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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 9, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa £ The Cedar Rapids Galette: Sat., Mar. 9,    1974 Typical Farce: 'How To Seduce a Woman' "How To Seduce a Woman” with Angus Duncan and Angel Tompkins. A Forward Films presentation released by Cinerama releasing. At the Paramount theater. Hollywood rating: R — under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian. Luther in the least but the audience is not so lucky. Each of these mini-polts is sprouting gray hairs after countless exposures in countless bedroom farces. Duncan’s performance consists mainly of putting forth Theater Time For Saturday PARAMOUNT — “Pippi Longstocking” — 2. 3:45; “How To Seduce a Woman” — 6. 8. IO. IOWA - “Serpico” - 1:30, 3:40, 5:50, 8, IO. WORLD - “Sting” - 1:45, 4:05, 6:40, 9:10; shorts - 1:30, 3:50, 6:25, 8:55. TIMES - “Chariots of the Gods?” - 1:30, 3:30, 5:30, 7:30, 9:30. PLAZA — “Superdad” — 2, roguish leers and doing rather 1^:45, 9:25; “Son of Blubber effective imitations of Robert 3:50, 7:30. Cummings. "The five seductees STAGE I — “American Graf-handle their roles with varyingjfiti”— 2:35, 4:40,7:45, 9:50. kin film, released by Warner Pros. At the East own I and 2 theaters. Hollywood rating: R — Re striated, under 17 not admit ted without accompanying I parent or guardian. .MA MWA IMMA 'M' I . M f I.. A AAjlil.ia.A i CF A / ^ I? I    *    *    A    .VA    .X    ,.    I    f.    t\    I,    I    '    I    ■    ‘    ,    I By Doc Halliday Every red-blooded American degrees of competence although: STAGE 2 — “Paper Chase”--boy—when he bends his efforts Misses Ray and Meredith are 2:40,4:50, 7:40, 9:50. toward seducing a woman best. Tile “seduction squad STAGE 3 “Busting" — 2:30, the “The Exorcist”. ‘The Exorcist1 Is Absorbing, Almost Flawlessly Made Film "The Exorcist"    with    Ellen;impossible to feel that the fresh-    That was my favorite part of Bursty n, Max von    Sydow, Lee    ,_,iri 0f ule early scenes    the    hook, so I’m sorry to see it J. Cobb, Kitty Winn, Jack I. ..    ^    Kte-emphasized. itl fairness MacCowran, Jason Miller and    ‘    though, the parts Blatty has Linda Blair. A William Fried-1 *ater *re    same P61*800,    |    chosen to emphasize make a Special Effects But it’s hard to say just how _ much of the credit for that cf-, . .    -    ^ i feet Miss Blair deserves. The More I SX UweO devil’s voice shrieking through    gy |Sj | x OM I Mills her lips is supplied bv Mercedes    ' K    1    LITTLE    ROCK (AP) - Rep. Reluctant Iowa Parolee Sought; 'Skipped Town' By Douglas Beach By Gordon Hanson DES MOINES (AP) Bobby Ferguson, a man who says he's spent all but 17 months of his life in good movie. I guess that’s what sought by Iowa authorities Sat-counts.    jurdav Ferguson, 39, who had just completed a 10-year prison sen-tence, maintained telephone contact with The Associated Press in Des Moines late Friday, calling from unrevealed Brewer said it was possible Ferguson wouldn’t softer rev-oral ion of parole if he surrendered to authorities. “We still hope we might work institutions, was being J this out,” Brewer laid. Ferguson said the pressures of a free society in which he’d never really lived were too much for him. And the penitentiary guards were also to blame, he said. “Out of Hassle” “They’ll keep on me until I blow up,” he said. “They’ll get a woman best. The “seduction basic rules of(members (Miss Carroll, Hope; MaeCambridge. And a remark-    f      o able—if perhaps slightly over- MOIs iD-Ark.) says the staff of ^ locations in the state. “A sermon is no good if you;done—make-up job changes her a congressional committee has Despjte urgings t0 surrender, I ^ on,\ wav or another and by sleep through it,’’ author Wil- appearance completely.    ;concluded that President Nixon Ferguson said he didn’t want to t|ljs (fleeing) I’m getting out of Peter Blatty has said of Ihen there are tin* icmark- owes substantially more income return to tho state penitentiary ahassle/* Then there are the remark- able special effects. A full-size    at Fort Madison. bed    bounces violently,    then! ’ Well, no one is likely to sleep fjoajs upward The girl herself Mills declined Friday to spew- “I don’t know ‘The Fxor- ^rou^    vers*on    seemingly levitates. Heavy ob-;fy the amount. He said “the big) going to do, 1 30 3 45 6 8 15 10 30. flatty’s bestseller about a 12- jects slide around the room as question" is whether a deduc- Th« try nr vear-old girl possessed by a other objects fly about.    {jon Njxon t00k for donation of HIC EU AAU I-    gome    ( have a shock value - knows the basic rules of IIin,luus \mi»n wu-iuu, "^'j4:20, 6:10, 8, 9:50. thumb: Be- polite: Try to steer I Holliday Marty Ingels and Vile | STAGE i - "CmAe'cna liber-the conversation away from lep-!St0,(1 ’    "'N    remembereid _ rosy and hog butchering; Don’t from numerous television shows '• r* ’ ’ f    * spit on the carpet unless the i ^nd movies. Al! are veteran^ KAM UWN cuspidor is full and so forth. ; performers and all are quite cist Woman” Utter Lucaf I Angus j® watch ,hese 'our W ,0 stPal dst" “    "2;45- 5- 7:15- 9:30,[demo#.    J™*    '«his vice-prosidcntUil papers to Duncan) is much too sophis- sccnes fr°m each other.    ;    11:30.    But    contrary    to    widespiead    sp|ves    she    spews    gr Heated for such rudimentary; _    MARION    —    Features at ll. 1. reports, not many are likely to;ont() a priest and bloodily mas 3. 5. 7, 9. ll. tactics. He goes to incredible lengths to get his prey into bed even to recruiting four cronies to help him. Seduction Squad As the film begins, the four members of his “seduction squad" are sitting around reminiscing about Luther’s exploits. Estelle (Janice Carroll) Fraternity House Damaged by Fire taxes. what I’m he said, “hut I won't do anything drastic like another felony.” His statement that he didn’t I I" Stile N adonai Archive* wT'taken3'''* re-imprisonment surprised ^ ^ reen 'omit italic    some    state officials.    From    thcn    on    FerguSon said, entenced for he committed a succession of Ferguson’s mother was an inmate in a women’s reformatory when she was taken to a municipal hospital to give birth. As an infant. Ferguson was placed in a state hospital where he spent the next 14 years as a ward of legally, Asked if the additional tax Ferguson IOWA CITY — Firemen today were continuing an investigation! of a fire on the third floor of Delta Chi fraternity house,: which broke out about 4 a.m. Residents of the house were evacuated, but returned later. Considerable smoke and water , .a i c    .    iaint’    vomit    or    run    screaming    |    turbates    with    a crucifix.    was    due    because of impropriety armed robbery, last January crimes t0 kecp him in prison, co. ~ j- ..rn 10U from the theater either.    2.    i    i k    ,    lor    error    of    judgment,    Mills    said,    asked    Gov.    Robert    Ray to give wher(, he felt secure and he had flCh ,^7:ni; ?rfeS “ At the first Cedar Rapids£ a,v,,f    I “There are some errors and him a life term so he could stay fri,nds. 9.20 The Oldest I lofession showing of the controversial ™e> re .    ^ J*hook    . there are some questions, actu-in the prison, a place he regards "l0:5°i    __    _    movie,    I    didn’t    hear    anyone    |    therein ally^ about which accountants las home. _ retching or see anyone topple to    1    and    lawyers    can    argue    and    Custodial    Job Final Renewal recalls the first seduction she helped him achieve— that of damage' was reported. bank teller Ramona Kent (Ju---- dith McConnell*. “The first I Jyp^p from Ski Lift Injures the floor or head for the lobby. There were a few gasps, but I nMf| ALoi/nfJ dont think anyone screamed. Sjfdll vftwyvli Compare that to the IOWA CITY - The Iowa City you saw “p*Tcho”. (council, city staff, and repre-    Almost    flawless [sedatives of Old Capitol As- Even so, “The Exorcist" is sociates hammered out a final a thoroughly absorbing and al-. draft of the city urban renewal most flawlessly made film. 6 redevelopment contract Friday. William Friedens direction The contract, between the city was justly nominated tor an and Old Capitol Associates, is Oscar, and the editing scheduled for a council vote cr*sP Instead, Ray arranged a cus- time he saw her,” Estelle burbles, “he was determined to bag her, skin her and nail her to the, wall."    |    SQUAW    VALLEY.    