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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 9, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa */*    i    J PEANUTS I  --- and I am including postage tor the return of my story if you don’t buy it. Then again, wily should I send postage for its’ return when I am sure you are going to buy it ? Cd By MOB T WAL Bf* On the other hand,maybe I’d better send it,hut then again,why should I ?On the other hand, maybe f should, but then again Cl BEETLE BAILEY 2SRO, TALE TMAT SEPTET TO MEAD- (‘ <?UARTER9 / anp dont I SET VOUK Pincer ->A PRINTY All /A OVER IT/ C ll»u# MARK TRAIL Bv CO DODO r JU5T AS THE WOLVERINE \ MAKES A PEA PLV LUNGE I AT ANDY'S TH COAT )    \    THE    DEEP    POACHER A 1 RUSHES BY ^ 3'Y* NANCY OH, DEAR-- IT'S TOO BAD AUNT FRITZ I ISNT HERE y—[ rv Ll I’LL USE MY MOVIE CAMERA I'M SURE AUNT FRITZI WOULDN’T WANT TO MISS THIS SCENE [tty Bv ERNIE BUCHMILLER ♦ * AMANDA PANDA The < edar Rapids Gazette Sat., Mar. 9, 1871    «, Bv MARCIA COURSE STEVE CANYON J... WHI N MY HUSBAND please hur.py'YJ cees howe 5    I    WANT THE \ FROW HiS APARTAAfcNT J ^ PLIGHT / -f READY, E» MILTON CANIFF NO-THAT I / I Mi .TV AND He1( WAS THE    NEWS    IS    •    Y    DOESNT    EVEN MARY WORTH T NEH TOU'LL JUST HAYE TO PICK OOT A BOOK. PML INO' 'AMP 2 EAD WHILE , I PUT ON SOMETHING LESS CASUAL 1 VOU RE EARLY, DEAN' • I DIDN T i rn ct you UNTIL the USUAL TIME • • AROUND 7 50 ' By SAUNDERS ANO ERNST NO • DON'T CHANGE COSETTE 1 I - I DECIDED THAT WE ••• WOULDN'T GO OUT TO PINNER TONIGHT ' sr Read Dennis the Menace Daily in The Gazette Classified Section \ \ MOOSE Bv BOB WEBER 2-v 'ti V Sat- BUZ SAWYER Bv ROY CB ANE This and That Answer to Previous Puzzle At ROSS I Arachnid 5 Gold i Sp i 8 Banking game 12 Mountain (comb form* 13 Huge tub 14 He av v blow 15 Belonging to that girl lh Samuel s teacher 1 Bib 17 Being * Latin • 18 Chem leal suffix 19 (’onstruc I 21 Indonesian ot Mindanao 22 Ceremonies 24 Put up a stake in poker 2b Small coins 28 Hate cd motion 29 Number 30 rootlike part 31 Pacific turmeric 32 School ‘subject 33 Walk heavily 33 Ceramic pieces 38 Hang in folds 39 Arbor* .cl homes 41 I ake t<*od 42 Accomplishing 4b Head ( liver 47 W irked 4h Ext tnt t bird 'Hi Sour* e ol poi 51 Change i prefix > 52 Abstract being 53 Mimickei 54 Killed 55 Rodent 5b Direction DOWN 1 Coin ut Nepal 2 Peaceful 3 Cylindr leal 4 Goddf dawn 5 Above B / T sal mr AB u OE lA N f 'r ll I S H b( hest rattle 7 Auric ular 8 Enemy ti Handled lh Took a breather ll Mountain nymph 19 Held in high regard 2h Gradually decreasing 23 Ensnare (lithe 25 Cuddle 27 Fillip 28 I’ettv quarrel 33 Make a journey 34 I nkeeled 3b (id tree from 37 Looks lixedly 38 Opines 4(i Polo lur instant e 43 Sheaf 44 Island in the Hebrides 43 American cartoonist 48 Jurisprudence 30 Shooter marble iNfi/VSCACFR EN tf fiPHi.a ASSN 12 15 5 6 7 13 16 JO ii blondie mr' 'tf- IT'S MO LIFE ? I DROOLING- TUESE ARE \F> ,7' POR TRE .. o family won’t do 111 YOU ANY good ( TO BEG, A \ C>AiSYj JTT ^ km* feature# Syndic III 1974 World ■ ho t»»#rv«d. ‘Couldn't we dine out on your expense account if you tried to sell me 5,000 brass couplings?" LIL ABNER. TRY TO REMEMBER, DR. CATO; ALL THE PLACES WHERE YOU TOOK YOUR SAYY/ YES, WHERE DO TOU I REMEMBER SEEING \ HIM LAST? HEY, 15 THIS THE LOST KIP? WALT DISNEY’S SCAMP By WALT DISNEY THIS LLL MALE CHAUVINIST PIG &EATS PEOPLE OR EOT ONLY FOK HUMANITARIAN REASONS. HEI CALLS IT KUNG FU. SO WHAT? AH NE VAH bL ATS UP NOBODY, 'CF. PT FO' HOO-MANITARIAN REASONS. AH CALLS IT"RASSLIN! DOGPATCH STYLE//" is) 3 •* ITS THE SAME TWING// SO IN THE NAME OF FIGHTING WOMANHOOD - IT'S VOUK DUTY TO MANGLE MIM// vs. J ay ( BUT > HE LOOKS LIKE A KINDLY OLE < Bv AL CAPP GRIN AND BEAR IT AND) YOU MADAME,) LOOK S LIKE A ) SWEET J OLD < CRONE.J 'lr By Lichty DICK TRACY cag Cof^a- _ Bv    CHESTER    GOULO ~~&5 NO FROM TNE RIVER VALLEY EMERGE THE PICNICKERS, FULL OF POCO, HAPPY, ANO WITH A NEW JEEP ORNAMENT. "You ll find this a warm, close knit community when you see the neighbors at their Saturday get together at the neighborhood gas station!" AMM \ M if? x <T7) VA r \ . c: IU. _ >»    CHICK    VOUNG TT CAN'T STANO ) ' V , TO HEAR x 7 A WOMAN , CRY ON STAGE PIF Bv LEONABO STARR ; OVER HERE, \ WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT I'M CONNOR    BOVVER ) BOWEN. I    \    MAKE / THtS PLACE IS SERGEANT    PIETZ    AROUND? / HOPE I pi PH T    i    BECOMING A SECOND HOME. / TAKE you AWAY    J    I'M THINKING OF HAVING FROM ANYTHING    A    ^ TEPP/ BEAR ANP TOO IMPORTANT. ■Sa am ; i 7 la rf X. AYERS WITHDRAWN CHARGED against ;

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