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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 2, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa OFFICE HOURS The Odar Rapids (.a/ettr Sat , Mardi 2, 197« PEANUTS AMANDA PANDA There are manv Different Puces WHERE PlRp-b’NESTS are founp/ WHEN I CRITICIZED ‘('OUR STORR', I STEPPED ON WUK TALE" Anc? evem ow The Cjroonp I KNOW U)HY YOU'KE 50 MAP S0/M6 OM CUFFS BEETLE BAILEY Well, wmat do you tMink? STEVE CANYON ■HHWPpW' ■    AVE To A Cg HOP OUT T) That island r SUMMEY, HONEY, \ T POU Bi b SPOT IN A FPEF HONCHO 1$ PICKINS BALLOON, IF THE FUEL ME UP—SO YOU WON'T SQUEEZE OPTS WORSE ' NEEP TO DRIVE MF,    ^ TO THE FUOHT LINE ! J />'    ~ Ml BACK- AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, —r pear ! r' Bv ED DOOD WHAT'S AMPY SO WROUGHT UP ABOUT p A WOLVERINE ..THEY'VE HAP MVC RAE PGH 75 AWP THEY HATE EACH —v ^ OTHER/ rr-' MARK, MAYBE VOU'RE WfXONG ) ABOUT JIM HORTON BEING 7 A POACHER/     ■''N I'M S A    ( WRONG, CHEJZRV.. Mn    > JIM IS SUCH A PERDON •• ‘MV V' S. ANO SO IS CORA/ MARY WORTH BV SAUNDERS AND ERNST IT TOOF HI ALMOST TWO PAYS, HLS TNK HOPE .BUT I FINALLY FOUKE/ WHAT I A'A.S LOOT ING FOF ' A THIS ARTICLE OF WHICH I HAL A CORY L MAPt ' . r WHEN A    , NEIGHBOR OF HER L FAMILY SAIL MISS    _ LACROSSE HAO BEEN "IN AMESS IN CHIC AGO'! I WENT TO THE LOCAL PAPER S OFflCc BV ERNIE BUCHMILLER ITS BEEN SUCH A LONGTIME ,- HOME THAT WORD ALWAYS MAKES ME FEEL VERY SENTIMENTAL  _ Read Dennis the Menace Daily in The Gazette Classified Section HOME Mi tot-2 MOOSE BUZ SAWYER 7PROFESSOR CATO, HOW DO YOU REMEMBER SO MANY ITEMS WITHOUT A LIST? Bv ROY CRANE IMAGINE HER WITH 10MG,STRINGY SPAGHETTI, * ALL OVER HER HEAD. DRIPPING WUU TOMATO. ggiSSg*^ .m.m.h*' *    v    {    professor, '    YOU'RE A t M    card/    y Bot it's got to be SOMETHING THAT COMES NATURALLY - TO ME...    . I WANT TO BE Known / WHY CAN'T T BE AN EXPERT IN SOMETHING? MOOSE / I YOU'RE THE WORLD'S LAZIEST MAN/ FOR EXAMPLE, MY WIFE WANTED SPAGHETTI ... SPAGHETTI'S STRINGY, HER HAIR'S STRINGY— ASSOCIATION OF IDEAS. ^ GET r I’M GICK OF BEING A NOBODY/ IM CUST A NOTHING/ r NO TROUBLE AT ALL. Answer to Previous Puzzle Sports WALT DISNEY'S SCAMP At ROSS I Baseball club 4 Horseback sport 8 Baseball s Ruth 12 Hail IS Pitcher 14 Games — lf) Male child Hi Fates 18 Groups of nine 20 Intervening (law i 21 Sick 22 Epochs 24 South African lox 28 Endure 27 Tibetan w ild sheep Iii) Mutilate 32 Football pisition 34 Carnivorous animal 35 Everlasting I poet ) HH Be seated 37 Jewels 39 Young girl    I? T.£ 40 Facts    I .IRHBE 41 Liveliness    pj^i- L^ (slang! 42 Heron    KTuSfc 45 Baseball base    ——^ "5^ O thief    rr^—0,    /, 49 Umpire s    p el c[F i T chest gadget    A L Alfe M S 51 (’holer    12 SISSEL 52 French river 53 Game w inning    ti Renter teammate    7 Table bit 54 Louse ovum    8 Skeletal parts 55 Box    9    Rara-- 56 Golfer’s club    IO Snake 57 Used bv Indy charmer s racers    clarinet i India i DOWN    ll    (jae||C 1 First, second    17 Turkish or third    hospice 2 Shakespearean    19 Poetic lament stream    23    Harness- 3Certain sports (pl i equipment (2    24    Amperes (ab I wds i    25    Hindu garment 4 Used by a    20 Basque cap cyclist    27    Lad 5 Was indebted    28 Female fowls (NEWSPAPER INTERPRISE ASSN > ...EVEN \ GEFlOR ) SCAMP \ LOOKS J LIKE A L monster EET MAKES ME SEEK TO BE SO ) SMALL/ J 29 Greek war god Si Emissary 33 Ancient (ireek valley 38 Chess expert 40 Restrain 41 Argentine bigwig 42 Heroic poetry- 43 Valise (coll I 44 Genus of shrubs 40 Seen at a Spanish bullfight 47 Assam silkworm 48 Soaks flax 50 Greek letter o Kine Faatui** JmAuU. Inc., 1974. World right. rooorv.4 “Fired? Not after what I spent on a new dress for the company dinner next week!” HL ABNER GRIN AND BEAR IT By Lichty Bv AL CAPP -BUT HE HADN'T >7 MASTERED r- the -HUMANITARIAN ■pp-, SIDE// rx?r MCGOON HAS MAST EK I O THE BEASTLY SI DE j— OF KUNO FU - - I- STRONG POINT— DICK TRACY Bv CHESTER GOULD MY LEFT ARM IS IN GREAT CONDITION FROM MV KNIFE PRACTICING -ITS A CINCH! v LITTLE USED ROAD, CAN TAKE MY TIME 40ISPOSING OF AN INCRIMINATING SKULL CAN BE VERY DIFFICULT. A SIXTY FOOT DOOP. PAST AMOVING STREAM. THIS COULD BE IT. On the other hand, if we wait another year to paint the house it ll cost only $10 more than it cost to build it!" ON STAGE BLONDIE Meanwhile... ..you \ is it?if it  1 ham*/ / was your ... THAT'S KIMP OF A /INTENTION TO SHOCK, COOKIE ... V Ri&STBR 4 shock, you ^ WUrJH^K missed bv Oui rf ML**    a    an,    mary.'    y you OOH'T*/ j I know COOKIE AVB RS THEN WHY < REAL GOOD THOUGH/ a HAVE YOU... ) ... AND THAT'S THE V __    ^    IMPORTANT THING, " .Y'ANEP^--vr ~T RIGHT*' rn    A    NOT A FRtENP, ^..XDU'RE .MARSHALL PRE EP, / EXACTlX.. I ANP VOU'RE A FRIEND OF J HAREM KNOW CONNOR LEONEN...?    • Bv CHICK YO UNO t~' 'pnmiyp prngrr; PUT PLP ASF, ^ ^ DEAR--DON'T FORRET , TO WAKE ME ) r T WELU WHAT TIME r DO YOU WANT N\V • ME TO x v "fO I WAKE YOU J (/ BLONDIE, ( I'M COINU TO TAKE A aV T l-'^LE Va nap \ \'MhhS> ;

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