Calif Contrary to the impression:(UF'I)    — Six persons were in vou might get from this, Luther iur^d    Friday when they —    T    , does not brain Miss Kent with a al*>ut    14 others jumped from a    d-    * baseball bat. No! He takes her ski lift that started to slide The agreement would mean to the race track    and. bv sur-    backward    at Squaw Valley, site the city selling ll acres of rene- rcpliliously buying    all the tick-    of the I960    winter Olympic?.    »a1 property to the finn accts to every race convinces her    - ceP‘‘n« ‘he fl,r,m s Proposal to Youth,    18, Charged    spend $24 m“l,on redeve,op,ng More Explicit?    differ.” In this sense, “The Exorcist", Mills, 64. made the comments todjal .Qb gt the prjson f()r Fer. is reminiscent of the controver-; in telling newsmen he was feel-    r hg wag paro,ed Feb tirst time sjaj sex scenes 0f “Last Tango|,nK &ood and would run for a in Paris", which its director    19th consecutive term. He en-    ^    Fercuson    has later termed “too chaste.” Will tered a(hospital here ^b- 19 tor coped wjth the ,ongest gtretch 0f Friedkin someday look back    a checkup and physKdl therapyi    living    in a and think he should have been    in the wake of spinal surgery.    F^t    Ma^'    aZtmem    and more pxDlicif’    Doctors pronounced him in good    h01    Madlson    apartment    ana more explicit.    e    *    working the graveyard shift as It The Exorcist has a leal    a custodian. B u t Thursday night    he (skipped town, he said, concede I ing he’d broken provisions of his C.R. Drug Numbers To report a violation: Michael Dooley 377-8081 lf you need help: Foundation ll... 362-2174 (4 p.m. to midnight) flaw, ifs in Blatty’s screenplay, and the editing is so Everyone knows, of course, that that the audience never I in translating a hook to the has a chance to become impa- screen some things must be tient. Not a word or frame is emphasized and otners played wasted; as soon as the point is down. Blatty has chosen to play made, it cuts to the next impor- down his book’s fascinating thetas scene.    °l°gy and the detective work in volved in determining that the that he has an uncanny knack for picking winners. This, plus the fact that he lets her keep the winnings, has the effect of a. strong apnrodisiac. Luther goes after wilier game. He conquers a jaded socialite (Jo Anne Meredith) by posing as a homosexual in need of “clinical therapy.” He snares a chilly psychiatrist (Heidi Bruhl) by pretending to be a patient then turning the tables. He Ellen Burstyn also got an    .    . . Oscar nomination for her role 8ir*vvas’in *ac*’ P°ssessed- world- ■ the area For    Drug    Possessfon    A new' provision was added    as possessed girls IOWA    CITY    — James    W.    which spells out circumstances    I Fv (she swears a lot * act ress- Pierce 18 of 711 Tenth street under which the city might not mother. Although her perform-Ce^aTRapids, was charged Fri-1construct a major parking^ tntcasninaUy seems overly with    possession    of    ramp. Under earlier provisions,    dramatic, it certainly stnkis a; 'the city is committed to building    chord when she cusses out a; received    an    1,100 space parking facility atop    roomhd of doctors for telling call that I a covered shopping mall.    her nothing in very big words. However, the city would not1 Another of the movie s shower * 364-8613 r; ENDS TOMORROW! 1:30-3:30-5:30-7:30-9:30 Adults $2.00 Children 754 CHARIOTS OF THE GODS? parole. However Warden Lou day night marijuana. Police said they anonymous phone drugs could be found in Pierce’s, ---------- —    —„     ,    . A    ... M . 1A car. He was arrested in a down- be held to this contract if stu- of Oscar nominations it got IO town    tavern and an    alleged    dies    of mass transit and    auto    in    all—went to Linda    Blair,    who entraps a beauTifurart dealer (plantlike material was    found in    use    projections indicate    the    ^ ^    measufe    of    her (Alexandra Ravbv) bv takme the his nearby car. ,    ramp is not needed.    