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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 9, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Financial and Market News Delay Nixon Deadline for Stocks Score Strong Gain NKW YOUK I Al1)—The stock market Ixxtnced back from some early losses to finish the week with a strong gain Friday. Analysts said hopes for an early end to the Arab oil em-barge, which have set off a series of gains in recent sessions, appeared to be reasserting themselves. The closing Dow .Jones average of .‘lh industrials was up 3.99 at 878.05. C.R.Markets Prices paid on the Cedar Rapids hog markets Saturday were steady. Prices paid Friday for the bulk of country and plan* delivered butchers weighing 200 to 230 lbs., depending on grade and condition were $35.50-$36.00. Packing sows SOO lbs. down were $31.75-$32.25. Butchers 230-240 lbs. are 25c off; 240-250 lbs. are 50c off; and 75c off for each IO lbs. weight over 250. Packers are 25c off for each weight grade from 300-360 lbs., 50c off each weight grade to 500 lbs. and 75c off each weight grade above 500 lbs. GRAIN No. 2 yellow corn, $2.62 No. I yellow soybeans, $5.77. 33 lb. oats, $1.55. Friday prices delivered. SHEEP Choice to prime shorn lambs are $37.00-$39.00 Choice to prime wool lambs are $34 00-$37.00 Prices are tor 90-105 lbs. sheep, delivered. FEEDER CATTLE Friday's quotations from Lamscn Bros. Close Prey. March .......... 43.00 47 OO April    44 90 43.90 Didnt Want Nixon Nailed To Wall, Vesco Is Quoted Tape Release tm Codal* Rapids Gazette: Sat.. Mar. 9, 1974 NKW YOUK (UPI) Financier Robert Vesco declined to “blow the lid” on his contribution lo the 1972 Nixon campaign because he did not want investigators to “nail mc and the President to the wall together,” a witness in the Mitchell-Stans trial testified Friday. The witness, Harry Sears, is the star of the government case against former Attorney General .John Mitchell and former Commerce Secretary Maurice Stans. They are accused of trying to Impede a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation of Vesco in exchange for his $21)0,00(1 secret cash contribution. Sears said that, when Vesco declined to testify in October, 1972, before an SKC hearing, Mitchell said: “Please tell Bob |I’m grateful.” “.Just Like Another” WASHINGTON (UPI) On and the President to the wall ‘‘hance the White House together.    may have “misunderstood” the Theres no way I rn going to request, the house judiciary committee is giving J'resident testify and blow the lid because the interpretation by the media would be that it would be blown Nixon another week or two to up like the ITT affair. “Nixon may survive things but. this would be crusher.” Union Vote Ends Bitter Strike in Anniversary of Church To Be Noted Sunday v\ Lutheran Church of the Bes Uirrection will observe its 15th rectiori the J Brake, Worship 8 and IO. Sermon: “What ABOUT Exorcism?" Lutheran Church of the Resurrection - 2770 Eighteenth avenue. The Rev. Otto A. Zwanzigcr. Worship 8 and 10:30. Sunday school 915. St. Paul’s Lutheran (Missouri Synod) 915 Twenty-seventh street. The Rev John D. Huber, 0:30. Sun- anniversary Sunday. 'The Rev. William Biedermann, who organized the congregation, will BL Union provide six tapes for its im-other peachment inquiry, the Committee Republicans acknowledged that the day may corno when they must choose speak at both the 8 and 10:30 between supporting the Pres services, ident and supporting the com An open bouse has been set mittee.    for 2 to 4 p.m. with the Bieder- # So Nixon appeared to have inarm family present. Both the r3r0n Factories K;,in(‘d sorn(‘ limo but no services and open bouse are friends — in rejecting its re-1 open to the public “Mary Magdalene Takes Witness Stand” at 7 p.m. The Rev. Otto A. Zwanz.iger will speak on “Were You there when He Was Accused?” at the    Jr. Worship 8 and p.m. Lenten services at the    day school 9:15. Lutheran Church of the Resur- First United Methodist 1277 Eighth avenue. The Rev. ...    .    ,    J    Glen W Lamb and the Rev. J. St. J aul s services are set for    iyj steffcnson    Worship    8:30 7:30 p.rn with the Rev. .John I),    and ll Sermon:    “Being    Sornc- Huber, jr, .speaking on “The '    Prairie Miller. Sunday school 9:15. Worship 10:30, Sermon: "Suffering and the Cross", Reformed Presbyterian 965 South Fifteenth .street. Sunday school IO. Worship ll. Church of God (Seventh Day) OOO Ninth avenue. W. J. Kuryluk, pastor. Song service 9:45, Sabbath school IO, worship ll, Saturday. Friday, Bible study 8. United Seventh Day Brethren 2400 Second avenue. W Allen Bond, pastor. Worship IO, church school ll Saturday. JU. Cross for the Alienated ♦ * * Marion Churches Chapel United Methodist Route 3. The Rev Clive Cook. Sunday school 8:45 Worship 9:45. first Presbyterian Same Age MOSCOW (AP) — Soviet scientists believe the rocks composing the moon and earth are 802 roughly the same age, Tass Twelfth street.'The Rev. Jay A. news agency said Saturday. PASO, Texas (AIU — quest and laying down terms The Rev Mr. Biedermann clothing workers have j which implied he would limit his! started work in Marion in .Jan- CATTLE MARKET Choice ana prime steers Choice and prime heifers Good steers Good heifers Standard and utility steers Standard and utility heifers Utility cows Commercial cows Cutter cows Bulls (Yield grade 4 overfat heifers are discounted $5 agreed to end a bitter strike and j cooperation with the investigate ompanion boycott against i tion into his culpability. Farah Manufacturing Co. which    „ .    „ . started in 1972 and caused lh..    1 raisc Rodin# company to close several Two    middle-of-the-road    Illi- plants.    nois Republicans on the com- Members of the Amalgamated .mittee.    Reps. Tom Railshack Clothing Workers of America: 'ind Itob(‘rl Medary, praised Sears said Vesco had told him! (ACWA) voted Thursday m«Mi Chairman Peter Rodino <D- night he was not going to testify andjto accept a contract in which alN J ) for his handlin« of ,h( that Vesco added: ‘ I hope the no strike-no lockout provision is hell that ll make them happy — ;a |^Cy feature. It also provides because that s just like another for higher wages and improved contribution.”    fringe benefits Sears did not make clear who uary of 1959, with tilt* first worship service being held at I Longfellow grade school, March I. The next Sunday, March 8. the congregation officially w a s formed. 1000 Eighth; Rev. Calvin .school 9:30. •rmon: “The! Game Is Love”. tip 7:30. Sacred Vesco meant by “them.” Sears, a Vesco lawyer at the time, said the subpoena from the SEC staff arrived Sept. 29, 1972, and called for Vcsco’s appearance Oct. ll. He said Mitchell was greatly concerned be- Spokesmen for Farah, which makes men’s slacks and other garments, and the union joined in making details of a three-year contract public. Workers whose previous pay,reported Nixon had offered ranged from $1.70 to $2.40 per give the committee only materi issue. Rodino talked Rep. Robert Drinan (D-Mass.) who is ready to vote now to impeach Nixon, out of forcing an immediate vote on the subpoena issue Thursday. Drinan offered his motion after John Doar. special im-.,,.    , peachment lawyer for the panel, raw 11 v Bethel Baptist avenue. The Thorpe. Sunday Woe hip 10:30. S Name of I he Evening won music concert. f irst Baptist    2895 Four teenth avenue. Th** Rev. Lyle W. Lee. Worship 9:30. Sunday school 10:30. (irare Baptist    440 South Fifteenth street. The Rev. Don First unit of the church build- Martin. Sunday school 9:45. Worship 10:50 and 6:30. Squaw Greek Baptist Wilkins school. The Rev. Kermit W. Jelmcland, Worship 9. Sun- ing was dedicated on Oct. 23, 1960. A second unit was added and dedicated on March 8. 1964 The Rev. Mr. Biedermann left!day school IO. the church for an Iowa City pas- Robins Faith Bible - Corm r i torate in late 1966 and the Rev.    arul    :V.(;n,/fl Th,c Kov; ■    ,    ,    .    