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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 8, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa For Better Health Concerns of Overpopulation, Health Lead to Birth Control By Dr. S.L. Andelman Birth control has been with us for centuries but recent concern ai)out overpopulation has only re emphasized its importance. I'rom earliest times women have tried to limit the size of their families or avoid becoming pregnant by practicing birth control. Generally, birth control refers to the; temporary prevention of pregnancy by various means rather than permanent prevention brought about by sterilization. The increased interest in birth Dr. S. L. Andelman able. Birth control pills are by far the most effective, although not all women can tolerate „    .    |them. Select your method of, linum”, i |1(’    * of society in t,irtii control with the guidance «    , is < ue not only to con- 0f a physician and according to a ou overpopulation but,the preferences of you and your because of public health!sno,L problems. The health of the mother and her family is depen-    Failure    Hate cern also dent in part on spacing and lim ital ion of the children she conceives. OI course, a variety of birth Basically, the failure rate of any method depends largely on whether it is used properly and consistently. No one method is control techniques are avail- suitable for everyone and you Th. I nvestors Ii uide G By Sam Shulsky Q — I have been trying to learn something about the stock market, but still have a lot of questions to ask. I realize there are three types of stocks: speculative, income and growth. I think that the speculative stocks could be the fastest way to make money, but the risk is too high for ordinary people. Also, that some people have more information than others. What is considered a good return on stocks — 7, 8, IO percent? In what length of time? Would one do better investing, himself, rather than through a mutual fund — since the fund managers have to make some money, too? What is a good return on a fund? I am 36, married (both of us employed), two children, and with some money we’re afraid to invest now because of the uncertain market. A — There’s nothing in your letter that a book couldn’t try to answer. (In fact, that’s what I’ve tried to do in recent books.) Let’s take your questions in sequence: I—No matter how long you study the market, or how much you learn, there will always be questions. 2 — Your three stock head ings fire merely titles of convenience. Actually all three characteristics blend into one an other in exactly the same way the color spectrum runs through violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. (remember that helpful acronym “ v i b g y o r ’' from your high school days?) Naturally, green and red are easily distinguishable, but what about indigo and blue? One stock may l>e an outright speculation: a brand new company, not yet in operation, going into a brand new field, etc. Another may have supplied utility services for a century and paid dividends every year. They are certainly different forms of investments. But in between you will find all shadings. Don’t go by easy, convenient labels. Each stock has its own characteristics. Of course I he speculative issues offer the most hope of gain. The maxim ‘‘Nothing ventured nothing gained” is nowhere as true as it is in investing. 3 — What return on stocks? A good utility stock will yield 7 percent or more (although a few in high growth areas will yield less.) An aggressive growth stock in tho office machinery or drug field may yield as little as I percent. A mortgage company could yield 9 or IO percent or even more. lf by yield, however, you mean total reward over, say, a 10-year |>eri(>d, all bots are off. Some stocks will show a total profit (small dividend, large price gain) of perhaps 500 percent; others may pay 7 percent or 8 percent in annual dividends and show a mark* t loss over a 10-year period. The same vague answer goes for your query about length of limo it takes to get such rewards. Brand now issues, have doubled on (he day I.G.E. March 14 ... Watch Sunday’s Gazette jam Shulsky fhould always feel free to discuss any problems about birth control with your doctor. Beware of some of the available birth control techniques which are not particularly effective. Bo-called folk methods include coitus interruptus (withdrawal of the penis before ejaculation), prolonged