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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 5, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Tho Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., Mar. ii, 1974Senate Approves State Energy Council Bill By Frank Nye DKS MOINES A hill requested by Gov. Robert Ray to set up a temporary 11-member state energy policy council was on its way to the Iowa house Other Bills Bills in the Iowa legislature Monday: Passed by Senate SFI222. To establish an energy policy council and give the govern o r .special energy powers. 4(j-2. To house. I ntrodticod in Senate SF1243. To increase the standard deduction on state income tax returns to IO percent of net income after deduction of federal income tax, with a maximum of $750. Ways and means. 8F1244. To give the employment security commission authority to release liens for employe contributions after it de-termines the amounts due arc uncollectible. DeKoster. SF1245. To require that taverns close at IO p.m. daily. Plymat and six others. SF1246. To exempt warehouse storage from the state service tax. Ways and means. SFI247. To create a bill of rights for hospital patients. Gluba. SF1248. To require food handlers to be free of certain discases. Gluba. SF1249. To require public utilities to list advertising costs as being paid from profits and not as a business expense. Ply-mat and four others. SF1250. To permit assessors to notify taxpayers of an increase on the assessor’s roll by regular rather than certified mail. Ways and means. SF1251. To give the director of revenue authority to abate an income tax assessment after the 90-day appeal period has expired. Ways and means. Introduced in House HF1360. To require corporations which own or lease land used for agriculture or contract for keeping and feeding livestock to file annual reports with the secretary of state. Agriculture committee. IIF"1361. To exempt parttime instructors at arca schools from the continuing contracts law. Daggett. HF1362. To exempt licensed sheep dealers from obtaining a separate sheep scabies control license. Agriculture committee. UFI 363. To increase the Iowa income tax optional standard deduction from 5 to IO percent and the maximum from $250 to $750 for a single person and $1,500 for a joint return by a couple. Harvey and Branstad. UFI 364. To prohibit civil actions by persons covered by against employers or fellow workmen’s compensation employes for injuries suffered on the job. Edelcn and two others. IIF1365. To provide for indemnification up to $10,000 of a person injured or damaged while seeking to prevent a criminal act or trying to apprehend a criminal. Cusack. IIF!366. To make the stab director of general services responsible for having cigaret and little cigar revenue stamps printed. State government committee. IIFI367. To appropriate $8 5 million to provide a cost of living pay increase to state employes of IO percent for those earning less than $8,000 a year, and $816 a year to those earning more. Appropriations committee. IIF 1368. To allow a county auditor to order the platting or rcplatting of property for assessment purposes without obtaining approval of the plat bv the city council. Knoke and Soh r ceder. IIF1369. To create the office of district court administrator. Judiciary committee. UFI370. To appropriate $15# million to area schools for new* buildings and equipment. Appropriations committee. IIF 1371. To provide a death benefit of $25,000 to the survivor of corrections officers killed as a result of criminal acts against them while they are on duty, and pay legal services for officers accused of violating a prisoner’s constitutional rights. Doyle and four others. DISHWASHER REPLACEMENT CENTER Tuesday with the 46 to 2 blessing of the senate. The bill calls for the council to handle the state’s energy problem and sets up an appropriation of $190,000 to operate the council from tin time the bill becomes law until .June 30, 1975. Builtin r datura Pained PolKiubbtr Dither aaher MODEL GSD WI    _ General Electric can show you this. Bacauan we have the dishwasher! that will do this. rn INCLUDES INSTALLATION y, 349 I/ten’s Open Saturday 0p«a Mon 4 Thun til 9 106 2nd Av*. SW Phono 363-OV8 J Members Listed It provides that the state geol agist, secretary of agriculture, commerce commission chairman, civil defense director and environmental quality director will he members of the council along with Iwo senators, two representatives and two public! members. Presiding officers of the house and senate would appoint the legislators, which would he lim ! ited to one Democrat and one Republican from each chamber, with the governor appointing the Iwo public members. The two public: members would have to be confirmed by the senate along with the council director, who also would he appointed by Hie governor. The state comptroller was included among the five full-time state officials named to the council in the original hill but the senate voted, 26 to 21, for an amendment, by Sen. Bori Priebe ID Algona) to Include the secretary of agriculture instead. Salary Fight Priebe’s attempt to lower the $22,000 a year ceiling on the salary that could he paid to the' council director to $19,000 was! defeated, 30 lo 17. I'riche also lost an attempt to have the secretary of state serve as the temporary director of the council, in order to save the salary of a full time director. This amendment was rejected 36 to 12. Senator .James Sehabon ID Dunlap) .successfully piloted through an amendment, 26 to 21, spelling out in more detail the council’s responsibilities. One requirement in the Scha-hen amendment would require the council to come up with a IO year projection of Jowa’s energy needs Sehaben’s amendment also culls for the council to evaluate the feasibility of coal gasification for the purpose of producing methane gas. An amendment by Sen Nor man Rodgers (D-Adel) calling for closing of Sunday businesses with certain exceptions such as service stations, drug stores, news media, etc.—was ruled “not germane” by Lt. Gov. Arthur Neu. Extra care in engineering...it makes a big difference in small cars. Are yon looki ii for a small car wit a choice of gas-saving engines? USAC Certified Test Results: * S&&r^’to,Nova,”“‘ mmi* mm Mg Chrvsler Corporation "Slant Six" engines got better mileage in city driving than Mustang ll's 4-cylinder engine. ><    7^;' MF "    *' ssrssBSSSSStsx ^ *v . ,'>'•>? ' . * ' *-it, V You can get V-8 performance with better gas mileage than a 6. 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