naPs tne    0 lAiexanara «ayo> o> laiung me    -    performance is that it s almost guise of an artist who needs a--,    ‘'ie    uiy    diso    sidles    ii    musi    w.    r model for a nude paintin-g. And Iowa City Authorities    *u    hnancially    able    to last but not least, he gets    to his    ki i    ▼. /r. plin    fount    °    ram‘' yulI('ntl>-    tu' virginal secretary (Ang*l    Tom-    Nab    Tw0 0n Gun    Counticity    is awaiting the results    of a pkins) bv simply get in47 her    IOWA CITY — Carl Booth, 18. voter referendum on a $6 mil- drunk. One wanders why he of Oxford and Michael Rem- lion bond issue to finance it. The mers, 24, of Coralville were vote will be March 28. why didn't think of that sootier. Mini-Plots i None of this seems to KEYSTONE BASED ALL CLUB presents: “DO’S & Bionts” SAT. MAR. 9 9 PM fro I AM KEYSTONE TURNER NALL KEYSTONE, IA. Ramp construction also would hinge on the outcome of a being held in city jail today I after being charged with having tire    an assembled uncased shotgun    lawsuit filed    in U.S.    district —    in their possession. Remmers    court charging    the city    has not | also was charged with larceny    complied with    federal    environ- over $20 in connection with the    mental rules, alleged theft of a shot-gun earlier. The two were arrested about midnight at the rear of a local business place. Trophy Lounge presents every Fri. & Sat. "KAYNE" SU II Street S H, RJ’s LOUNGE 1075 - 6th AVE * FRIDAY * “BARY BLUE"...........20c 10:30-11:00 MARION * SATURDAY • I Sc SHELL &-0 p.m. Every Sot. 5:30-9 p.m. BEEFEATERS BUFFET $2.95 per person Children under IO, $1.93 Roast Round of Beef, Beef Stroganoff, L Salads, Relishes, Desserts Grant Wood Kitchen ROOSEVELT MOTOR HOTEL CESAR RAPIDS. IOWA \ ADJACENT GUEST PARKING / Rock’n Roll Boogie Band Tonight! coming: “Dixie Flyer” Dance AA or SWISHER MATINEES TODAY & SUNDAY A FILM ,2e FOR THE ^    3:45 WHOLE £4 ah FAMILY! m tj-jj Friday & Saturday SKIP DYER DAVE DeMOSS STEVE BARBER 9-1:30 A.M. Len’s 88 Club 88 16th Ave. SW SUNDAY FAMILY BUFFET 11:45 (0 2 and 5 to 8 p.m. $2.75 per person Children undtr IO, S1.9S Fried Country Chicken, Swiss Steak, Baked Ham, Chow Mein, Vegetables, choice of Salads and Dessert. Grant Wood Kitchen ROOSEVELT MOTOR HOTEL Adjacent Guest Parking N W RUSSO presen's Kfiejw! bt Sun Wewlioful Pioduciions inc © TECHNICOLOR ® I COLLINS ROAD OilVI-IN THIATRI % MILE EAST OF CENTER POINT RO.. NOW thru MON. THIS IS STREAKING? IHE NEW RAGE YOU LL SEE PLtNTYI AND BELIEVE ME. EVEN SEEING IS NOT BELIEVING'" RATED XXX XX INGER NILSSON,, PIPPI' GiO 1 a s ;OlO* BV MOtflElAB me f IV the Sh©* WOY *° PALO, IOWA * SATURDAY NIGHT * THE BANK presents: “1919 FRIIITGUM CO.” NATIONAL RECORDING ARTISTS f* wilful •jA R Color fptusir PUPATES POUND T HALF Yes, Full 24 oz. Top Sirloin STEAK    6.59 Full Pound Top Sirloin STEAK    4.59 Half Pound Top Sirloin STEAK    2.69 Half Pound Ribeye STEAK .......... 1.99 Half Pound Nev/ York Strip STEAK    1.89 Above Served With Totted Salad ond Home Made Roll Vi Rack B.B.Q. Lota Back RIBS    ...    3.99 Complete Dinner B.B.Q. Loin Back RIBS    2.69 Served with Ba!*?d Potato, Tested Salad and Home Made Roll Open'ng at 4 pm 7 lays a week 720 10th St. Ph. 377-6351 MARION O U KMET DINING LAMP EAR OPEN SUNDAY NOON TO 10 P.M. ROOSEVELT MOTOR BOTEL Convenient perking in our ramp DOWNTOWN de ^    ''I    ,    - HOW F AH SHOULD A GIRL GO TO GET colob x^HFR MAN7 OPEN 7:00 SHOW 7:30 BONUS LATI SHOW MIIAM Peter THE EXORCIST UcdtCby (WHAM FRIEDKIN RAQUEL WILCH in “OLDEST PROFESSION' COLOR 364-3412 Ends 4 Acadoriy Award Nam. Tues. w for BEST ACTOR AL PAGLIO, "SERPICO” IO Academy Award NommaFoni led. Bet! Picture Belt Acier “THE STING”_pg- PAUL NEWMAN ROB) RT REDFORD—ROBERT SHAW The Sum In The Cedar Hills Shopping Center '‘Folks tell us our pill* is worth driving a little farther for’’ ... I ry it — you’ll like it! Serving Sunday* from 3 ’Iii IO pm — 175 Jacolyn Driv NW. Phone RkMiono TODAY! OPEN af I 45 PM Walt Disney's 'A TONITE at 6 8-10 PM HOW TO SEDUCE A WOMAN Color    —I — Ends Sun. Unsolved Mysteries of the Past CHARIOTS OF THE GODS? -g- 3 Award Nominations The Paper Chase pc; Who! WA* H did to the *vo* . Thtt doet to die rice copt! “BUSTING”-r_ ELLIOTT GOULD ROBT BLAKE 3 Award Nominations Cjijilcrdh (RI liberty .-j.....    w ELLEN BUSI /ti UH JOI Will OTyWINN -KCH'fim. pf) . IMA BLM.!  J HH". teNOELWWa-,-- II PWP Ii me*m* *4 ALL SEATS $3.50 SORRY NO PASSES! Of IN I I io ut ive D|$) (I HI 144SHUI I j*, • rl A \ ii 4/* f rn it if |<| I A ti ;nr, a & A* ;

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