ha Bateman. Wor hip 9:30    and Landis O. Gross became its (j sunday school 10:45 minister, lie left in 1972 and the st Joseph’s Catholic 995 present minister, the Rev. Otto Fifth avenue. The Rev. Justin A Zwanz.iger, came here from A. Kane, the Rev. Martin W. Pfab and the Rev. John Casey will celebrate mass Saturday at 7 pm at the school, i 430 j . Congregation plans call for Fourteenth street, and Sunday; ° retirement of the building debt at 7, 9:30 and ll a rn. and 5 I).rn. at the church and 8:30, IU Reed City, Mich. He Point native. is a $40 00-S42 OO $39 OO $41 OC $38 OO $40 OO $37 OO $ IV OO $36 OO $38 OO $36.00-$38 $25oa$30oo action, $75.00-$30.00 ■ $78 00 $31 OO $33.00 $36 OO steers and per cwt And * * * yield grade 5 are discounted $10 per cwt.) (Wastv and gobby overfat steers are $3 and $5 less per IOO lbs. than regular commercial cows.) deposited $250,(HK) in a New York bank. Sears said $200,000 was given secretly to Stans, the Nixon finance committee chief, tor(VoSwaA'and''mfcr>and $50,000 was donated publicly. “Nothing Better” Sears quoted Vesco about the, subpoena as follows:    WASHINGTON,    I).    C.    (AIU— “I'm sure thcvTc come to trv ^ resident Nixon signed Hie Wa-i lo make a connection between i l_cr Resources ^Development Act! hour will earn up to 80 cents! als which he has already fur-;sm™‘i'!nc‘ lll!s    Ill(>    .1hn,i    and 11:30 at the school. ,    .ma WUU...    «    Iuni(    the    main    sanctuary,    is    ex-    .    ..    1A._    .. ,    .    , Marion C hristian 1050 Mc- to be built in a feWjOuwan boulevard. The Rev. years.    j Peter M. Morgan. Sunday school 9:30. Worship 10:45. R o b i n s Church of the Brethren — 355 Second street. Tho Rev. Harold Justice. Sun- About 2,000 employes struck Doar wanted to avoid a com- DGPVICGS OldTeQ Jay :choo! 10 A >rship ll anti in 1972. They said some of their mittee vote on the drastic step Lenten services Wednesday at ' church Christ 1087 fellow workers had been fired of subpoenaing Nixon.    the    Lutheran churches of i Eighteenth street. William Cain, because of union activity. The He said he wanted time to;Marion are set.    Bible school lo. Worship ll company has said it will try to explore Nixon’s cooperation *    •    "    “    ,j    11,1,1 t; 0 cause it was so close to election time.    more per hour, spokesmen said. nished the special Watergate(    . “Mr. Vesco said he was abso- sides refused to give wage prosecutor, Leon Jaworski. ,Jr( (( lutely positive that the SEC staff details. They did saY the hourly The committee wants other was making a concerted effort rat° tor some skilled classifies-1 evidence too — including six    . to zero in on the $250,000 trans- tions wil1 UP to $4 75 Per unidentified tapes which Nixon Lutheran Lenten Sears testified.    hour-    I    refused to surrender. Vesco had arranged a loan in the Bahamas from which he Services Slated hire all of them back. Nixon Approves Resources Law DRESSED MEATS DES MOINES (AP) carlot moat trade market areas: Beef trade slow, demand good; choice steers 1.0G2.00 higher; choice heifers 50 1 OO higher; cows steady to I OO lower; choice steers 600-700 lb. 68.00, 700 800 lb 66 OO; choice heifers 500-700 lb. 66 50 Pork cut trade fairly active early, closing slow; loins 14 lb. and down I OO high er, 14-17 lb .50-150 hiqher, 17-20 lb steady to 1.25 lower; picnics 6 lb and up 2 00-2.50 hiqher; skinned hams 14 20 lb. I 00-1 50 higher, 20 lb and up steady to I OO higher; bellies 14 20 lb .50-1.SO high-1 — ------  —    ------------- ---------1 70.;50loiiM04ibb' MTssrso? picnics Vs !b Jhat (bank) transaction and the 'Thursday authorizing engineer- 43.00*43.50/ 8 It). And up 44.50j skinned! pnntnhiitinn hams 14-17 lh. 67 50, 17 20 lb 62.50-63.25, UHIiriUUllUII. 