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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 9, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa IO Thr Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sat., Mar. 9, 1974 Nixon Scores with Speech To Republican Governors WASHINGTON (AP) — The enthusiastically received,” ad- chairman of the Republican ding “people felt good, like it Governors Assn. says he is so .l!se(l.*°    before eruption of ... r, ., . ... the Watergate scandal, inspired by President Nixon    ° that “I’m going to break my    Real    Lndcrstanding neck” to keep him in office.    “What    impressed everybody Judging from their comments ls. t*iat ^‘s remarks clearly T, ..    *    ,    j ! showed a real understanding of friday, Nixon marie a deep im- workJ and interna|iona, a{faKlrs pression on the G.O.P. gov cr- Unfortunately, this heavy black nors during a 25-minute speech, cloud hangs over his achieve-outlinging his view of the U.S. meats.’ Ray said, role in the world, at a White . The Iowan said there is a grow-House state dinner Thursday ,n£ deling let s not be convict-njgllt    mg people until the evidence is Few went as far as Gov. Win- In-field Dunn of Tennessee in Asked if he would, like Dunn, Divine fealty to the President break his neck to keep the Pres- Because ct numerous protests KmTvon o Cken y c fi a ><*»< office. Ray said "as- by egis later*. however, the. de-Tom McCall of Oregon called dining he’s not guilty." He Partmcnt agreed to continue added, “I think he is entitled to operating the seven stores if the a fair hearing and that is what legislature would approve a sup-thesc investigating committees ^mental appropriation to pay are all about.”    the    cost. --A    bill    to    authorize the depart- Disclosure    Edict    IT',"1 ‘°,cs,„ablish spccial UtTr a-r jv.    distributorships in private, On    llleqal    Gifts    small-town businesses was con ^    ci/tornrl nqrlipr this voflP hv the WASHINGTON (AP) Small Town Liquor Store Funds Voted DES MOINES (AP) - The Iowa house voted 65 26 Friday to fatten the Iowa beer and liquor department’s budget so it can continue operating seven small town state liquor stores it had planned to close. The bill, which now goes to the senate, would add $479,895 to the department’s budget. The department last summer announced plans to open eight new stores in larger population centers. But to do so, the department said, it would have to shut down seven low-profit, small town stores, including the one at What Cheer, because its operating budget would not warrant their continuation. Because of numerous protests the tone of the evening “something ecstatic.” “It sort of made Watergate recede from that old house, if only for three hours,” McCall said. “Need Him” “I have never been more inspired, I have never been more sidered earlier this year by the Cor- house, but it ran into stiff op-elated, I have never been    more    portions and    their officers    position and was sent back to confident,” said Dunn,    adding.    found euiltv of    makinc ow-i    committee for further study. “Your children and my children    ‘    ..    - need a man wtih his grasp for canW contributions must    .    r.    .    J the next three years.”    report that fact    to their stock-    “earing jlcSTea "I'm going to break my ^    K*-    This    Month on I’m going to do everything I can cndnSe commission sa\S to protect him and keep him in “Such a conviction is material    p J ft H NDP Y GclT office,” Dunn said.    to an evaluation    of the integrity Governor Robert Ray of Iowa of the management of the cor- A public hearing on the fifth said he felt the President “was poration as it relates to the year of the Neighborhood Devel- operation of a corporation andjopment Program will probably the use of corporate    funds,” the be held this month, even though i SEC said Friday.    the NDP isn’t supposed to have It said the information should a fifth year. | include whether corporate funds The urban renewal board Paused in the contribution will be day recommended the city YA/ia/la Plr^nr back, whether the corpora- council hold the hearing March VV dvJ“ riUUl tion will reimburse its officers 27. wa en J Mf’Tov ( api TVif, for fines, whether the con- Although the NDP was sup-WASHINGTON (AP) - The t r j b u t j Q n invo,ved any un. ^ {() expire ^ ^ fourth disclosed tax consequences and year. Planning Director Don Sabbat steps, if any, the corpora- dyer said there appears to be a tion is taking or will take to good chance it will be extended avoid recurrence of such activi- for another year, ty”    The action taken Friday was --to insure the city will be ready i Bonanno Released    to go with its program if the TXT! ___..    -    n    L0S ANGELES (AP) - Un- NDP is extended. r hi votn rmilH hp nvrprriHHf*n j derworld figure Salvatore “Bill” The board also recommended or his veto could be overridden. „    ,    ..... ntu. ,    .,    , He vetoed the 1973 bill, almost ,Bonan,no: 41; has been released shifting $25,000 from the general In H A n o I    off    At*    nAttt    r    K11 /-I rf Ar ♦ a n ai, tn ama aaaW \l DiJ Senate Votes For Boost in senate for the second time in this congress has passed a bill raising the minimum wage from $1.60 to $2.20 an hour for 56 million U.S. workers. Sponsors said this time, however, they believed there was a fair chance either President identical to the one passed . from federal prison after serv- budget to pay increased NDP Thursday, and was sustained in the house by a comfortable 23-vote margin. But a number of Republicans who voted to uphold him last year have reportedly changed their minds. A 69-22 vote sent the legisla- ing 39 months. relocation costs. LEGAL MOTILES NOTICE OF HEARING AND LETTING ANO INVITATION TO BIDDERS Notice is hereby given that the City I Council of the City of Cedar Rapids, Iowa tion to the house, where a labor will meet in the council Champers on the ,    ...    ,    ,    27 day of March, 1974 at 9:00 a rn. COST. Subcommittee has approved a at which time and place the City Council will hold a hearing on me proposed plans, Similar measure.    specifications and Form of Contract for , ,i , ... the Highway U. S. 30 Water Main Relocate senate vote for the bill tins located at the intersection of High- .    ., way u. S. 30 with Bowling Street S. W., was substantially greater than 6m Street S. W. and Waconia Avenue s. the 64-33 margin by which the w 1973 measure passed. In addition to raising the this. Arguments in Millsap Appea To Be March 26 Sealed bids will be received by the City of cedar «apios, iowa ai the office of me City Clerk on the Third Floor at City Hall until 9 00 a m. COST on the 27 day of March, 1974, and thereafter in the Council , ,    Chambers on the Fourth    Floor, all    bios Wage    floor,    the bill    would    ex-    will    be opened and read    aloud. Proposals ,    ,    ,    ,    will be acted upon by the City Council at tend wages-and-hours-act cover-    this    same meeting or at    such later    time •if _    .jj'i:___i    and    piece as may then be    fixed. age to seven million additional The work consists of the following: ,    _     .    •__  Construction    of    approximately 5108 Hn- workers, repeal overtime pay;eal feet of 12-inch Ductile Cast iron Water exemptions which apply in sev-'JSSi MSS!, IT-f'cSK I'SS.TiJS eral industries and tighten law VSS? ..Liu    i.u^.    nn    Sleeve and    Valve, one 12-inch Gate Valve; On Child    labor    on farms.    one 6-incn    Gate valve, two Valve Man- The new coverage would in-.KSS,BS elude five million state, federal. ClrfX,<Vo?J' S£*cilc<i!or.?'„rovioina a state and local employes includ-ing firemen and policemen, one million domestics, and an addi- mfa*,,rST’in.,0ba'.o 0f‘Si,r*tch'w t i a n I I    fiftO OOO    retail    <stnrp    equivalent to ninety percent (90 percent) I I O n a I    DUO.UUU    retail    Store    of ,he contract value of the work compte!- u/nrknrc    e(J ctwr-inp    the preceding calendar month, wui sci a.    and will    de based upon an estimate Nivnn    nnnncpH    all tho    now    prepared on the first of each month by iMXon    opposed    ail int    new    the Enqjnee(.( wh0 ^j,, certifv f0 tha citv rnuprano In addition hp insisted tor payment of each approved estimate coverage, in auuuiou ne msisitu ^ w bef0re the tenfh ()0fh) day of the that thp hill inrludp a vouth dif- mon,h in Question. Such monthly pay-mai int oui un.iuue a yourn un men(# sha!| in n0 way ^ construed as an ferential pormitfing lower wage rates for !6-and-17-year-olds but    ! the sponsors would not agree to ?*** after completion and final accepts    o    lance by resolution of the City Council of the completed contract, subject to the conditions and in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 573 of the Code of Iowa, latest edition All proposals shall be submitted in two (21 copies of forms furnished bv the City, sealed and plainly marked Any alteration of the proposal form may be cause for refection. Each proposal shall be accompanied In a separate envelooe by a certified check drawn on a solvent bank and made payable to the Treasurer of the City cf Cedar Rapids, Iowa, or a deposit of cash, or a satisfactory bid bond executed bv the bld- Arguments will be held in the JJ.rg    AST,’ Kenneth Millsap case in Linn    w win Histrirt rnnrt af Q