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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 8, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 10 Hic Cedar Rapids Gazette: I ii.. Mar. 8, 1974 Society for Women Features Fashion Show — Gazette Photo bv John Mclvor Modeling mother-daughter outfits at the Welcome Wagon fashion show Thursday at the Montrose hotel are Mrs. John Kerns, 2524 Blue Ridge drive NE, and her daughter, Linda, who is five years old. The show, arranged by members of Welcome Wagon, also featured hats made by Ruth Cochran, a member. Piano Students To Give Recitals Students of Mrs. Dennis F. Goettel will be presented in recital Friday (March 81 evening at 7:30 at the YWCA. Performing will be Andv, Judy and Allison McIntosh; Cori, Nancy and June Schirmer, John Quade, Amy Wellso, Marjorie Teachout, farm and Todd Williams, Peter Andersen, Janell Threet, Jackie and Laurie Davis, Misty Cheney, Mark. Kathy and Rob Roberts, Conrad Grant, Lisa Olson and Him Tonn. Performing in two recitals Sunday at the YWCA will be piano students of Mrs. John E. Charlson. Participating at 2 will be Tom Listebarger, Gayle and Jill Olson, Karen Havlik, Kim and Jeri Fatka, Susie Pfost, Barbara Althoff, Kathy Bey, Lynda Bennett, Karie and Keel Clemmens, Carol and Lisa Grondahl, Lisa Brazee, Ellen England, Patricia Simon, Theresa Widmer, Cheryl and Jim Shanklin. Lisa Hoopes and Krista Peterson. Appearing at 3:30 will be Julie Erickson, Jill Roesch, Julie Hupp, Lisa and Gwen Sawyer, Carol Bolton, Jolene Schumacher, Amy Salmon, Karen Stuckey Angela Johnson. Kelly Walker, Ann Nemec, Julie Davidson, David Howell, DeeAnn Davidson. Suzanne Muret, Kay Seery, Kellie Grove, David Johnston, Karen Jacobson, Kelly O'Brien, Francine Gray and Sarah Sears. Bridge Beginner’s Duplicate Winners in a Mitchell movement game played Thursday at N o e I r i d g e Park Christian church were: North-south — Mrs. Richard Siewert and Charles Fitzgerald, first, and Mrs. Mary Earley and Mrs. R.W. Vater, second; east-west — Mrs. Leo Klinger and Mrs. O.J. Elsenbast, first, and Mrs. Robert Dreckman and Mrs. Robert Grodt, second. The next scheduled game will be played Thursday at 12:45 at the church. West Side Winners in a Howell movement game played Thursday evening at Welty-Way were: Mrs. K.V. Harrington and Richard Golembiewski, first, and Mrs. J.D. Schultz and Mrs. James Slaman tied for second place with Mrs. W.E. Lyman and Mrs. K.E. Henrikson. The next game will be played Sunday at 5:30 at Welty-Way. Men Do Work In Russia on Women's Day MOSCOW (UPI) - Soviet women taxied jets to a halt, j parked garbage trucks and stepped out of snowplows Friday to sit back for a change and be waited on by their men. It’s the communist world’s International Women’s day, the Russian version of Valentine’s day and Mother’s day rolled into one. During the legal holiday, one of the year’s biggest in the Soviet Union, women traditionally get a break from working at home as well as in offices and factories across the nation. The men, from the Kremlin’s leaders to the humblest peasants, take over housework for the day. It’s a nice sentiment, but it doesn t always work out in practice. “My Yuri will try, but that only means it will take me most of Saturday to clean up the mess,’’ one woman office worker said. Men packed the capital’s stores all week buying roses from Soviet Georgia at $2.60 apiece, Krasnaya Moskva cologne for $7 a bottle and negligees for more than $50 each. Rudolf Serkin Gives Recital At Handier By Los Zacheis Rudolf Serkin, the Bohemian-b o r n pianist, internationally ranked as one of the greatest of this century, appeared in formal r coital Thursday night at Rancher auditorium in Iowa City. Serkin, age 71, displayed the digital dexterity of a man in his twenties. The repertoire of the evening was devoted to the three Bs, Bach, Brahms and Beethoven, with a bit of Schubert tossed in for good measure. Serkin’s opening Bach, the “Italian Concerto in F major” was played in the majestic, metronomic style that this writer feels is imperative with accurately interpreted Bach. The three-four andante was idyllic in nature, while the final presto was resolute and determined in attitude. The Schubert “Fantasie in C | major’’, popularly dubbed as ‘The Wanderer” was typical period piano festoonery with its declamatory opening statements and eventually resolving into a series of cascading descending arpeggios to lavishly embellish the simple theme. The Brahms’ pieces for piano, opus 119, the composer’s farewell to the instrument. composition-wise, offered Serkin a great opportunity to wax poetic. I felt he was truly eloquent on the exotic songlike melody that makes up the second movement in E | major. The third movement, an inter-i mezzo in C major in 6-8 meter, lived up to its popular but non-programmed nickname of !‘ Westwind”. The final section, labeled a rhapsody, is an almost march-like development with Serkin hammering cut a powerful beat. The jumbo work of the eve-n i n g was the Beethoven “Waldstein" C major sonata. The artist launched the left hand rhythmic pattern in a crisp and precise manner and had the allegro moving ahead at a pace that had this writer wondering what all the rush was about. By the time Serkin reached the exquisite secondary theme of the first movement, there was no time to caress the charming G sharp to C sharp descending melodic line. Technically speaking, he was a peerless performer on the piano and he accepted the applause of his audience with charming dignity. Weight comes off at about the same rate as it goes on. Any good diet takes time and a balanced diet. ^\CT(/^ vs/k,*‘Y <► i Av V" To Fit Any Decor CEDAR RAPIDS PAINT 509 3rd Ave. SI Phone 363-9634 New Shipment! COFFEE COATS $7. Just received ... a new assortment of our popular coffee coat in colorful print patterns. Snap front closing with two deep pockets. Easy care fabrics in sizes Small, Medium and Large. Robes 2nd Floor Mi ss World Dismissed In London By Julie Flint LONDON (Al*) - Marjorie Wallace, the 20-year-old Indianapolis