lactation and post-coital douching — are largely ineffective. We know that nursing does inhibit ovulation, but the length of time this effect persists varies highly, depending on the individual. Ovulation can occur even without menstruation. Sterilization Work on male birth control pills and other techniques continues. Sterilization of either sex is of course IOO percent effective in preventing conception. Ab-1 s 11 n e n c e during the fertile! period, the basis of the rhythm! system, can also be effective. Although birth control meth-j ods of one sort or another are1 being utilized with ever greater! frequency, birth control still remains a controversial issue in I some quarters. Various religions, the Roman Catholic church chief among them, have not approved the concept. * * * Dr. Andelman welcomes letters outlining problems which he may discuss in future columns. He regrets however, that he cannot personally answer mail. Write to him in care of The Gazette. They'll Do It Every Time IFlTfe SCARCE, RAFFLE ITOFF-K.^T WOfTTHV ^ CHARITY THATS RUN Niff THE RAFFLE- TUE BETTER BUSINESS bureau save it , FOUR QUESTION MKS- ^ 'I he Cedar Rapids Gazette: Fri., Mar. 8, 1074    5 Killian’s Lindale Plaza, Cedar Rapids and Mall Shopping Center, Iowa City OPEN SUNDAY 12:00 TO 5:00 PM WIN AT BRIDGE NORTH 4 A K 10 4 V 5 ♦ K 10S4 ♦ 10 7 5 2 VV KST 4 75 ▼ A9832 ♦ 863 ♦ A86 SOUTH (I)) 4 Q .13 V K 7 6 4 ♦ A 7 2 ♦ kqj KAST 4 9 8 6 2 V Q.J IO ♦ Q J 5 ♦ 'J 4 3 West Both vulnerable North Kast of issue (only — in many cases — to disappear in IO months). On the other hand, if you’ve owned even long-established steel and utility shares over the last decade you have little in the way of market price reward to cheer about. 4—Mutual fund managers are in business to make money. So are gardeners. Now all you have to decide: Would it be better in the long run to pay a fee Trial Set on Injury To Building Charge TOLEDO - The jury trial of Merlin Davenport, 20, Indian settlement, on a charge of malicious injury to a building and fixtures is scheduled for April 22 in Tama county district court. However, Davenport was charged with the same offense again this week and was confined in the Marshall county jail from Sunday until Tuesday, when he appeared before Mag istrate George Stein in Toledo, to get professional help or should I cultivate my financial!waived preliminary hearing and was bound to the district court “garden” myself? 5—All stock markets are un-certain—always! There is no such signal as an “all clear” in Wall Street. Never! So — a man of 36 begins to acquire shares He was released on his personal recognizance. The first time he was charged, Nov. 4, he was accused a a Pass 24 Pass 3N.T. Pass Opening lead* Pass Pass ▼ 3 South I N.T, 2f Vass By Oswald & James Jacoby The student opened the three of hearts in spite of South’s bid of two hearts in response to his partner’s Stayman two clubs. The student was looking at five hearts which was one more heart than he expected South to hold. The Professor, sitting East played the jack. South won with the king and led his king of *. „    .    .    . ..    .    , cjubs    h    ■    time    when    you    forget the books The student was on lead with ^lp your Partner as much the ace. He thought a while and as passible. Had I played the IO decided that it could not hurt to you might not have led a second play his nine of hearts. Either heart.” East held the queen or South the ,    ...    _    ., queen-10. In tho first instance ??? ^ wou*d be giving South a the heart continuation would IH, 1<: ",fi    sure 10 beat the contract; in the second ma (>' correct?” asked the student. Th® student was .surprised to “It is the book play,” replied se€ lh® Professor win that seethe Professor, “but this is one ond heart with the ten, but not too surprised to overtake the queen and cash the last two hearts for five defensive tricks. “Isn’t the IO of hearty play! V+CHRD The bidding has been: West North Kast South 14 14 Pass Pass of kicking in and breaking when he has money left over large plate glass window in after establishing a life insurance program and an emergency savings account. Your return envelope is bringing you some suggestions — none of which will offer IOO percent answers to your very reasonable questions. * * * Q — Years ago we bought IO New York Central bonds. They are now selling at a few cents on the dollar. Should we sell store on Main street, out? We don’t need additional Davenport pled guilty Tues income.    