a rn March furnish a bond in an amount equal to aistrici COUR, dl a d.m. .Viartn ^ hor,dred DerCent (IOO percent) Of the 2fi    contract price, said bona to be issued by a responsive surety approved bv the Cliv Millsap appealed to the court ‘“SVS? the decision of the Cedar Rapids ««    cS‘*.,n    "VSS civil service commission that he cau<ed by the operation of the contract bt i vice cuuiiniboiuii mal lie Atter,fjw, j, citied to the fact that this be demoted from lieutenant to contract is subject to the provisions of th* mr utiuuitu Mum m.im.iiaiu iu Cjfy of Cedar Rapids Non Discrimination detective and that he be sus- claus#    ...... Bv viftijf of statutory autnority, Dfeter« pended without    pav for two ««*    wl11 •» r    r    -    nrovisicr'^ grown and coal produced witn- JTlOnthS.    ^ th^    state of    Iowa, and to Iowa domas- The    commission    decision    on    ' Work    shall begin within ten MO)    calendar days after the date of written    Notice Aug. 30 altered the suspension    pmce*a    *** hail be comped bv ,    ,    ,    ,    .    -    ,    Novsmber I, 1974 ordered by the    chief of    police on    pi#*? and *oe,*iron *.i# rn .    ,    .    . .    , .    the office of the City Clerk tor examine- May 25. based    on    an incident in    ton by bidders, a copy of the plans and , . ,    ,    .    specifications may be obtained frnm which    Millsap was    arrested    for    Shlve-Hattery and Associates goo    1st v ,    ...    ,    street    N W , n O Rex 1*03,    Cedar intoxication    and    resisting    an    of-    Rapids,    iowa 5?406, bv bonaflde    Adders fleer.    $25 00    with the    Fnqineer for each ‘et of . i    -,,,    documents sn    obtained. Each deposit    will No new evidence will be pre- be refunded if the plans and specifications ■ i . ,i    . ,    .    xr» returned in ooort condition within ten sented at the court hearing. The moi d«>/s atter the bid ooenino .    .    ,____ The City Council reserves the noht to parties agreed    to    nave    the case    reieet any OC all bids or to waive any In- ■ ill:    r    formalities in    the bidding presented on the basis of the eve this Notice is oiyen bv order «t th# , .    _•    ritv Council of the City of Cedar Rapids, dence    presented to    the commis-    iowa .I    I i    ri»v    et    eerier Rao^s, iowa sion. along with written and oral    j0nn    f    Arthur, c 'y cie^k _ _    ,    , ii    .*    (Tete Merrh 4. 1974 arguments to the court.    p. hi|«>.d In the Ceder Penld« ^arette March 9th, 1974 and March 16th, 1974 Ex-Envoy to Britain, Lewis Douglas, Dies TUCSON. Anz. (AP) — Lewis W. I^ouglas, 79, former U.S. congressman and ambassador to Great Britain, died Thursday. Douglas served six years in the house Lefors resigning to become President Franklin I) Roosevelt's federal budget director. IN THE JUVENILE COURT OF LINN COUNTY, IOWA FIRST AVENUE BRIDGE BUILDING CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA NOTICE TO The natural father of th# minor child, baby box Davis, DOB M6-/4. | 1 in the interest of baby bo/ Davis DOS 1-16 )4 a child and concerning Carol Ann Davis and the natural father of baby boy Davis, unknown, Respondents. You are hereby notified that a Petition has been filed with the Clerk of the above-named Court in the interest of Baby boy Davis, Case No. 6037-0374. Said Petition alleges that the parent-child relationship between baby Boy Davis and his parents, Carol Ann Davis and the natural tamer of uaoy boy Davis, wno is unknown to Petitioner, should be terminated as provided for by the laws of the state of Iowa; that said Petition alleges that Carol Ann Davis desires for qcod cause to terminate the parent-child relationship and mat in support thereof she has signed a written consent to the termination; said Petition further alleges that the natural father of Baby Boy Davis has abandoned said child, said Petition further alleges that the best Interests of Baby Boy Davis require that the Court terminate the parent-child relationship between said Baby Boy Davis and bis parents; said Petition prays that the Court fix a date,1 time and place of hearing on said Petition and it further prays mat if the Court does not terminate the parent-child re a tionship, but determines that conditions of neglect or dependency exist, that the Court find said child to be a neglected and-or dependent child and enter an order: in accordance with the provisions of Section 232,33 of the 1973 Code of Iowa; said Petition further prays mat if the Court terminates the parent-child relationship that the Court deal with said child as by law provided. For further particulars, you will refer to the Petition now en file as aforesaid, You