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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 4, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa A rescuer sifts through the small bits of tho ill-fated iurkish airliner that crashed near Sends, France, Sunday, kilting all aboard Note the path ol the burning, falling parts in this heavily wooded area About People Bulgarian Prime Minister Stanko Todorov flew to India Sunday on a six-day official visit at the invitation of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Martha Mitchell believes her husband, former Attorney Gen. John N Mitchell, deliberately tried to drive her “up the wall” after he was indicted last year on an influent* e - peddling charge, People magazine said Kansas Gov Robert B Docking, 48, announced his retirement from public office during a weekend banquet in Topeka Go/eU, Photo by john Mel v of No School at l*rairie Monday Cedar Rapids firemen were called out earl) Monday to extinguish a blaze in a utility hallway near the Prairie high school cafeteria The fire resulted in damage to the area anti its contents and smoke damage throughout the high school Students anil teachers were advised there would Im* no school Monday What Does    th Motorist, Waiting in Line Gas, Do While Waiting? By Art Buchu ald WASHINGTON — People are hard put as to what to do while waiting in line for gasoline. After reading “The Winds of War” from cover to cover, they still have several hours to kill before they can get near a pump. As a public service we are presenting a few things drivers can do to while away the time. The first is the “license plate game. “Add up all the numbers on the license* plate directly in front of you. Then multiply by IO. Divide this figure* by two and you should get the price of what a roast beef will cost you when you stop off at the supermarket on the way home. Count the number of small foreign cars that drive past you going in the opposite direction while you are waiting for gas. If you can get to the station before the figure reaches atm, you’ve won the game. Start a pool with the other drivers in the line. Each person guesses how much gas in dollars the attendant will allow each driver to buy. The one who comes closest to the right amount wins all the money in the pool. Enroll in a college correspondence course and do all the,work rn your automobile. We know one lady who started as a freshman in biology and won her master s degree before she got to the pump. Painting Many people have wanted to take up painting as a hobby but were never able to find the time. Buy some paints and several canvases and set up an easel in your car. It is quite possible that by the time you get your tank filled you will have enough pictures to hold an exhibition. Make jewelry in the front seat This is one of the most relaxing ways of killing the hours You can put the finished products on the hood and sell them to other drivers waiting to get near the station as well as passersby who are looking for bargains. A note of warning You should have a vendor’s license if you’re going to sell anything on your hood If you see a policeman coming, stash all the jewelry in your trunk I’his next idea requires a little investment but the returns could In* great. Have a telephone installed in the dashboard and start selling the Encyclopedia Britannica by phone One lady we know made SHOO in commissions and never moved more than four blocks Hold your bridge games in your car lf it is your turn to be the hostess, invite three friends to go down to the gas station with you Set up a Ixia rd fn-tween the front seat and the back You’d Im* surprised how fast the day goes when you’re playing cards One word of caution Do not change partners while the vehicle is moving PruMiraiionM For those who need hi vent their frustrations while waiting for gas, I might suggest making up a dart board with all the oil companies in the circles and King Faisal's photograph iii the bull’s-eye Put the board in your rear window and tr\ to toss tin* darts over your shoulder This final idea is for housewives Tse the time iii line to have an affair with someone who really loves you for yourself ami not because you re an odd or even nullifier Tell your lover which gas station you will fM* waiting al I he beauty of having an affair while waiting for |M*trol is that you will have all the time in the world to spend with vour paramour. and no one will suspect either of you of being arn thing lait a nice couple in an embratt* while waiting fur • gallons of fuel Even if your husband finds out alxiut (lie affair he won t Im* loo upset as long as you bring home a full tank of gas ( oOvngtO 19/4. Lot Angelet T Im** — UPI TelephotoWorst in History In the wooded qrea near Sends, France, that looks like a forest alter passengers of a Turkish airliner that crashed Sunday. All 34H persons a heavy bombing, helmeted firemen carry the remains of the aboard were killed, in the worst catastrophe in civil aviation history. UPI Telephoto “—UPI Telephoto* ;

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