day *° a charge of simple intox- A — Since you are not desper- ication and Magistrate Stein ate for additional income and sentenced him to 30 days in the since sale of the bonds would!county jail but placed him on bring in an inconsequential probation to George Buffalo, amount, I’d vote to hold on. director of the Tama office on There is no way one can tell;alcoholism and rehabilitation. how a bankruptcy will work out, building belonging to Wayne Reinbrecht in the Tama business district. The building is used for storage of Reinbrecht Hardware and Furniture merchandise on Fourth Street. He previously pled innocent to this charge and a jury trial was scheduled. On March 2 he allegedly kicked and broke a plate glass window in Reinbrecht Hardware You, South, hold: 4 A K 7 6 VAK7 6 43 2 4K IO 3 What do you do now? A —Pass. Tho alternate cholee is to bid one notrump. Do not double. TODAY’S QUESTION What is your opening bid w ith: 4 IO 8 6 5 4 VA K Q 8 3 ♦ A J 5 4? Answer Sunday abc (Crimr Hajribs (fcuartlr Established In 1883 by Th; Gazette ; Co. and published dotty and Sunday at SOO Third Ave. SC. Cedar Rapids, town I 52406. Second Class Postage paid at Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Subscription rates by carrier It cent* a week. By man Nlgbf edition and Sunday 6 Issuer I? 25 a month, SJI n year. Afternoon editions and Sunday 7 issues S2.50 a month, JJS a year. Other states and U.S. territories *40 a year. No mall subscriptions accepted In areas having Gazette carrier service. The Associated Press Is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of oil the local news printed In this newspaper as well as all AP news dispatches. or when. But since, I assume, you are leaving an estate to your heirs, you might as well leave them this speculation, too. ♦ * * Mr. Shulsky welcomes written questions, but he- will be able to provide answers only thrnuqh the column, f or Information on retirement, and nre-rettrement plannlnq, please Include ,i self addressed, stamped envelope. Address your requests, to Sam Shulsky, care of The Gazette. 30 YEARS AGO — Movie Co-j median Charlie Chaplin last his plea for dismissal of (he paternity suit filed against him by Joan Barry. GAZETTE TELEPHONE NUMBERS For News, Sports, look keeping, General Information and Offices Not listed lelow Coll ............................ 398 8211 (nculation-Subscnption Dept  398-1333 Mon. thru Sat. I a m. to J p.m. Sundays Until 12 Noon Holidays ll a.m. ta 7 p.m. Wont Ads........................391 8234 Mon thru Fri. I arn ta 5 p.m. Saturday until 12 noon Display Advertising................391-1222 8 a.m. to 5 pm. Marian Office ....................398 8430 We congratulate Gene Doerring. He was salesman of the month for March. Gene and his wife Marion reside iii Hiawatha. Call Gene about your next Ileal Estate Trans action-at home 393-6569 or Office 393-4851 LEMON & CO. Realtors 5015 Center Pf. Rd. N.E. SONY TV Quality Rigorous quality control procedures-at every stage of the manufacturing process— insures flawless performance from every Sony product you buy. "Quality first” has earned for Sony worldwide recognition as the unquestioned leader in solid state electronics. Here’s another example of Sony quality. KV-1510 TRINITRON*0 COLOR TV • 15-inch screen measured diagonally • Trinitron one gun/one lens system for sharp, bught, life-like color • Push button automatic line tuning, color and hue control • Solid state reliability • Instant picture and sound • No set up adjustment:; • Illuminated tuning indicators • Recessed side mounted handles • Walnut grain wood cabinet trimmed in chromo SONY. Ask anyone. ■■■■■■■■I JHA bl am I SbEAft/i ELECTRONICS Mall, Iowa City Opan Daily 10 9 Saturday 9:30-5:30 Sunday 12-5 338 3681 Lindale Plaza Opan Daily 10-9 Saturday 10-5:30 Sunday 1-5 393 8956 “Intoxicating” is the word for these easy to care for slacks! Polyester Doubleknit “Martini” Slacks 5.4!) REGULARLY 6.99 The good looks of these slacks will go right to your head! Solid jacquard knit or checked slacks come in an array of smart colors. These machine wash and dryable slacks have set on waistband, welt seams and stitched creases. IO to 18. Cadar Rapids: Alii* Bar, Downtown Strait Floor Downstairs Budqot Storo and Lindalo Plata SATURDAY HOURS, CEDAR RAPIDS: KILLIAN S DOWNTOWN 4:30 AM TO S:00 PM . . LINDALE 10:00 AM TO S:30 PM MALL SHOPPING CENTER. IOWA CITY: »:30 AM TO 5:30 PM ;

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