are also hereby no’ified to appear before the Court at the court room at th# First Avenue Bridqe Building, in Cedar Rapids, Linn County, iowa, on or before the lith day of April, 1974, at 9:00 a.m., a1 which time said matter will come on for hearing before the Court as to whether the parent-child relationship between Baby Boy Davis and his parents, the natural mother. Carol Ann Davis, and the natural father, unknown, should be terminated as is alleged in the Petition and that the Court make a disposition of these matters as is provided for by th# laws of the state of Iowa, or make such other and further orders as are in the best interests of said child. Unless you appear before said time and placa your default will be entered You are also hereby notified that I vou have a right to an attorney and if you desire an attorney to represent you but are unable to employ such an atter ney, an attorney will be appointed bv the Court as is provided for by Section 232 28 of th# 1973 Code of Iowa John F Locher, Attorney for Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Dubuoue iowa Petitionee NOTTE OF HEARING ON P»0P0<*O PLANS SPECIFICATIONS AND FCOM of CONTRACT FOR Wa‘er Main Poe for the Cedar Panids Water r>epar*men«. Notice is herebv aiver th** at nFr o'clock am on March 1974 el the Council Chambers, C:ty Hall, in *h* Ci*v I nit C*dar Rapids, iowa there will be con-1 dieted * Fear no rn the nroon«rrt e|*r« •oecifieetlAos arg form rf crotrar* «/h’rh •    C Ai tor >| ta* here’OfA-e *ll'd w**h th* City Clerv of *oe Citv ot C”d r R»n'd' 1 "* ‘rd O'' the cost of *urr'*hinn /'ate-Mao P' Pe m*v fit# wr* I**    f>hi+r*'0''t    **    I** nr* ‘ r.mr'i’' V''r>- r* In fir) rr f tv ♦ n* »**»./ lf!    ft    I'"‘i* Dated *h ?7tb dav of rebn arx john F Arth*w« Citv C'erk P bL-hed n the Cad*'- Rap ds Ga/wffe rn March 2nd and 9th 1974 ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS FOR WATER MAIN PIPE IN THE CITY OF CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA By d rection of the City Council of the City of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, notice is hereby given that sealed bids will be received at th# office of the City Clerk rn the City Hall, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, until nine o'clock a m. on March 20, 1974, ar.d at that tim# publicly opened and read in! me Council Chambers at the City Hall tor supplying water main pipe for the Cedar Rapids water Department Specifications are on file in the office of the City Clerk and Water Department, and may be examir ed at the office of me Water Department, IIH Shaver Road N E , Cedar Rapids, iowa. Payment for said work will be by City Warrant within thirty days after receipt of materials. Each bid must be accompanied by a certified, cashier's check or bid bond for five thousand dollars ($5 OOO OO < pavab'e to the order of the City Treasurer of the City of Cedar Rapids. Iowa, which sum sh sit be forfeited rn case the bidder falls to enter into the contract with n ten days atter the contract has been awarded to him. By virtue of statutory authority and provisions, a preference will be given to products grown and produced within til# Stale of iowa No bd may be withdrawn after th# time loc opening bids is passed The City reserves the right to reiect; any or all bids or waive any informality rn any b d, and to accept any considered advantage to the City. Dated this 27th day of February, 1974 John E Arthurs, City Clerk Published In the Cedar Rapids Gazette on AA-rch 2nd and 9th, 19/4. C.R. Drug Numbers To report a violation: Michael Dooley 377*8081 lf you need help: Foundation ll... 362*21 74 (4 p m to midnight) low Cost Gazette w A N T A D S B R I N G R E S U L T S Dial 398 8234 Gazette Classified Want Ads “The Marketplace for Eastern Iowa Families" ANNOUNCEMENTS 6 Mortuary Monument? NOVAK MONUMENT CO. 203 14th Ave SE    Dial    364    4439: IO Cemcfeiy Lots CEMETERY lots, 4 In Cedar Memorial. $550. 377-3153. >2 Lost & Found I LOST: Light brown and white St ! Bernard, Center Point, Urbana I area. Collect 443-5845, $50 Reward I LOST 2 female cats, I black, I hoer striped in vicinity 2nd Ave. and !6th St. S E. .(66 6849. LOST. Black end while billfold in, vicinity of Hamburg Inn, $20 re-I ward. 393-7076. LOST BEAGLE PUPPY, white back,; black spots near tail. Answers to: "Miss". 2316 B Ave. N.E., 364-5044 j LOST jeweled white gold wrist I watch, finders please call 363- j 8016. Reward, LOST: black Labrador, male, Bever Park. REWARD. 363-7940. 