model who last November became the first American to win the Miss World title, was fired by the contest’s British organizers Thursday. Her dismissal was unprecedented in the 22-year history of the competition. The .sponsors of the annual beauty extravaganza, Mecca, Ltd., said Miss Wallace had failed to fulfill the basic requirements of the title —■ good relations with the media, discipline and a “first-class public image.” Relationships The brief reign of the blond beauty, steady girlfriend of millionaire racing driver Peter Revson, was marred by controversy over her relationships with a number of British pop personalitias. These included former soccer star George Best whom she accused of stealing $13,800 worth of furs and property from her London apartment. She is to appear in court March 27 when Best is arraigned. But Mecca chief Erie Morley said the parting had been “friendly.” “Marjorie felt it was fair, he said. “I expect her to return home to America now.” “Wrong Impression” The company’s statement said adverse publicity surrounding Miss Wallace ricked demeaning the contest and giving “the wrong impression abroad.” It said reporters and photographers had been “constantly frustrated in their attempts to secure Interview* at reasonable times and at reasonable notice.” “A titleholder once elected, has the option of returning to her home and comparative obscurity or of accepting the disciplines and conditions at- -UP! Telephoto Miss World. 20-year-old Marjorie Wallace of Indianapolis, presented a picture of happiness Wednesday — but a day later she was stripped of the beauty crown she won in London last November. It was the first time in the 22 - year history of the contest that a titleholder has been dismissed. She was the first American girl to win tho Miss World con-test. tached to a year of work,” the statement said. # Departure “If she accepts the latter, it is important that she not only maintains a first-class public image but accepts all engage-m e n t s arranged by her agents, and that she allows no personal involvement from family or friends to interfere with her duties, or to speak on her behalf.” Miss Wallace left England suddenly last week to visit Revson in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Her departure followed a row with Best over the alleged theft of a fur coat and other valuables from her London apartment, and with Mecca over a screen kiss in a television spectacular she filmed with singer Tom Jones. During her absence in Florida Revson reportedly told Mecca she wanted to quit, eight months before the end of her reign. But on arrival back in London Wednesday she said. “I’m not relinquishing my title. I have enjoyed my work and plan to finish the year." She also denied she was engaged to Revson, a violation of Mecca rules that Miss World remain single for the duration of her reign. ' Two Locations... ^ TWICE AS NICE! President Nixon Entertains with Pearl WASHINGTON (UPI) -With President Nixon supplying the piano accompaniment, it was sing-along-with-Pearl Bailey Thursday night at a White House dinner and the act drew a roar of approval from 115 guests, including 41 governors and their wives. Miss Bailey, wearing a pink and gold caftan, held the audience spellbound for nearly an hour and at the close drew shouts of “bravo” and a kiss from California Gov. Ronald Reagan. Then she coaxed the President to the piano from his front row seat, saying “Anything you can play, I know.” He launched into “Home on the Range”. Miss Bailey grimaced, but started to sing. Then she stopped. “Mr. President, I want to sing a song,” she said. “I don’t want to ride a horse.” The audience roared, and Nixon swung into “My Wild Irish Rose”. When the duo finished that, he followed with “God Bless America” and the whole group joined in. “I haven’t enjoyed an evening so much in years,” said Vice-president Gerald R. Ford. “I laughed so much I cried.” For her performance Miss Bailey, who has done many tours abroad in cultural exchanges, was promised a trip to Egypt by Nixon as an “ambassador of love” — a trip she earlier had said she would like to make. Before the entertainment Nixon addressed the gover nors, here for their annual midwinter conference, but his 20-minute speech was closed to reporters. It reportedly dealt with prospects for foreign relations in the coming months. New York City Air, Cleaner in Crisis NEW YORK (UPI) - The energy crisis has helped make the air in New York City cleaner. Robert A. Low, the state’s environmental protection administrator, said Thursday carbon monoxide levels in city air dropped by as much as 20 percent during the last three months because of reduced automobile emissions during the gasoline shortage. V. DOWNTOWN 108 ie tower TOWN & COUNTRY Shopping Center Cooking tips to help you save money and conserve energy... • Allow larger cuts of meat, such as thick steaks and roasts, to come to room temperature before cooking. • Double recipes and store or freeze extras whenever possible. • Match the flame size to the pan size. A flame licking up the side of a pan wastes energy. • Cover pots and pans. It will shorten cooking time and you won’t need as high a heat setting. • lf you’ll be serving in less than 30 minutes, hold food at a very low temperature instead of reheating. • Never    leave    surface    units    or oven on when not in use. • Plan    meals so more    than    one dish can be cooked in the    oven    at    one time You’ll conserve both energy and vitamins by placina vegetables in the oven in a    y covered casserole along with other dishes • Preheat oven for foods that cook in Ie?,', than one hour. Food requiring    longer cooking rn av be placed in a cold oven.    ' • Don’t peek! Keep the oven door closed for fast, economical baking For additional ideas on how to conserve energy and save money . . . visit arr/ lowa-lllinois office and ask for your copy of the pamphlet “A Consurri er’s Guide To Efficient Energy Use In The Home ” Energy is precious ... use it wisely ;

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