20-26 lb. 57.15-58 OO. 26-30 ib. 56,50, 26 ib | “Those bastards would with James St. Clair, the President’s lawyer. He said it would take a week or two. Some members were rankled by Nixon’s language at his Wednesday news conference. He said he would not “cart everything’’ down to the committee to “have them paw through it.” Rep. John Conyers (D-Mieh.) said the remark showed arro- Ascension will “We the Jury” continue its Ascension Lutheran — 2210 series with Grand avenue. The Rev. Denny Television Listings and up 55 50; bellies 14 16 lb 18 Ib. lh 43 25 47 7t 48 OO. 16-18 ib 46 50-47.00, 18-20 ib. 42.25, i8-2o nothing better than to Evidence Asked from Nixon on Deed-Dating SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — the action to enhance his Demo-Prcsident Nixon has been asked cratic campaign for governor of to provide evidence to show if California. he knew the deed to his vice- Brown, son of a former gover-presidential papers was fraudu-jnor, said his main concern was lently backdated, as alleged by! with a violation of DeMarco’s a California official.    j duties as a notary public. The The request came Thursday j legality of the tax deduction is from California Secretary of j up to congress’ joint committee State Edmund Brown, jr., who on internal revenue taxation, he formally accused Nixon tax law- added. ver Frank DeMarco of misusing But in reply to questions, his authority as a notary public j Brown said. “This raises the by juggling dates on the deed. possibility that all of this was. The donation of the papers to done to fraudulently obtain a ling and design for water proj-liko °cts that could ultimately cost ^ancc nail me'more ^an billion.    gj    Clair,    in    a    letter,    wrote The President said, without ^at committee seemed to citing specific examples, that ^ as|<jng access “to hundreds the bill authorizes “some proj- 0f thousands of documents and ects that I believe to be eco- thousands of hours of recorded nomically unjustified and it sub- conversations 2—WMT-TV, Cedar Rapids 7—KWWl-TV, Waterloo 9—KCRG-TV, Cedar Rapids 3—KTVO, Ottumwa 4—WHBF-TV, Rock Island 6—WOC-TV, Davenport 8—WKBT, la Crosse IO—KROC-TV, Rochester I 2—KUN TV, Iowa City I 3—WHO-TV, Des Moines 40—KDUB, Dubuque that was not the National Archives provided; tax deduction Nixon with a potential tax de- available.” duction of $576,000.    In    his    letter    to    Nixon.    Brown Brown wrote Nixon asking said the providing of any re-him to provide the contents of j cordings of White House conver-any “tapes or other recordings” on his White House meeting with DeMarco and lawyer Herbert Kalmbach when Nixon signed his 1969 tax return. Seeks Revocation stitutes federal payments for costs that in some cases should be borne directly by the benefitting community.” He added: “on balance, however, the bill represents a step forward in our efforts to modernize water resource development. and I look forward to continuing a constructive dialog with the congress on these policies.” Senator: Will Ask New Government Pay Hike Mansfield Doubts Vote To Impeach WASHINGTON ate Democratic (AP) -leader Sen- Mlke Brown launched legal proceedings Thursday to revoke DeMarco’s notary commission. DeMarco denied the allegations and said he would fight the noncriminal charges at a forthcoming hearing. The dating of the deed is a potential key to the legality of the President’s massive tax deduc-    said    ^r,day    th*it    as    of tions. Brown said. Federal law now he is not expecting the allowing such deductions expired house to vote to impeach Pres-Jiilv 25, 1969.    |    ident    Nixon. The official deed on record    “I    doubt    if    the    votes    are wasn’t signed and notarized    there,”    he    told newsmen.    But    he until April IO, 1970, although it ,added. “Pm just guessing from was backdated to March 27. | a distance.” 1969. Brown contended in a formal “accusation” served on DeMarco Thursday. The White House has argued the fact that the documents were surrendered before the deadline made the transaction legal, whatever the date of tin4 paper work. DeMarco said the deed was a routine re execution of an original, which he said was actually signed in the* spring of 1969 and later destroyed when the new deed was made out. Governor Bid He accused Brown of taking Asks Time Because of that, Rodino said St. Clair must have misunderstood the committee’s request and asked for time for Doar tc clarify it for St. Clair. St. Clair said granting such a request would “destroy the presidency” as an independent branch of government. Nixon suggested Doar and St Clair “negotiate” but some members called compromise “unthinkable.” Although the committee has; WASHINGTON (AP) — A subpoena power, it is not anx-new, quick effort to obtain pay ious to enter that legal thicket, increases for top government officials other than congress members was promised Thursday. Senator Gale McGee (D-Wvo.), chairman of the senate LONDON (AP) — Britain’s sat ions on the tax matter would P°st office and civiI service now Labor government froze all not violate executive privilege! committee, said he hoped to rents Friday and told shopkcep-“ si nee the present investigation i reP°rt out such legislation no ers to cut their profits as part1 h is nothing to do with you in *ater ^an m*d-April and possi- of a drive to cut skyrocketing your capacity as President of j Ny by the end of March.    I    inflation. the United States you cr.' Saturday Night 6:00 2—Action News 7—News, Weather, Sots 9—Lawrence Went 3—Lawrence Wok 4—Lawrence Welti 6—Movie (Cont ) 8—Lawrence Welk IO—News, Weather, Spts 12—Folk Guitar 13—Eyewitness News 40—Roller Games 6:30 2—Hollywood Squares 7—Untamed World IO—Victory ot Seo 12—World of Animals 13—Congressional Profile 7.00 2—All In Family 7—NSC Movie— "It s a Mod, Mod World" 9—Partridge Family 3—Missouri St. Basketball Tournament 4—All In Family 6—NBC Movie— "It s a Mad, Mod World" 8— All In Family IO—To Be Announced 12—Family Clashes 13—NBO Movie — "It s a Mad, Mod World ' 40—Partridge Family 7:30 2- 9 M • A * S * H ABC Suspense Movie— "Mousey" M*A*S*H M *A *S*H State Hockey Elliott Norton ABC Suspense Movie— "Mousey" 8:00 2- 4- 8- 12- 8:30 2-4 — 8- Mory Tyler Moore Mory Tyler Moore Mary Tyler Moo re Firing Line Bob Newhart Bob Newhart Bob Newhart 9:00 2—Corol Burnett 9 -Owen Marshall 4—Carol Burnett 8—Carol Burnett 12—Century Theater 40—Owen Marshall 10:00 2—Action News 7—News. Weather, Spts. 9 Eyewitness News 3 ABC News 4—News. Weather, Sots. 6-IO O’Clock Edition 8-News, Sots , Weather IO News, Weather, Spts. 12—Chanese Way 13—Eyewitness News 40—Newsline 10:15 3—News, Weather, Sots 10:30 2— Movie-"Breaking the Sound Barrier" 7—Coilege Basketball — UCLA USC 9—Movie — "Ticket to Tomahawk" 3—John Wayne Film Festival 4—U.F O. 6—Burt Reynolds 8—Movie— Summer Place IO -Burt Reynolds 12 -Washington Connection 13- Burt Reynolds 40—Movie — "Petrified Forest" 11:00 12—Woman 11:30 4—Outer Limits 12—Sherlock Holmes 12:00 9—Wide World of Entertainment IO—Prisoner 12:30 2—Evil Touch Labor Regime Freezes Rents only as a but involves private taxpay- DISTRESS FURNITURE SALE NEW FURNITURE Very High Quality at Huge Savings! Some slight removable smoke discoloration. 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Warm-Up, Half-Time and Wrap-Up Shows Brought lo you by Sl*ili*r-lincoln Mercury Bl RADI01600 Tonight, one great show after another! 6:00 Lawrence Welk Show The Maestro celebrates his 50 years in business with musical recollections of storming, one-nighter and ballroom stints! show barn- 7:00 Partridge Family Don’t ask what’s cooking when the family decides to cut their energy consumption by ten percent! David Cassidy stars. 7:30    '    *• Suspense Movie, “Mousey” World premiere! Kirk Douglas and Jean Seberg star in the chilling story of a meek, humiliated man turned murderer! \ ye* 9:00 Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law Dr. Marcus Welby is a witness in the paternity suit against Or. Steven Kiley in concluding episode of two-part drama. 10:00 Eyewitness News Easy going, understandable and complete ... lust what you are looking for in late-night news of the weekend! 10:30 Movie “A Ticket to Tomahawk” A traveling drummer finds himself in the middle of railrood-land owner dispute. Dan Doily, Anne Baxter, Marilyn Monroe star. 12:10 Mystery “The Invasion of Carol Enders” An eerie thriller! A nurse s mind and memory suddenly belong to another wonton! Chris Con nelly, Meredith Baxter star TO Jo TV9 ;

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