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Reply to Gazelle Box O 66 FULL time position for a reliable, stable Individual to work In ware house and make cliv deliveries Must be able to handle freight, assume variable duties and learn slock Experience preferred but no) necessary Wages commensur ale with /ability Excellent working conditions Contact Mr Scheib or Mrs. Osier et Ceder Rapids Jan itorlal Supply Co , 720 3rd Ave. SE NO PHONE CALLS, PLEASE HOUSEKEEPERS FULL TIME. 6 30 a m.-3 p.m. General light cleaning. Experierce helpful Interviews Mon. and Tues 9 12, ICI. McAulev Hall, House keeping Department, MOUNT MERCY COLLEGE No Phone Calls, Please I COUNSELING Suoervlsor needed for telephone crisis counseling I center dealing with problem sit-I uations, involving younq people BA. pius crisis line experience and or knowledge of counseling psychology required Position re auires working late hours evening and some weekends. 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NOON HELP NEEDED lo wait tables — 10:30 to 2 p.m. APPLY AT EMBASSY CLUB 125 5th Street SE. Or call 362-2143 ___ WANTED: IPNs Winslow House Care Center Phone between 8 and 2 week days. I 377 8296. WANTED mechanic to work on steam boilers and overhauling; Industrial machinery, prefer one wi'h welding experience. 362-26241 days,    nights    362-8362, Cedar Rapids, ask for Bob Sr. EXPERIENCED TRUCK TIRE MOUNTER Full time. Apply 2519 16th Avenue SW A VI ATION-AVIONICS REPAIR EXPERIENCED and FCC licen:.e r-'quircd Walham Flying Service Inc. Municipal Ar port CAMP GOOD Cl P TIN G SUMMER WORK    ANI. MAIN I I: NANCI WORKE RS, ANI) COUNSELORS.    APPLICANTS SHOULD HAVE SKILLS N AR TS AND CRAFTS, SWIMMING MUSIC, EDUC AT (ON, DRAMA CAMP LORE, AND LOVI WORK-ING WITH 8 IS YFAR OLDS. IN. TE RE ST FO IN A CHALLENGING SUMMER? APPLY, Stephen Friedman, Camp Director c-o Children's Home of Ceder Rapids 519 15th St. N E Cedar Rapids. Iowa $2402. 2 FARM OPENINGS House furnished and lots of good benefits for: MILKMAN OR GENERAL FARM WORKER Call 364-7072 for Information ART or drafting ability required. DESIGN-Layout work setting up Utters tor production of megnellc signs. No experience necessary, bul must have background and ability to set spacing, straightness, and overall appearance properly and quickly, and to continually Improve skills 2 week trial period for quail tied applicants. Send brief resume to P O Box 1088, Cedar Rapids. STOREROOM IDEAL part time position. Work 8 hours on Tues. and Thurs. 6 hours] on Sat. 3 hours on Sundays. Dulles, Include moving freight and filling orders. MERCY HOSPITAL CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA BOOKKEEPER-SECRETARY PART Time experienced bookkeeper (or general olfice work. Posting figures, sales tax duties and reports, Invoicing and filing. Excellent starting salary. Hours flexible and can be made compatible to individuals situation. Call daily from I to 4. 365-9424. THE PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA has an open inq in their agency office for a steno clerk. Shorthand required Permanent employment, pleasant working conditions, 5 day week. Excellent employee benefits. Phone 362-3195 for appointment. An equal opportunity employer MF HELP WANTED Warehouse work, responsible for shipping and re ceivlng. Capable of assuming responsibility. Pidgeon's Furniture Warehouse 3117 First Avenue SE Apply In person STEADY PARI TIME WORK MORNINGS 7 lo IO A AA and evenings 6 lo IO P.M. Floor experience helpful, wages determined by qualifications. Apply in person HOI J Ave. NE 9-10 AM or 4:30-5:30 P W The Acri Company EXPERIENCED Telephone personnel Full or part time jobs available now. For interview, Call Mrs. Franks at 365-8664 I PM to 9 PM Mon thru Fri.___ PERSON TO WAIT TABLES Food and I or Cocktails 18 years or older, benefits Apply in person 2-5 P.M. al LONGBRANCH SUPPER CLUB PART-TIME DRIVER MOBILE meals, drive small truck, hours 10-1, $2 per hour plus noon meal. 398-3574 weekdays. are Inter* lied in Interviewing a woman to give guidance and care for a young child in our home. Reply Gazette Box S-68.___ MALE OR FEMALE SHORT HOURS . . . GOOD PAY Apply Hotel Montrose Heritage Room _ I I CHT DELIVERY Must have transportation. Paid daily, apply Montrose Hotel Heritage Room I WANTED afternoon receptionist and girl Friday. Apply in person. ALL IOWA BODY SHOP 6738 6th St. S.W. 44 Wanted SERVICE MANAGER We have opening for a professional Servk* ^a"ar°vlci position In our car service department Wa are looking for a person who: 1 Has mechanical and management experience 2 Likes peop'e and has a sales personality. 