against the Georgia caper. There’ll be none of this nonsense about “action within the scope of politics.” Redneck kidnapings will be denounced as crimes—period. However, the trouble is that if you half excuse a rad-lib extortion on the grounds that it’s the only way to get the attention of the establishment, what do you do about the guy who claims that the liberals really are the establishment and that he’s trying to get their attention, too? Some people actually feel that the liberals run the country. And some don’t like it. And if kidnaping is an action in the scope of politics, why isn’t it open to anyone who feels strongly about anything? So we have the vision not of a lovely America in which only radicals have a right to commit criminal acts but of a very terrible America in which overheated reactionaries and racists will get into their eye-holed bedsheets and go charging around lynching anyone who displeases them. Mr. Kunstler has developed a technique in defending revolutionaries which has some tactical merit. It has been described as “antic law.” His courtroom shenanigans arc designed to so chivvy the judge that, it is hoped, the latter in a burst of anger will commit a reversible error. The left wing thinks that Mr. Kunstler’s technique is “cool.” The South is not a stranger to flamboyant barristers. And if any one of them tries to spring Mr. Murphy’s alleged kidnaper by turning the courtroom into a carnival and bumfuzzling the judge, the reaction of the left wing will be fascinating. You sec, what’s sauce for the goose will eventually be sauce for the gander. If we’re going to have a lawless America for the benefit of the left, eventually we’ll have one for the right, too. So far, the radicals have had it mostly their own way and they’ve denounced the pleaders for “law and order” as Fascist bigots. But if the lunatic right ever rises, the revolutionary left could wind up kissing the “pigs.” We’re eventually going to have to decide whether we want a jungle America—not a halfway jungle but an all-the-way jungle. And an all-the-way jungle is a place where none is safe, where assault is everywhere and where the eaters are eaten. General Feature* Corporation Insights ic" ^ $.1' You must not lose faith in humanity Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty. Mahatma Gandhi Way with words No insult meant By Theodore M. Bernstein GYP. Not long ago I passed a reader’s query on to dear Dear Abby because it seemed to be more up her alley than mine, and she was good enough to respond Now she returns the compliment. One of her readers is concerned over “a common and unintentional slur” in voived in the use of the word gypped. “Most people,” says that reader, “are unaware that the word derives from the word gypsy.” Most reference Ixxiks agree that gypped probably does derive from gypsy. One exception is Brewer s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, which says that many streams iii this country contain so much gypsum or alkali salts that excessive drinking from them causes a person to suffer a stomach attack and he is called gypped The phrase indicating that one has been had or done down probably derives from this origin, says Brewer. The derivation from gypsy seems more likely to this writer However, Dear Abby’x correspondent seems to answer her or his own objection by pointing out that most people are unaware of the likelihood of the derivation of the word from gypsy so that they don’t even make a connection tndween gypped and gypsy. It is not improbable that gypsies themselves don’t make the connection either. So trying to stop the use of the word, as the reader suggests, seems quite unnecessary. To say nothing of futile. Explosive phrase. When we say hoist by his own petard we mean that a person was damaged by his own explosive or, more broadly, snared by a trap he set for someone else. A petard is a kind of mine or a case containing explosives used to smash through a door or a wall. Hoist is equivalent to raised, lifted or blown up. The phrase appears in “Hamlet'', Act III, Scene iv: “For ’tis the s|x»rt to have the engineer/Hoist with his own petard Word oddities When you speak of the cooing of a dove, or the bun of a bee, or the bang of a gun you are indulging in onomatopoeia (pronounced ahna mahta-PEE ya) and those words are either onomatopoeic or onomatopoetic. What onomatopoeia means is the making or use of words that imitate na tural sounds or sounds characteristic of a thing. And with that the rattle of this typewriter ends. Nr* Yoih 'Time* Syndical* What world needs is world-law muscle By Norman Cousins THE AMERICAN people have been sickened by the use of terror to accomplish social and political ends. We have no difficulty in recognizing the monstrous irresponsibility and criminality of a group that uses kidnaping as the means to force wealthy families to provide food for the poor. Similarly, we are appalled that a man who regarded Richard M. Nixon as the source of social and economic injustice in the United States should have attempted to seize a commercial jetliner in order to crash it into the White House. The idea that such terror could accomplish a useful purpose is repugnant and reprehensible. Hut what about governments themselves? The major governments seek to accomplish their purposes through terror. Both the United States and the Soviet Union believe the only way to make their foreign policies successful is to possess the instant means of inflicting a Norman Cousins holocaust on their enemies. Each country has access to a switchboard of total annihilation. This switchboard can be activated by a fingertip. Between them, the United States and the Soviet Union possess the power to destroy one another about 300 times over. It has been estimated that each country now has a stockpile of more than 25,(KIO megatons of nuclear force. lf only half of this power is used, the conditions of life on earth w ill be severely jeopardized. A blanket of deadly radioactivity would settle over the earth. In this sense, the entire human race today is hostage to the balance-of-terror strategies of the nuclear powers. If these strategies should fail, hundreds of millions of people outside both countries would become the victims. What can be done to free the world of the terrible delusion that peace can be achieved through terror? President Nixon has pointed to the SALT talks with the Soviet Union as offering a possibility for bringing the arms race under control. The agreements with the Soviet Union so far, however, have not gotten around to the essentials. The nuclear stockpiles are untouched by SALT. The capacity of each nation to produce devastation on a colossal scale has not been impaired. Nothing has happened at the SALT talks so far that would change the balance-of-terror strategies of both countries. This is not to say that nothing significant has been accomplished in the negotiations between the two countries. The gains that have been scored have been setting limits to certain fields of military development, and in foregoing other lines of development. But SALT has left the nuclear stockpiles intact. It has not reduced the pulverizing power of either nation. It has not done away with the basic instruments behind the ixilicy of terror. Ultimately, the human race will not be free of the terror of instant annihilation until a rule of law is established in the world. In their dealings with one another, nations must be regulated — in their own interests as well as the common interest. The No. I business before all peoples today is the development of a world organization with adequate authority to eliminate terror as the basis for achieving national security or national aims. Those peoples who are now free will find it increasingly difficult to maintain their freedom without a basic structure of law in the world. Those who are not free will find it more difficult to become free because of world anarchy. Those countries that have recently gained their national independence will find it increasingly difficult to maintain that independence without a system of world interdependence. lf the human habitat is to be protected at a time of total power, it becomes necessary to replace terror with law — whether in the relationship between human beings as individuals or in the relationship between nations. Difficult though this may be, it is the price of sensible survival. 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