3 Has the ability to hire, train and supervise people 4 Has a desire to succeed and I* willing to P*v U10 price to b« successful. This Is a too paying position with many fringe benefits. We will receive applicants flnri conduct Interviews between the hour* of I IO and 7 OO P M, SLE MR. BOB ZIMMERMAN Bob ZIMMERMAN Ford An Equal Opportunity fc mpiover 1st AVL. F AT 40th ST. PHONE 364 0181 Wholesale Parts Counter Person PARTS department. Experience preferred but we do have a training program for the right person without experience. Excellest wages to qualified person. Many company benefits. Day shift with pleasant working conditions. An equal opportunity employer, APPLY IN PERSON TO DON REISE, PARTS MANAGER BOB ZIMMERMAN FORD Isl Ave. E et 40th St. 364-0111 CUSTODIAN IMMEDIATE coenlnq afternoons and eveninas. Contact Robert Wavman, Renton Community School, Newhall. 223-5136. R. E. HERTZ CONS'* RUCTION 354-2831 PERSONAL TAX SERVICE ACCOUNTING SERV.CE Ind'vidual-Business-Pentai-Farm ..    .    ...    ,    Partnerships-Professionals-Corps. DRIVEWAYS, walks, steps, patios,; basements, garage floors, etc. Free BUSINESS use of home employee ex CONCRETE CONST. RELIEF nurse, all shifts, to start Fed. 25th Also nurses aides, day shift and housekeeper, full time HALLMARK NURSING HOME ,Full tim# maintenance person, ex- MT. VERNON, IOWA    895-8891' Perienct .. preferred, Apply at WEEKENDS TROPHY LOUNGE 365-9044    _    _ IMMEDIATE OPENING FOR WAITRESS OR WAITERS 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Apply in person. BUTTERFLY CAFE _ SHORT ORDER COOKS APPLY af Restaurant. Ask tor Pal. BARLOW FOODS 1332 EDGEWOOD RD. S.W. WANTED farm employee to work on livestock and grain farm. Experience with machinery preferred. Willard Eller, Stanwood. Iowa. 945-3975. RECEPTIONIST PREFERABLY someone who can work with figures and has above average typing skills. Good pay, pleasant working conditions. Hours are 3 to 11 p.m. or 2:30 to 10:30 p.m. IF interested answer Gazette Box 0-64 giving name, address, phone and why you are qualified. GENERAL LABORERS We need general laborers who can work day*. Temporary lobs for loaders and unloaders. You must have a car and phone. Apply now, no fees. estimates L. Gephart. 364-8341. HOME IMPROVEMENTS EXPERIENCED, reputable, reliable. HOLTZ 366-5860 PAINTING-PAPERING Guaranteed Work — Free Estimates D J. H,NICER, J77-62/7 Moonshadow Const. Co. New Home? Remodeling? Roofing? Give us a call. 362-6766 after 5_ GARDEN-LAWN— FARM SOIL Management Consultants, sampling, analysis and recommendations. 377 5469 after i IOWA Installation and Repair Co. build—repair windows, screens, doors, lay tile, carpeting, counter toes 364-2749, free estimate A and D CONSTRUCTION Garages —Kitchens—Additions Remodeling Dial 365-7321 RER00FING HOLTZ 366-5860 C.NCRETE WORK, block laying, dirt Water, basement repair, ex cavatina John Fields, 362 7538. _ RUG SHAMPOOING By Vet 365-2996 or 365-5093 WATER AND SEPTIC TANK RE-1 PAIR. Concrete breaking, basement drainage. Stark, 362-5837. PAINTING, interior, exterior. Free estimates MERVIN LARSON & Son 364 322 PAINTING ROUF P WILLITS INTERIOR - EXTLR'OP k 346-1023 or ?64-1132 Insured R. K. MAHURIN CONST. Andirons, Kitchens, Sidi-g 377-6431 PAINTING, REASONABLE JERRY VOSDINGH, 364-7017 WALLPAPERING PAINTING REFERENCES Bill Jarvis 364-4688 BREEDEN TREE SERVICE Estimates given, insured 377-7121 Gutters, Roofs and Repair pense* not reimbursed — stock div-■ idend* and transactions — sick pay deductions — sale of home -moving expenses out of state fax forms in stock. 113 EXECUTIVE PLAZA L. D (LOU' DUDAK Br Appt 393 8'45 INCOME TAX    BOOKKEEPING PAYROLLS, TYPING    364    7732 SECPITARIAL SERVICE Small Business    363-6584 36 Work Wanted—Men CUSTOM CARPENTRY CABINETS or any type construction. Work guaranteed, have opening Dial 363-5203, 854-7068.____ ROOF REPAIRS Chimneys, Gutters    362    2848 HAULING — CLEAN UP - TREF removal, trimming Hedge work, root reoair. Reas nable. 365-3871. HOUSES BARNS GARAGES TORN DOWN. Removed 365-3871 HAULING—362-5025 SMALL carpenter lobs, prompt service, 377-3769 after 4 30 p m PAINTING, VINYL and PAPER HANGING — 362-7074 HAULING SERVICES ALL KINDS” REASONABLE PHONE 366 1409. LEO'S PAINTING AND HOME REPAIR    366    1031 HOUSE PAINTING, 366-2697 WE HAUL most anything, any*lme. tree removal, cheap rates 362-1680 HELPFUL man tor soring cleanup! work No lob too small. 377-7798 Concrete Work Free Estimates,    __ .365-2415 VERY experienced house painting for summer, estimates. 377-7274. IS Work Wanted—Women DOI L HOUSE NURSERY Lonq Established State Licensed 2 LOCATIONS- Call 366-1 JO.' 3516 Center Point Road NE 7601 Fir t Avenue SW OFFICE CLEANING LADY or man for office cleaning,! uart Lone evenings, also full and part time floor maintenance Inter-! view 4 to 5:30 p.m. and ll to 12 on Sats 720 3rd Ave SE. [EXPERIENCED Advertising Mane gif for weekly piper Knowledge nf auh mobile racmg helpful Apply j in parson, no phone calls ac- < pled Haw*<_yc R.cing News, 42’ 1st Ave. Vinton MAINTENANCE WORK Inquire Securl'y R#i.fty Corp. 200 lovi Theatre Bldg jig HOMER MYERS._ JANITORIAL TEAM Man and Wife, age no barrier. Ideal hours and good pay Reply to Gazette Box M-62 WANTED oerson able to get along with oeoole in their homes with seryicejble car, ability to lift ISO lbs Can make $150 *700 Der week Aooly in person. 610 Ellis Blvd NW. RECEPTIONIST TYPIST MANPOWER, INC. 858 1st Ave NE    346-7661 WANTED ~ experienced electric arc welders, immediate openings, first shift, per-PERS0N TO WAIT TABLES onanent employment. Apply in person to Bob Kine, Kraus Manufacturing Company, a Division of Allied Products, Corp., Walford, Iowa. PLUMBING and HEATING FOREMAN Journeymen Plumbers AUD FITTERS FOR COMMERCIAL WORK Please send resume to P.O. Box 325,_ Belmond^lowa 50421. Person To Wait Tables Full or Part Time Apply in Person Berzinski's Restaurant 1155 7th Ave., Marion EXPERIENCED FABRICATORS I    FOR trailers ard motor vehicles. Call 319 393-7413 Mon. thru Fri. for employment opportunity. SOMEONE    EXPERIENCED    IN--  ■ electrYc aAnd arNG’l INSURANCE SECRETARY Call 622 3011 Amana Iowa    PART time for Marion office. In surance experience desirable. Please send resume, including experience and hourly wage expected. Gazette Box X-73. MASSAGERS    Apply    in    ELECTRIC LINE PERSONS^Need Hosoltel, West Palmer Memorial Union, la. PART TIME Bar help and some- e lo war t'bis A,»ply in person af er 6 PM. Jerry s West ; I t.-t Ave S W SKILLED MACHINISTS OR MACHINE OPERATORS TRIPLE E MANUFACTURING 3200 5th Ave., Marlon WANTED drivers for good equipment. C.,11 col,ret Tom Jordan trucking mc soo East Coast 05-232 4 369 Dual team West Coa^t c Jo-J. 4-0450. "'ART time kitchen helD wanted in evening;, Apply in Person. LEONARDO'S WEST OMEO.vt EXPERIENCED IN HEATING, A,R CONDITIONING, ELECTRIC. AND PLUMBING Gait 622-3011 Amana, la WANTED per so*’    liberty HOU e Massage Parlor. 320 Main St., Dubuque iOWj or Cad 55-8/50 FOR field corrections office. 60-70 WANTED LIVEIN nou,eketper and worn typinq. Up to $400 to start Call 398 34/4 An equal opportunity employer. HELP WANTED Call 354 PERSONS full or part time between 9 a.m. and 4pm 7478 SOMEONE to wait tables, part time, in evening, Must be ll Apply In Pnrson LEONARDO'S WEST MATURE PERSON FOR DESK CLERK Apply In person 9 to 3, Taft Hotel WANTED man to work at grain elevator. Must have chauffeur'* license. St arf immediately NORWAY GRAIN, NORWAY, IA PHONE 22 / 7271 WANTED TRUCK DRIVER 364 5617 b-uysii nr for 2 chndren Reference exchanged Call between 8 and 12 A.-/    393    3041 WANTED part time Horticultural Instructor. Contact Mel Essex 398-5441 o> 048 4049 PARENTS need female to live in, easy work .164 1240 before 5:30 P.M 364-7002 atter. PIANIST, organist, bes* player, 5 gospel singers. Contact Master En-enfcrprlsts. 842 2441. BEAUTICIAN needed full or part time KstabLshed clientele Addi qualified Journeyman Electric Line persons. $1,030 per month. Excellent fringe benefits. Apply Personnel Dept City of Mesa, Ari/ , P O. Box 1446, Mesa, Arlz. 85201. FARM HAND, married family, to farrow sows. We have paid vacations, insurance and pension. Amana Society Farm, % Leroy Graesstr, Wgst, la. 622-3264. RESPONSIBLE person full tim# nights. AddIv any morning. BEEF-A ROO 4242 Center Point Rd N E. STORE Detectives for Ladies Fash Ion wear store, part time and weekends. Pinkerton al Town House Motel. Sat. or Sun. lienal benefits 366-1164 or 362-6119 WANTED oerson to do occasional RESTAURANT HFLP wanted days Apply in person. Jerry's West /Is ISI Ave S.W DEPENDABLE babysitter, my home, days, Linwood Knolls. 377-6574 FULL time help wanted, 6 a rn.-2 p.m., s day week. Donut Land No. 6, 2606 Williams Blvd. NW. baby sitting, 377-8838 Marion area. Call BABY Sitter immedtaely. Hiawatha scnool district. My home or yours 2 children References 393-5563 NEED Babysitter In my home 7:00 to 8:00 AM , 3|lh St. SVS. area. Call after 4:30 P.M. 364-5644. FULL time order filler Nights Richter* Bakery. WANTED—Reliable male or female HAIRDRESSER Full or part time dement, L D "Don" Terry Melsha Upholstering FINE FABRIC SAMPLES, 363 7246 CERAMIC Til# and Carpet instated 177 4435 after 4 p m STH ST DAY CARE CENTER ■ A Warm reassuring Placa To Be raft. 364 6061 ] Early Childhood Development Staff 66 Mon Fri. 713 |th St. SE 342-2631 SECRETARY, mature varied experience desires position Write Box C 53 Gazette stable help lo care for American Saddle Bred Horses Horse exoer ience preferred. Call after I p M 644 2696 Solon. MEN and WOMEN tor Masseuse and Masseur N.W. area 362 C584 or 366 2827 BABYSITTER wanted, my home. wanted.! 6 30 to 7 30 a rn. Near Lindale Dr., Marion. References. 393-4636 WANTED Housekeeper, references exchanged. 515664 5401 BABYSITTER, i child, my Marion MAN to assist training horses. 363 home days, on bus 177-7123    1    '— HAULING SERVICES. ALL KINDS REASONABLE PHONE 3461409 lure is    lOood pay. must have transportation. , including leoal, !    \?a    ^or ePP°in,m**T from In small offka    I to 6 P M.______________j iazette.    I    NURSES AIDES WOULD Line lo babysit in my home F{iLL T'n 7' HELP wanted on Garbage route 622 3021 NEED babysitter nights. 363-8468. 3 children, $.E. 6736    _ SITTER wanted, my NW home, nights, 2 children. 3650713. ANOTHER'S Helper after school Near Wilson Jr. High 362-5725 Part time or full 5PECIALIZING in . . . MPMR. PLASTERING, Ed Simon, 362 7774 CUTCO AND WEAREVER Sales and Service 363 0)52 PAPERING, painting, exterior, interior.    M    I Hale, 343 4362 I SNOW PLOWING 366-3304 BOOTH TREE SF RVICF 366 WOO. 363 0539 Harry's Dry Wall. 365-0011 light hauling ANO CLEANUP! Any Kind, Any Time 36 5 24 /7 CHIMNEY and foundation repair, I tuck pointing 3/7 3469 PROFESSIONAL Reqair a-d Re modeling, al) kind4,. 393 8 352. RI MOOI LING, kitchen-,, rte room,! panelling, siding, rooting, 377 0015.1 CARPE NTL R WORK Ray Mum, 393 6533 day or night time 377 7669 PAm™ 11777?! SABYSLf TING. Convenient to Cleve land Roosevelt - Kingston Stadium 1st Ave. N.W. 363-9180. 14 Bookit—ping & Tax Service Federal and State, $6 Single Person, $5 LADY wan!* lo do daytime nursing In refined private home. Gazette Box N-63. REIIABLE (are tor infant or tod d'rr, Northbrook, fenced yard Playmates 393 5078 '74 High School graduate wants mer job    ortd    office skills Ref erences 3777908 WILL DO HOUSE WORK DAYS 365 4115 WOULD like to do 377 /649 St WING Al TI RATIONS 365-5676 101 S' J B Aye MW Weekends XCASIONAL BABYSITTING  WANTED 362-2319 TEENAGER wants occasional baby silting, experienced Call 3639279. BABY Sitting NE 364 292* >2nd Year We Never CiO$* FRANK G^RUP IRONINGS 366-2146 BABYSITTING- My boma, by day, night or hour, 393 465? WILL : 1004 17th Street 344 55/3, babysit, days 165 65v t VLCKO & SON TAX A BOOKKEEP ING St RVICE Pickup and Delivery 4 J 2387,    54    6i0fl    >54    fXl/4 PARRY ACCOUNTING SI RVICE STATE I tot PAI TAX 362 9078 BABYSITTING 362 95V) BABYSITTING, near Collins 2 4 year old girls 393 46/3 2 I ADU 3 DI SIRI ING (64 0604 f LAM TAX SE RVICF RE ASON ABI E RATES, 377-297/ ^0TLn#w Want OCCASIONAI Ad Number j9« not CHILD CARL, my home, I child 1618 Hollywood Blvd N E. 393 6195 hours. Call mornings, 895-8675. ML Vernon Rest Home WANTED oerson to learn dry wall trade. Must be strong and ambitious. Start at good wages. Gazette Box R-67. RN OR LPN 3 P M to ll P M CRESTVIEW ACRES INC. MARION INDIVIDUAL for general shop work, experience In supervising other sum ( people. Apply In person. 230 35»h St., Marlon. SHEET METAL FABRICATORS ONLY experienced applv. Good wag romngs    *» and fringe t<*n«fi!v 166 6244 BABYSITTER to stay overnight 2 to 6 nights, 3 children. Drivers license required. Non smoker. Call 363 7706 for interview or 848-46M PERSON lo walt tebles, barlendeis and Broiler cook. Apply STF AK-I AND 362 7681 or 393-2111, Patty I LlVt IN companion for elderly lady. light housework, state salary requirement and references. 164 7524 PERSON lo waif tables, lo pm. to 6 a.m. Cedar Cele Apply In per-I son. LIVE-IN housekeeper companion tor elderly lady, comfortable I story home, immediate opening, 365 4757. 'JAB YSIT TE R WANT I O. Kenwood * schoo' district, aril 2 end 6 366-OTI) Afw 4 JO EV BABYSITTER TO COMI IN Mature person 12 7 a rn shift. Own transportation N E Reference 364 9/55    | Rf LII F help for qrlfl and counter work, Apply Hamburg Inn, 211 Isl Aye KEW. wanted my home, Bowling St. full time days. Fab, HOUSECLEAN- rCASIONAL babysitting nights, I BABYSIT TING nights my S.W home experienced, after 6 366 1 391    1    36E6570 QUALITY CONTROL ENGINEERS OVERWHELMING demand for our new MINI Computer" proles* control equipment has created an immediate requirement for quality control engineers. We ate looking for engineers with I to 3 years cxpenem* in solid stole electronics, a BSLE degree and a desire for tie challenge and the ability lo make the decisions necessary to provide quality control leadership in a dynamic growing, industrial business. Previous quality control experience is desirable, but not an absolute requirement A thorough knowledge af vt J state, including integrated circuits, is an absolute rn.,ti invite qualified engineers to send resumes, in absolute cviM* •* to James E Somsel GENERAL ELECTRIC CO. P 0. BOX 2913 B100MINGI0N, III 61/01 An I qual Opportunity Employer M/p I I ;

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